Sunday, May 5, 2013


Ok. My Maxminimus drivel should now be back online and hopefully safe from other hackers. I’m in the business of ruffling feathers but hacking is a downright mean retort. Maybe it was the fella who was so viscerally offended by my use of the description “chubby” in my Sid Mashburn post. Circumspect? The guy said I should be "more circumspect" before using the word "chubby"? I’ve called myself worse than that in my blog stories so I remain flabbergasted regarding why someone would wanna hack my blog. Hell, the Pentagon is just down the street from me, go break-in to their walled city. I’m just a benign Cracker who likes to tell a story or two about socks and shoes. Oh lordy, perhaps I should be more circumcised before calling myself a "Cracker."
And I reckon the socks and shoes story telling can now resume with the same regular irregularity that you’ve become used to. And here’s my advice to other bloggers…change your password and change it often. And make it more complex than the simpleton password that I had when the Hacker got me. 

My old password…hoytandtater.
My new one…fourteenhamsandwicheatincrackerassposeurhunglikeatic-tac.

Onward. Eighty-G-Two. 


LPC said...

Glad to have you back. I imagine that hacker will suffer for this, somehow somewhere.

Anonymous said...

a tic tac

there goes another keyboard


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!! Liz

Anonymous said...

Max, More circumcised? Goodness no, one brit milah is enough. So glad you is back.

Anonymous said...

You was lucky Max. Yankee Whisky Compass' hack job didn't turn out as well as yours. I don't know how you restored things so fast, but I'm glad you did. And speaking of quick restorations, how 'bout that Sanford tonight.