Friday, August 3, 2012

Gateway Drugs

“Gateway Drugs...Initial Behaviors." You know--those entities, events and comportments that when manifest at a tender age or moment, set the stage for more intense, risky, dramatic and often times, destructive versions.
My mind’s eye and recollections have always remained vivid regarding my sartorial gateway drug.  But I never figured I’d see again, an actual image that would focus my recollections more precisely. Serendipity is a cool thang and  I now have a cache of images that will help me tell the story. I’m not certain when I’ll get to it but I’m surely motivated to share it…at some point.
There aren't many Washington D.C. havens left that evoke Jermyn or New Bond streets. Scores of them have gone by the way, perhaps at a more rapid pace in this Company Town than in others. This one's gone too but it was my Saturday Morning Sartorial Opium Den, twenty-one years ago.

Stay tuned.


Main Line Sportsman said...

Swilling and pissing....yeah pretty much encapsulates my college days...w/o the head wreath though..........

The Leopard said...

Sounds like a Sherlock Holmes story " The Fascinating Case of the Flusser Addicted Sartorialist". There are worse addictions, I mean the only thing hurting the next day is your bank account and you look great to boot as opposed to other addictions where its all bad the next day. That said you have to wonder what would have happened if you hadn't entered that den of exquisitery and succumbed to the bespoke fuzziness of it all. Just something to ponder in the grand scheme of things.


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