Friday, June 11, 2010

“…he favors pants that can stun small animals at 50 paces…”

Trad Week Wrap Up
I’m blessed to be busy and haven’t had much time to read blogs, write posts or post comments. And wouldn’t you know it; I missed a bit of fun over at G-Man’s blog…An Affordable Wardrobe. Seems that a couple of his devotees really threw the lumber to me the other day. I’m honored to incite such reaction to my garish-fuzzy diced oeuvre. Young Fogeyanimal stunning at 50 paces indeed…Indeed. I’m honored by the characterization. 
And regarding the three pounds of brass on the Wiley Brothers belt…you are off by a pound. It requires four ...just the right ballast to stones. Khaki Bill…I essentially have two modes…work/client interaction where my dress is appropriate or I’d starve and Trad Homeless…where quite frankly, as you’ve discovered, I could give a damn.
Young Fogey said...

All you need is Belgian loafers and a bunch of silly stuff wrapped around your wrists and you'd look just like ADG, though perhaps your pants are a bit too subdued for him. (He'd probably wear a belt with about 3 pounds of brass on it, too, but we'll ignore that for now.
y'see, uh... well, he favors pants that can stun small animals at 50 paces. He likes clothes that would make Liberace say, "now that's over the top!"

Khaki Bill said...

I'm with the Fogey on this one (I really liked the Liberace line!). Other than style, the only difference I can see between ADG and that tool over at WASP 101 is that at least ADG knows his clothes are garish.

I just don't get how someone who cares as much about clothes as ADG, who spends as much money on clothes as ADG, can still manage to look so bad.

Having said that, I'll say he can look really good when he wants to, but it seems he almost never wants to. The main reasons for going to his blog are either to get tips on how NOT to dress, or for the rubberneck gawking fun of it all…
My wrap up actually encompasses last weekend…my LFG weekend. Soccer is behind us and the lessons learned were huge. Two of the most talented gals from last year went on to play at a higher level and the notion that we would show up and win all but one game, like last year, was disabused early. One Win-Five Ties…a shall we say… “developmental year”. LFG was so tired last Saturday morning. She could barely muster enough energy to dress and buckle in for the journey.
I forced her to give me a smile…she’s my child and I think she looks beautiful in any circumstance. Shut up.
Nothing like another tie game and a trophy to muster LFG’s facetious elements. It was, as Neil Simon so aptly characterized, “Africa hot” last weekend.
I was subordinated to logistics and finance on Sunday afternoon. Chauffeuring LFG and two of her bffs to Eastern Market and Old Town. Great friends...great fun...I enjoyed my role.
I budgeted three dollars each for LFG and her friends at Eastern Market. And wouldn’t you know it—they decided to adorn their wrists with a bunch of tacky garbage. I was allowed to opt out of this hat trick.
My wage earning efforts landed me back in Philly this past week with no breakthrough discoveries, surprises or sartorial assertions worthy of note. I'll be in Miami Beach on business most of next week and am certain to unearth some blog worthy observations from Bling Central. I'm under no assumptions that Miami International Airport will be anywhere nearly as elegant as Philadelphia's train station.
High water seersucker trousers and monk straps shrouding bare ankles...for the ride up to Philly. Homage to Thom Browne...not. I'm more of an Ed Grimley devotee my damn self. 
 The Hulme bag is fast becoming my go to satchel for travel. It's an ADD guy's dream. Just throw and go...
Perilously overdressed for my meeting. Unfortunately I'm not kidding.
Interestingly...I did find nourishment while in Philadelphia. Martinis are kinda like New York Strips. When travelling and you desire either...the variance in the deliverable can be huge. However, both are safe bets because even when placed before you, contrived in a manner contrary to your request, palatability remains virtually assured.
Hitchen's bio arrived moments before I decamped for Philly and I left it at home...pert near kilt me to do so but I had too much work stuff to read. I'm on it now though. 
Ok, y'all have a safe and blessed weekend. Onward...with four pounds of ballast.


Anonymous said...

You know, I am a Lexington KY transplant to the NW. Really enjoy your blog and your style. Stand tall! I wish I could pull off some of your wild pants, but alas, I do not have that kind of confidence.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I also have the Hoof pick belt, (love it) and everyone who knows who I am and where I came from understands it.

Kathie Truitt said...

WHAT?? Who do they think they are? Man, I'm pissed. Why don't they man up and come over here and leave their sorry comments?

I LOVE the way you dress!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Not every man could pull it off and while I love these things on you Mr. T wouldn't/couldn't wear a lot of it. This style is all YOU, Dustin.

It pisses me off (I might have mentioned that already) that just because THEY can't/don't/won't wear clothes like this they mock you. Wow.

Which just goes to show you that if people don't get it, they just don't get it. Let them wear their boring old kaki's, button down white, or black suit/black tie/white shirt. As for you buddy, you better not change a thing or I'll hunt you down. I know where you live (sorta).


ilovelimegreen said...

I suppose I have a number of coats "that would stun small animals" - hmmm. I have to say I like the Liberace comment. But what is with people complaining about GTH - and if they aer going to criticize, for God's sakes, do it on your blog, not behind your back.
(I've always been fond of those great light fixtures in the Philadelphia train station.)

