Monday, November 8, 2010

Yuketen Green Cordovan Update

Oh happy day…leastways in a few more weeks. Here’s the update from Yuketen…

Hi D________,

Thank you again for your patience as we await your loafers to arrive.  I have received information that your shoes should be here with me in the office by the end of next week which means I can send you an invoice most likely during the 3rd week of November.

Once again, we appreciate your patience and please let me know if I can answer any questions or concerns.

In the meantime, I will contact you in the next week or two for payment so that the shoes can be promptly shipped out to you once they have passed inspection.

Have a pleasant day!

Kind regards,

Paul __________________

Ah, it all started when Cannonball sent me a link to this picture. After that, it was all over. The folks at Yuketen have been over the top conscientious in handling my passionate request to add one more pair to their manufacturing run. Alas, there wasn’t another pair to be added. But they didn’t blow me off. They had me trace my foot in addition to inquiring about my shoe size. They sent me a pair of try-on Yuketens to assure that their sizing and my size presumptions were aligned. They commissioned another loden green shell from Horween and all along, kept thanking me for my patience. Are you kidding me? It’s a pleasure to find artisans so committed not only to a unique and absurdly high quality product, but to courtesy and customer service that so far, has been superb.

If money wasn’t an issue, my next Yuketen commissions would be in rank order, the following…..
The Cherry Cordovan Moc
The Navy Cordovan Moc
And the ultimate of Moc-ery. The CrocoMoco
The Yuketen folks operate out of Hermosa Beach. Looks like I’ll be at a little place nearby called Shutters on the Beach about the same time my shoes roll in. Maybe I’ll just swing by and pick ‘em up in person. I've not had any work assignments that found me in Southern California in a while and I'll take a few R&R days while there. I'm looking forward to it.

Onward. GreenlodoCordovanishly



NCJack said...


Son, your dice gon' be so fuzzy you can't EVEN hardly see outen the front winder. Likely to wreck your Sandlapper self on the way to S.O.S next year. Course, they'll probably be as good as an air bag, but think how EMS might react when they see those saurian slippers peekin' out: might shoot first in self defense. There's a myriad o' considerations here

ilovelimegreen said...

ADG- I am reminding you now that some months ago you said that we'd share those green loafers!

(Love CrocoMoco!)

Suburban Princess said...

Get the crocs! Get the crocs!

So tonight I was sitting at my Rotary meeting and looked down at my outfit and thought, I bet ADG would be very proud. Between the loafers, stripey socks, cords in Nantucket red with geese embroidered on them and turquoise sweater it was like I had been educated at the Maximinimus School of Contrivance. Let's not even get into the Lilly Pulitzer scarf that completed the look!

James said...

Can't wait to see them in action. Hope you enjoy your R&R.

LPC said...

That's one heck of a boondoggle. I was at Shutters, once, for a health care IT conference if I remember. The green shoes will be perfect in LA. Ironically, of course.

Anonymous said...

No way. I live in Hermosa, and I had no idea there was a place like Yuketen around here. Might take you 45 minutes to get here from Santa Monica, but this town is worth a drive, IMHO.

Fashion wise, you will see lots of jeans, lots of shorts (but no jean shorts), some Hawaiian shirts if we are dressing up, ratty surf t-shirts if we are not dressing up, and flip-flops. If you see any Yuketen products outside their office, I'd be surprised. All the suits will be at work.

So prepare yourself mentally for our South Bay Style. You may need a stiff drink. If so, avoid Pier Avenue unless you want to relive your frat years with actual Actives.

Sandra said...

Gosh I love those shoes. You must keep adding to that collection. Back in the dark ages - circa 1963-65 - the boys at my junior high school were very much into that shade of green. They were all wearing Bass Weejuns, but matched their socks to their OCBD shirts. {sounds horrid now} I remember one cute as pie boy in particular who wore that outfit! He called that color "bottle green". Reminds me of British Racing Green MGB sports cars. Maybe that's why they loved that color. That car was tres popular in my hometown in those days. Such neat sports cars with paint colors just as fabulous. Gosh I'm digressing tonight. Haven't even been drinking, but I am terribly giddy - for I have news: Preppy Grandbaby on the way. :-) Xoxo

Anonymous said...

My son just came back from San Diego and said that the weather is PERFECT in SoCal. (It has been raining in SF.) You can refresh the fading tan on your feet for proper sockless display of the greenies.


ADG said... time to refresh the tan while there. Anyway, tanned ankles after October, here in the Mid-Atlantic region, suggests one who works on commission.

Preppy101Grandmom! ...Fabulous news. Made my day. My first car was an MG.

AnonHermosa...Thanks. The Yuketen guys look exactly like what you describe the Hermosans to be. And they have no retail storefront there.

LPC...Healthcare IT SHOULD be discussed, explained, posited on/about amidst some place like Shutters.

SuburbanPrincess...can't do the crocomocos. They are over a thousand dollars.

LimeGreenGal....we can time share them.

NCJack....fear not. I can't afford them. Plus, I stopped going to SOS when the average attendee prostate size got about as big as a pomegranate.

Belle de Ville said...

I love those green loafers, I really love them. And, who knew that surfy beach towns like Hermosa could produce such shoes. I think that Mr. BHB needs a pair for Christmas.
You'll love Shutters, the weather has been gorgeous and everynight a Georgia O'Keefe colored sunset over the ocean.

Anonymous said...

........or worse... one who frequents tanning booths


CeceliaMc said...

The CrocoMoco is a wry bougie blast!

Jeremy said...

Definitely go pick them up in person. We went down there (see last summer. Ryan and Yuki are amazingly friendly. It's worth the trip, and Hermosa is just a nice little beach town.

Patsy said...

I love those shoes - I'm a loaferholic. I have my made-in-Maine Bass Weejuns and Dexter penny loafers and will be greatly saddened when they go to the Big Shoe Box in the sky.

Maybe we could all chip in to get you the CrocoMoco. I'd send a buck.

ADG said...

Jeremy...thanks. I loved reading about your visit.

Cecelia...das nothin'. Wait till you see my new hat.

AnonSFBay...I don't do the booth. It fades my back tattoo. the boy the shoes.

ADG said...

Patsy....yippee! Only 999 more dollars to go.

Scott said...

Recommend you place gold coins in the straps of those Deeres for the full Moline effect.

I do think they're pretty cool.


Young Fogey said...

On almost anyone else, I'd say those bottle green contrivances would be horrendous.

However, you are the one person in the world who is guaranteed to make them, and their wearer, look good. (Can't believe I just said that!)

If I found a pair at a thrift store, I'd pick them up--just in the hope that some day, I could wear them, with my green-with-sparkly-gold-thread socks, and a pair of yellow pants, to a Ducks game.

But ONLY to a Ducks game.

Young Fogey said...

P.S.: CrocoMocs--what a great word! Count me in for a buck, too.

ADG said...

YoungoftheFogey...Crocomocos....sound like a powdered chocolate protien drink that post war-rationed England kids had to drink, along with their square of Spam. Sorry, I have an active mind, especially in the mornings, before it is encumbered.

Thanks also for giving in and admitting that I'll assemble the greenies with some other clothes in a way that won't stun small chilluns at fifty feet.And I can accept the fact that you'd limit your usage of such vertesque shoddings to a Ducks game. Quack quack.

Scott-gold-coinage....After paying the final fiddy percent of the shoe cost, I'll have nothing resembling gold left in my pockets.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Cordovan mocs! A revelation.

ilovelimegreen said...

ADG - You need to get the CrocoMocs and listen to Elton John's Crocodile Rock!