Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Heavy Tweed Jacket--True Trad Reportage

Heavy Tweed Jacket is alive and kicking and that's nice. My free time has been nil and I'm beyond dilatory in reading the blogs I love. But I had a moment to snoop around the digital world and am pleased that our Anglo in the East still has his blog up. HTJ is one of the true Mother Churches of what I call True Trad Reportage. 
True Trad Reportage? Yep. It's just the facts. Unencumbered by the angst and poorly-overwrought subplots that you have to stomach if you read my stuff. HTJ is the real Trad Ivy deal and he must have a hundred vintage J. Press and Brooks Brothers catalogues...the good ones. Not the three per week that we all get in the mail from The Brethren these days. I'm glad I stopped by over there and I hope that you'll do the same. Go tell him, as we say down South..."hey". 

Onward. Is it linen time yet?

ADG the Only-est-ish-esque.


Thad said...

Until last night's weather, I would have said that it was linen time in Alexandria! Is it wrong to say linen time in March?

Dustin B. said...

My mind cannot even begin to wrap itself around your signature on this post.

Moving on: not sure how things are in/around the Beltway, but here in Des Moines, we've still got a solid two months until it's time for linen.

ADG said...

Typical March...lulls us into Spring Fever-esque states and then turns around a bitch slaps us with a final blast of chilly reminders of who's really in charge.

Anonymous said...

Here in the Sunny semi-urban portions of God's country ( i.e., the junction of State road 16 and Highway 378 ) we are featuring 25-30 degree swings, from a distinct chill to totally hot- and that is just the outside temperature. This may be the perfect time for me vintage Polo navy flax hacking jacket, with the top pocket flap and the perfect throat tab- three horn buttons and your ticket gets its own pocket, of course. I would put it at about 35% on the Lapel-O-Meter. Italy. Blue Label, age unknown. It is just the thing when the brightness and heat levels do not quite jive.

And it goes nicely with khaki pants. all day long.

The horse racist.

ADG said...

Horse Racist...Sounds like a GREAT jacket but...I bet it's of the vintage where the front gorge/button stance is SO low...circa Ralph-Petey Cothran days...that you don't have to unbutton it to pee.

Anonymous said...

Not really- I got it from the eMonster a couple of years ago. No idea how old it was then. Someone may be able to date the FAIRMONT model, which is the only non-Eyetalian on the inside label. The top button comes almost exactly to my solar plexus, whilst my navel sits between the second and third ones. The solid herringbone textured fabric is denoted as 100% flax, but it is almost as nice as Quiana or Tencel, I swear.

I am with you in your preference against the low gorge. We are all destined to live through such things twice- once to enjoy them and once to be embarrassed that we did.

As to peeing, why do you think they call me the HORSE racist?

Anonymous said...

2007, aparently. You can find anything on the Net, if you know whom to ax. "almost as good as Corneliani"
The Hoarse Whisperer

heavy tweed jacket said...

ADG, ""Hey" back at ya'. Thank you for your very kind words. I'm blushing like Bermuda reds. Now I've got to get back to work in the Archive. Cheers, HTJ

Lacroix said...

HTJ is a fantastic blog, so is yours.

Linen time?
I wore a cream linen Jacket the other day, here in sevilla(2B, double vents,patched pockets)paired with navyblue cotton twill pants, a white and blue bengal-striped shirt a vintage Jpress club tie in burgundy/navy and burgundy penny loafers sans socks. Pocket square ... ? ... navy with polka-dots!