SouthernProletariat said...

Well, I suppose you call them GTH pants for a reason...only someone with enough confidence to wear them can pull off the look, anyone else can just stand back in the crowd and murmur their comments.

Now, would LFG like some space related silly bandz? I work in the "federal space-related" industry and would be glad to send her some, if you have a PO box I could send it to. (Promise I am not a stalker- that is why I said a PO box) Poor thing- my two daughters have experienced "building" seasons before. Character building, but still not alot of fun.

Patsy said...

Your friend Giuseppe is a nice man.

Paul said...

I actuall LOL'd at the Liberace comment!

You're my go-to dude for all things sartorial.

K.S.Anthony said...

...and that's why they're called Go To Hell pants.

You must be doing something right.

David V said...

Of the dozen or so comments all but two were flattering to G's ADG-like look.

Bethany said...

Young fogey!! That's hilarious. Seriously, you have great style and I wanted to let you know about the blog hop at

Join me for Follow Friday to discover new blogs while other preppy peeps find yours.

James said...

SCOUNDRELS!LIBERTINES! How dare they ? You old buddy are an icon, a beacon in the dark night of walmartism. Well as KT put it "if people don't get it, they just don't get it". The trophy pic of LFG is beyond priceless. I love seersucker. I'm wearing a lime green shirt as I write this.
Onward old boy, always onward.

Memphis88 said...

I liked the "stun small animals" comment, but couldn't disagree with those guys more. I guess some people just don't understand/appreciate GTH clothing. Of course, this is coming from a guy who in the last two weeks purchased or received pink pants, blue shorts and a pair of red driving mocs ( I balked on the slippers, but one of these days I will own at least one pair). As much as I like the clothing aspect of your blog ( and it is fantastic) I think what I like most is your writing and story telling. Your's is hands down my favorite blog. Also, I literally laughed aloud when I scrolled down and saw the picture of LFG with the trophy on her head.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Are you "friends" with An Affordable Wardrobe? It's not that I don't think you can take it, but I loathe bloggers who let their readers romp all over someone in the comments section without a heads up. Bad form. I clicked over once to see the post but wouldn't go back. It's not that I think everything needs to be sunshine and roses, but that is tacky.

RHW said...

Critics of this sort lack style, confidence, and the ca$h to gear up in some GTH best. Green with envy I'd say. Stay humble ADG, you've got style and confidence.


Anonymous English Female said...

ADG - I second Kathie Truitt and salute James. Tell Khaki Bill to get his ass - or rather arse - on the next flight to London and let me take him to Jermyn Street. He wouldn't last 5 minutes...

ADG said...

Hey's all worries. I'm sure Bill Khaki and Young Fogey are nice guys...just not brave enough to flame me on my own site. Let's be kind especially to Young Fogey...I LIKE his characterization of me. "beacon in the dark night of walmartism"...damn that's sublime.

And Mrs. worries...G-Man over at Affordable Wardrobe defended my honor-for he indeed, is an honorable man in his own right.

TWJ said...

I guess that sometimes a Southern Gentlemen can be misunderstood in his style and mannerisms. But usually that happens when one is not attune to the sometimes subtle differences between regions. With that said I feel it is my duty as a Southern Gentlemen to ask if I could be your second. Please inform me when the duel will be taking place so that I can make arrangements to be in attendance. However, please note that being raised in the South has given me somewhat of an advantage when it comes to dueling. I will be fine with whatever choice you make as far as dueling weapons are concerned. Sword or firearm does not matter to me. I am at your service. Of course I will be sporting some GTH attire at the event.

Now, please make sure that LFG understands the following rule with soccer. Every team goes through cycles. New players make the team each season and the veteran players learn each other’s traits and playing styles. As each season proceeds the team as a whole improves. The cycle usually runs here in my soccer backyard about every 5 seasons. This is just the season of improvement. Next ask her if she had fun and learned anything. With both my girls and both sons this is how we ended each season. As long as they could answer yes to each question then we were ready for the next season.

LFG is great and here at the plantation we believe ADG is also.

heavy tweed jacket said...

Glad you are back safely. Travel is tiring, but something one needs to do for work. I know whereof you speak. A drink and some clean animal stunning trouser will revive the body and the spirit. Is Hitchens old enough to have an autobio?

Scott Alexander said...

I'm glad to see you're being such a gentlemen about this. You and Giuseppe are the best, the first two blogs I read every day. I appreciate criticism, but those comments were tactless. Anyway, I hope all's well.

The Cable Knit Collegian

ADG said...

A point of clarification...JAMES called me the beacon....FOGEY came up with the stellar characterization that became the title of this post.

And again to everyone.... it's all good. The tallest willow catches the most wind. I am though, going to wear charcoal gray trousers and a solid white dress socks and black dinner tonight.

Duels...let me see...The Cash-Shannon Duel was the last duel...I the States before dueling was outlawed. Cash mortally wounded Shannon just up the road from where I grew up. I played Cash in a 4th grade reenactment. So, let's go with pistols for Young Fogey and Swords for Bill Khaki.

