Monday, June 15, 2015

It's Dustin Grainger and it's My Turn to Ask for Help

Dear friends:

First, I hope that this finds all of you well and thriving. I’m going to ask you for a favor but before I do so I’d like to share with you my perspective on giving, helping and sharing.

Like many of you, my work calendar has ruled me for more years than not. And when my time has been limited, I’ve often used money as the stand-in for not being able to help in more present ways like volunteering or just “being there” when my friends and loved ones have needs. I suppose that the old saying “if you can’t come, then send money” might have been created for me.

But 2014 saw a marked adjustment in how I used my resources to offer help. My brother, sister, and I put our personal and professional lives on hold as much as possible in order to be with my mother in South Carolina and comfort her while she finished her last year of life in the security of the home where she raised us. The gift of being in service to another—of being physically present and knowing the firsthand efficacy of ones efforts is a reciprocal blessing that continues to humble me. (My business took a hit so those of you reading this who’ve hired my firm for strategy work in the past—pony up!)

Let me cut the chase and tell you that I’m going to ask you for money. And there are many of you on this email list who know that when you’ve asked me to support your causes, I’ve never said no. I never say no. Charity marathons, hockey events, walks, Movember hair growth—you name it—I never say no. 

So here’s my request. On March 21st, my niece Lindsay died tragically and suddenly. My sister and brother-in-law lost a daughter and all in her realm lost a friend, cousin, niece, and sister. It is an epic tragedy but most heartbreakingly, Lindsay’s three boys lost their mother. And it’s an understatement to say that these three little guys aren’t well situated for the future. My family will do the best we can for them but I’d ask you to consider helping too.

My brother-in-law, Barry Reimel, has established an educational trust fund for the boys. And the options to donate are decidedly low-tech. If you feel safest by sending a check the old fashioned way, then by all means do so. If you are comfortable using PayPal, then we have that option for you as well. Please give what you can. Any and every amount will be a blessing. And please, if you sense that this is some kind of scam request, please call me or my brother-in-law or the credit union where the trust account is established.

Dustin Grainger: 703-624-1598
Barry Reimel: 516-425-6087

I’ve never done a race for charity and I’ve not yet grown a goatee for cancer. So this is my first time ever asking for some kind of help. Whatever you can give would be great. I’ll be forever humbled by your gesture and as always, when I get your email asking me to support you in your endeavors, I’ll never say no.

How to Give
By Check

If you prefer mailing a check, please make payable and send to:

Lindsay Reimel Fulton Children's Trust
751 West Park Ave, Long Beach, NY 11561

The trust account is being managed by the:
Nassau Educators Federal Credit Union
Phone: 516-561-0030
Account #320650601
Tax ID# 47-0936673

By PayPal

Please remit to my brother-in-law’s PayPal account:

Make sure to click the “Friends and Family” option and provide your name in the notes section so that I will know who to thank. Barry will then transfer the funds to the trust account.


Not Scarlett said...

Glad to help. Thank you for asking. Let us know how things are progressing. FlyFishingWoman

yoga teacher said...

I have this weird esp for when you post, because you don't come to my email any more! Your family has had a bitch of a year and my heart goes out to you all. Wish I could have sent more (but you know what I do for a living.) xo

ADG said...

Yoga Teach and Fly Fisher Gal...thanks very much. I've been overwhelmed by the response. And regardless of the amount of money that you or anyone has sent, the validation that there are kind and caring people out there is quite gratifying.

Like I said in my original plea--I never say no when asked for support. So please keep that in mind if you ever have a similar need or cause that requires the same show of good faith.




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