Thursday, February 4, 2010

Redux: Jesus-Pin Cord-Navy Stripes and Forgiveness

February 4th Update: With another winter snow storm expected here on Friday-I decided to resurrect a post reminiscent of warm weather-sun kissed cheeks on little know-all the things that seem miles and months away for most of us right now. 
Does anyone wear pin cord anymore? You know-That attenuated rendition of seersucker. I remember there being a preponderance of synthetic fiber in most of the pin cord fabrics twenty years ago. I had a Haspel pin cord suit in college…three button sack…flat front trousers.
I donned these “aaaaalllll cotton hemmed a bit too short; flat front babies” for the trip to the Handlin’ this morningBy the way, the first thing these pin-corded knees did when they hit church this morning was to bend and ask forgiveness for posting pictures of random women’s undergarments. The Man is good with it and you should be too. He forgives unconditionally-something that most of us including me, aren’t capable of consistently doing. Someone left that little foundation item here years ago, before I changed (many of) my ways.
You’ve seen the blazer before. Rapidly becoming my standard summertime stalwart. 100% linen and all pimped out. I didn’t plan all of these stripes. Honestly. It just happened.
And of course the Navy Blue Weejuns-fighting with a pair of horizontal striped socks. This contrivance keeps everybody including me, a little off balance. Remember timing and tempo. This rig is a mess on all fronts.No, I don’t during church, wear the sleeves turned up, revealing the striped silk sleeve lining. I did though, turn ‘em back one night in the Caribbean while dancing with this blue eyed-curly headed blond.
And on a final and random note. The Man doesn’t care what kind of cologne we wear to the Handlin’. Showing up is what he’s after. The snakes then do the rest. I love Ralph Lauren’s entrepreneurial legend. Really. I’m trying to locate my rejection letter from my Polo employment efforts in the early 1980’s so I can post the story. His Charlie Rose interview by the way is well worth your time.

With all of this said though; there should be a Federal Statute banning this gnarly sh*t. There was a guy behind me at the Handlin’ who must have used an entire bottle. I’m still trying to sort out what made me high. The Word or the Vapors.


ilovelimegreen said...

I've always thought of pin cord as definitely more Southern. I do like the striped socks with THOSE trousers.

MaryBeth said...

my first boyfriend wore Ralph Lauren all the time and the scent brings up wonderful memories. Now the stuff that gets me is women who still wear Gorgio. MB

Gail, in northern California said...

Don't apologize to your readers....we like you just the way you are. Warts and all. I don't want you to start editing, or second guessing, your thoughts/writing. While I will admit the white cotton underpants were a tad shocking, it was you. I don't want your writing to become stilted or so constipated that you read like everyone else.
Probably not writing this very well myself, but, I once read something about friendship being the comfort of having neither to weigh thoughts or measure words.

Anonymous English Female said...

ADG - Haspel cord suit? - does that mean you looked as every bit as irresistible and stylish as my chief crush Wes Anderson ??

ELS said...

Pants, God and calypso. Definitely the fumes. Lovely.

KT said...

Great looking jacket! Are those patch pockets and is that just one button on the sleeves?

Brian said...

While I'm still looking forward to a few more snow storms, It is nice to think of warmer weather. Great Redux!

ADG said...

That old linen blazer does have patch pockets...yes. The sleeves-two buttons.