ADG said...

and P.S. ... HTJ re Hitchens...if he waited any longer he'd be pickled.

Lisa said...

“Lisa...geez...gettin' a little tough on me” Geez, I’m thinkin’ there’s a double-standard goin’ on here. I at least meet you ‘eye to eye’ with my comments and don’t hide behind an “anonymous” moniker. Just sayin’

Keith said...

Personally I really like what you're wearing in the second photo you posted.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I am sure those chaps were just foolin'.

Glad to see the new haircut.

Is Hitchens relevant enough to have an autobio?

Anonymous said...

"tacky garbage" Now, now, given their age, the girls could have done much worse. I think the bracelets look rather charming. I view their "selections" as evidence that LFG is a chip off the old block!

Regarding some of the other bloggers comments: I suspect there may be some subconscious envy. You have the style and confidence to pull off a distinctive, bold look, and you do it quite well. I know I couldn't get away with it.

Johnny said...

ADG, I know from your self-deprecating posts that you don't need me to say this, but I will anyway: I wouldn't necessarily wear everything you do, but you dress better than easily 95% of the men I see daily -- and I wish I had your waistline.

I do wish I could get you and Guiseppe and Conor to get over this sockless nonsense, but I know I'm wasting my time on that.

Young Fogey said...

Young Fogey here.

I'm poking fun at ADG's pants. He loves 'em, I don't. He knows I intend him no ill will. It's that simple.

ADG is a big boy who, unlike so many, knows who he is. He's comfortable not only in his own skin, but also in his clothes--which makes him look great, even if I disagree with some (most?) of the particulars. He clearly understood the "one guy bustin' another guy" aspect of the comment. My apologies, and condolences, to those of you who cannot see the humor. (I'm not surprised that the gals don't get this. It's a guy thing.)

And yes, I completely fail to see the appeal of GTH clothing past adolescence. That's who I am and where I come from, and I'm just as proud of that as ADG is of his heritage.

As has already been said, it's all good.

P.S.: I do apologize for not blowing raspberries at ADG's pants at his own site. I will not be so remiss in the future.

P.P.S.: Pistols? Excellent.

Schorsch said...

My word, sir, there are women and horses in the streets who may be startled by your trousers! Sartorial conformity is a matter of public safety.

ADG said... are right. That's why I wear 'em.

Young Fogey...if you ever apologize again I'm gonna have to send the thugs to deal with you. I told everyone you had to be a good guy and your comment is proof. Now go outside and practice shooting your dueling pistol.

Johnny...I grew up in S.C. Ain't a snowball's chance in hell that I'd change my sock policy.

LagunaTradMon....when I finally got to the barber, I kid you not, he picked up a piece of my hair and said...."what the f_ ck". Hitchens has lived enough life that indeed, it needed to be written down.

Lisa....I welcome the tough love and the shots people take at me. Doesn't mean I won't complain a little bit.

Thanks Keith and all the rest of you for gettin' your peacock feathers ruffled.

Chuck Hatt said...

Here's one way to think about it. There are two kinds of readers for these sartorial blogs. One type thinks that they're about clothes and dressing, literally. The other understands that the clothing aspect is metaphor and social lubricant for riffing on humanity. I like to admire the clothing, celebrate the trad tradition, and say "wow" every time you throw one your your stunning GTH masterpieces into the blogosphere but I am a devoted reader because your blog is really about everything else.

Young Fogey said...

I said I was remiss in not making fun of those leg-wrapping monstrosities HERE, at your site.

Shall I have a go at it?

The pants you're wearing in the first photo look like they were made out of curtain remnants, curtains that were featured in the June '74 issue of "Better Double-Wides and Trailer Parks."

By the way, I fart in your general direction about the "tan ankles" meme you infected my head with. Last weekend, I thought a little sun might look OK down there, and wore flip-flops in the yard--and promptly got burned.

Curse you, ADG Baron!

Kathie Truitt said...

Young Fogey,

What a class act. You are fully redeemed!


Giuseppe said...

Small animals deserve to be stunned, the little buggers.

I'm so glad you wrote this post.You're the only other guy I know who would wear half of the crazy sh*t I fill my closet with. That's why we're friends.

At least they're not tearing you up in the comments at WASP 101. I went through that once. It wasn't pretty.

ADG said...

ChuckFog-Hatt…I like that social lubricant thing. Kinda like AstroGlide for discourse.

Young Fogey...SEE…I can take it. I mean come on…Toad said last winter that a pair of my pants looked like “the seat covers from a ’73 Maverick”. Sorry about your ankles and feets.

Kathie Truitt...redeemed indeed. Hate the sin-love the sinner.

Giuseppe...Anonymous people can manifest ugliness and swagger second to none.

Young Fogey said...

One last thought--are you sure four pounds is enough ballast? I have my doubts.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Pistols and swords? Hell, hoof pick belts at three paces.

Fine haircut and surprising work kit. Keep 'em guessing.

Summer is a Verb said...

Hahhaaaa...stones! XXOO

DAM said...

I'm behind on this whole string, but it's good to see the redemption, forgiveness and flattery among this community built of blogs.