Saturday, November 6, 2010

Deo Veritas-Made To Measure Home Run

I’m gonna shill for a moment folks. But with no compensatory favors coming my way. I write about things I like…not about things people incent or induce me to write.
So there’s a supply chain guy. An expert in process and shipping and point A to B kinda things…all of which I have no interest in. Even though supply chain efficiency can create competitive advantage...but I’ll leave my work sh_t right there. So this supply chain consultant guy, Vinnie, spends tons of time in Hong Kong. And what do guys with a free weekend in Hong Kong do? (keeping it clean here folks…free time sans options for opium and bootie) Eventually, you have a shirt or two and maybe a suit made.
So Vinnie did just that and more. Back home in Chicagoland, after plying his supply chain prowess and establishing relationships with reputable shirtmakers in Hong Kong, he launched Deo Veritas. And the product my friends, is rock ass solid for the money.
I’ve experienced cheap made-to-measure. And when I had money, years ago, I indulged in the full-ass monty of bespoke shirts. Here’s the bottom line…a hundred bucks give or take, gets you the best value in made-to-measure that I’ve ever seen. This first shirt that I tried was less than a hundred bucks and I was able to tart it up in fine style.
 And I just popped for two more, motivated in part by the 20% off deal that Vinnie is currently offering. I ordered my standard size but you can tweak the sizing any way you want. 
I also requested that Vinnie lower the monogram placement to my standard “opposite fifth button” position. I have nothing to suggest to Vinnie regarding improving his high value offerings butcept one. Let’s get some additional fabrics in the bullpen my friend!
Now get over to Vinnie’s and order yourself a shirt or two.

Onward...with a 20% Deo Discount under my belt...but competing not...with my washboard abs.



Barima said...

After my post on yellow ties some months ago, it's heartening to see a friend run away with the baton. That neckwear is very fetching

The shirt is also nice. How versatile is this maker in terms of design styles and fabrics?

Best as always,


ADG said...

BarimaMerkin...This yellow woven club tie replaces an old Polo one, similar, that I wore for 15 years. It's tattered to threads. But I did send it to Ellie at Cordial Churchman to see if she could transform it into one of her lovely bow ties. We'll see.

As for this shirtmaker. Can't say enough good things. Yes, there is adequate collar and cuff styling, and the quality is superb for the money. Fabric choices are adequate but I'd like to see a few more traditional options in fabric. The shirt above cost less than one hundred dollars--delivery included.

Toad said...

Well ordered sir. I ordered 2 yesterday.

LPC said...

I do love a pale blue gingham.

Anonymous said...

"...additional fabric in the bullpen..."

DearHeart, is it not enough that you've got a coterie of girl groupies practically tearing down your door that you must get them further worked up to a froth? [psssst, just unbutton the bottom button]

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Thanks for this. I remember seeing some kind of reference to this company recently, but misplaced the name. Very impressive.

I see they offer an English spread collar as well as 'flowback' cuff options, which will probably seal the deal for me.

As you know, flowback cuffs are also known as turnback cuffs, Bond cuffs, and--my personal favourite--cocktail cuffs.

I'm preparing my maiden order.

Summer is a Verb said...

I just called my sister in to show her how well you dressed and her response was, "wow, someone who dresses like that needs to go around saying the cat's meow". Lol!!! XXOO

Silk Regimental said...

Nice choice in shirting. Went to the site - lots of nice stuff there indeed. The shirt/tie/DB blazer package is great!

Mal said...

Thanks Uncle ADG, I am placing an order tonight. Its like an early Christmas gift from you for these shirts and Toad for Del Toro slippers.

Giuseppe said...

Told you so...

Unknown said...

That is one spectacular shirt (and complete rig, with the tie and jacket), I would say...I love the collar and straight cut, so bully for you, sir! I am sure it's tough to see your old sartorial successes succumbing to fond wear, yet at least you've found some worthy replacements. Hopefully your wkend is chock-full of LFG goodness and some godforsaken silliness, just to keep her on her toes!! Can't have you resorting to dullards clothes simply to placate her, you know...your minions would be tres desolee.....

ADG said...'s all fond wear. And yes, my weekend has been uber LFG with soccer and birthday parties and book reports and dance class and dinner at home and bliss....thanks.

G-man...yes you did.

Mal...good on you for following our lead on these shirts and DelToro. Otherwise, heed not what we do or say.

SilkReggie...get yourself one or two.

AllieVonSistersVerb....thanks. How does your sister look? Is she married? Is she happy? How old is she? How much does she weigh?

Flo...I ain't frothin' nothin''s all good except red.

Toad...I'll expect that you show us whatcha got when they arrive.

ilovelimegreen said...

I like the shirt - I like the pattern - I like the collar (is there a name for that type of collar?) and how it lays - but I do have to ask, is it really gingham? Maybe I have lived my entire life with an faulty definition of what gingham is???

Young Fogey said...

Snazzy shirt. Great design, but surprisingly unfuzzy--for you. They have some incredible materials. Tried out their shirt designer. Love the backwash--uh, flowback--cuffs. Can't wait 'til I can plunk down the dough to get some of their fine shirts.

ADG said...

LagunaBeachMon...I'm intrigued by that fold back cuff but I'm not sure I'd like it. I imagine that you have to literally iron it back, in order to assure that it will stay in place.

FogeyYoung...Come on man. It's fuzzy enough. Go ahead and get mama to allow you a shirt for Christmas.

LimeGreenereyisGirl...the collar is a rounded point collar. It isn't gingham per se. Hybridish kindasortamaybe.

Gentleman's Gazette said...

Nice review, I like to bold check. We just wrote a review about Deo Veritas as well and some here might be interested in it.

Anonymous said...

This would be an interesting story to do a follow up on. I remember when you first posted this. I checked out the website (didn't end up ordering) but it looks quite a bit different than a couple years back...wondering what's new with them