Thursday, April 7, 2016

An Evening with G. Bruce Boyer

From the F.I.T. website… “G. Bruce Boyer, men’s fashion editor and author of True Style: The History & Principles of Classic Menswear, will discuss contemporary men’s dress and its history, styles, principles, and trends. Joining him will be Michael Bastian, founder and creative director of the luxury menswear line MICHAEL BASTIAN; Mark Cho, co-owner of the men's clothing businesses Drake's and The Armoury; and Stephen Pulvirent, executive digital editor of Surface Magazine. A book signing will follow the presentation”.

I’m unabashed when admitting that I have no objectivity about the sartorial people I respect or who’ve gobsmack me. Flusser’s long been on the list and Sid Mashburn is quickly securing a spot en perpetu.
Photo: Lehigh Valley Life
And please don’t ask me to rank my sycophantic short list—but if I was forced to draft the roster, G. Bruce Boyer would lead it off. Here’s a gush from one of my previous Boyer stories…  “I’ll pull Elegance off the shelf from time to time for a different reason than when I feel the need to scratch my Flusser itch. There are some writers whose grocery lists would be on my to-read roster simply because of the way they write. Hitchens was one and Bruce Boyer is another.”
I stole this from Rose Callahan
Of course you’ve already purchased Bruce’slatest book, right? Hell, I rode the bus all the way to Gotham just to get the man to sign a copy for me.
I don’t know when I’ll be in good enough form to write a story about my Steven Hitchcock Russel Plaid jacket. But when I do I’ll share some of my selfish trove of G. Bruce (with his permission of course) personal correspondence. His emails even sing.  “…then he (Hitchcock) casually asked me if I wanted to see your jacket. Just as casually I said yes, and he brought it out: I was knocked completely base over apex; the antique Russell plaid made up beautifully…”

After such praise from Boyer, I need no more affirmation regarding my sartorial bespokeydokeness. And that’s just the beginning of the Boyer-Grainger Russell Plaid saga. Stay tuned and I’ll tell the rest of the story in 2018.

But you need not wait till 2018 to experience the wit and wisdom of G. The Bruce. Sensei Bruce and an honorable complement of like-minded sartorialists will convene at F.I.T. on April 19th for a bit of True Style banter. I’m not sure that I’ll be in Gotham on the 19th but if you are, I urge you to go and sit at the Cleverley shod feet of this Master and soak in all things Boyer. Word has it that all attendees will be eligible for a one-dollar price reduction on a Ring Jacket sportcoat at The Armoury.

Go here to register for the event.




Anonymous said...

A treat to read your words again, buddy.
Sheldon Kornpett, DDS

heavy tweed jacket said...

True Style, indeed. Great book, and I'm sure that the discussion at F.I.T. will be illuminating. Cheers, HTJ

Pigtown*Design said...

It was such fun to listen to Bruce on the Baltimore radio, and he brightened up when I mentioned your name to him!

CeceliaMc said...

I don't like Boyer's socks in that picture. Not even if I'm supposed to.


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