Sunday, March 6, 2011

Aristocatic Super 140’s

Will over at A Suitable Wardrobe has attempted to tame my sartorial fuzziness. And there probably couldn’t be a better guy for the task actually. Will Boehlke knows more about the technical aspects of clothing than anyone I read in the blogosphere. In a world of rapidly evaporating decorum and wobbly bearing, Will brings rules and sensibilities back to the sartorial realm. Something that other generations sourced from their fathers and grandfathers. There just aren't that many people left who can teach the emerging generation how to dress. Will is the sartorial Felix to my damn Oscar. Shut up.
I did a post about the uberfuzzy Marcoliani sock offerings a while back and Will responded with a proposal that I try a pair of Brescianis. A week or so later a packet arrived from A Suitable Wardrobe with a pair of these elegant Super 140’s lovelies therein. I’d propose that you skip a meal and order a pair of these from Will. I usually like my socks boisterous but these leggings humble me. 
They command deportment and propriety simply by being present. Why? Because they are probably as close to lingerie as a man should ever come. I’m not kidding…these are buttah.
So where would one wear such elegance? Well for me it was a no-brainer. I cleaned up Friday afternoon after arriving home from my week of strategic juju sprinkling and donned white moleskins and a Flusser houndstooth jacket.
LFG and her fellow 4th and 5th graders were performing in The Aristocats. The multipurpose room at LFG’s school was the venue and I always try to kit-out in something that won’t embarrass my baby.
I’m not sure if it was the spot on performance of these kids this year or if it was the fact that Jack in the Beanstalk last year was so crummy but this performance was great. Every kid was brilliant and of course, being the biased fuzzydad that I am, I thought LFG was over the top. Look for the child in a leopard print vest and black beret. That would be "Little ADG"...LFG.
 She’s an average soccer player but she loves it and I do to. But her real gift from God is manifest in song and dance. Whatever your child’s passion…once they land in that sweet-spot, nurture it and support it. Clarinet, soccer, theatre, chorus, horses, scouting….whatever. Nurture and support their dharma, their strategy…their gifts.
I can hardly cull any pictures from the play…there are so many great ones. So I’ll just roll a few of them for your pleasure.
 Perfect Perfect Perfect...All of the kids were just great.
I only have one child. So I make no apologies for being stupid-crazy-silly over the top in love with my LFG. She is my dharma—my strategy.
 And thanks again to Will for the lovely socks. Now do yourself a favor and scoot over to A Suitable Wardrobe and buy me another pair.
Onward…reverting back to my fuzzy redneck core…with self aggrandizing crotch shots from yesterday... 
 ...wreaking havoc on the side gusseted rules of sartorial decorum …and headed to Philly for another round of juju. Billable.

ADG II ... The Aristocatic Super 140's Daddy


LPC said...

She. Looks. Fantastic. Having had a daughter who was a DREADFUL soccer player and a VERY GOOD ballet dancer, I couldn't agree with you more in terms of facilitating their skill set. Also performances tend to happen indoors, with built-in seating as a plus:).

Anonymous said...

Is that a pair of Marcolianis aggrandizing your crotch or are you just glad to blog us?

Barima said...

A doting dad, as always

Now, I like that both of your sock reviews end their first paragraphs with your trademark "Shut up." Additionally, I favour any excuse for your customary fuzzy diceness - it beats out the vast majority of your online contemporaries. The jacket is especially delightful as I have my eye on a similar but darker suit made by Zegna for Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche that rests a little out of my price range in a second hand shop somewhere

I can't claim to be as enamoured of ASW as once I was, but the shop may be the best idea Will has ever had. Maybe I'll join in - I could use some sturdier socks

Best as always,


Anonymous said...

I have only one daughter. I will venture that you and I would feel the same about each and every one of such if we both had five apiece. There's nothing like 'em. Little Women. I have been planning a wedding for mine and I can say that the energy, creative talent and capriciousness she exudes never wanes no matter what her age. Enjoy! You have a lifetime of value added experiences that one doesn't encounter in the same way with a son. (I have one of those, as well, and he is a different kind of joy !)


Main Line Sportsman said...

Wonderful pix of the little it!

Toad said...


Mal said...

Always, the proud father, the pictures are great. She is growing so much-

Will is my source for socks and more. His on-line shop is great and a huge drain on my budget. I agree with your comments about his site; his post today was great: The gentlemen in the picture truly absorbed Merkin's examples.

What shoes are those, sharp.

Safe travels-

PS-the jacket is awesome!

Suburban Princess said...

Awwww LFG looks great!

I know that love for an only child. The sun rises and sets on my son and then shines out his backside :O)

Mona said...

Your little actress is adorable in her leopard costume! You should be a proud father.

Gail, in northern California said...

What a treasure, your little golden-hair. Just when you think it couldn't get any better, it does. Now, no matter how troublesome your day might have been, whenever you think of her in that leopard skin outfit, you'll smile.

James said...

Thou art wise beyond thy years. And LFG is cuter than cute. It must be wonderful to have your heart is full of her.


You are hilarious and the fact that you love your daughter so much redeems you!

Anonymous said...

Kids are great. You are in the sweet spot before adolescence. Your IQ will drop 37 points overnight one day, and you'll not know why.

Gotta talk to ya like a Dutch uncle about the shoes. Double monks are great, a real show of individuality. I love My EG DMs (dark oak antique, 202 last.) Bravo.

However, the elastic sided brown whatchamagigs.....with blue jeans???? Sockless to boot? Wassup with that??


But you need to know.

Anonymous said...

LFG is gaga over you, too, sweetie. Just look at that little upturned face for proof.

yoga teacher said...

Every little girl should have a dad who is stupid-crazy-silly over-the-top in love with her. Mine does, too. Good on both of you.
However, I'd like to correct your statement: "Because they are probably as close to lingerie as a man should ever come." I think you meant "wear" :)

ADG said...

LPC…Thanks. I’m sending LFG to you and K.C. as soon as she gets out of line. It will be good for all of you.

AnonymousMarcoliansCrotch…nope. That’s a potato.

Barima…thanks as always. I’ve been so busy that I’ve yet to make the time to acknowledge your kind gesture/award. Go get the YSL rig. Skip meals for a week and all will be fine.

AnonymousOneDaughter…Thanks. I love the wedding menu. Either invite me or FedEx on dry-ice…a sampling of all.

Main Liner...Thanks. Good luck with your trial this week.

Toad...Thanks my friend.

Mal...Gotta love the free markets…glad you are buying stuff from Will. The double monks are old/ancient actually…Allen Edmonds. And yes, the photo of the guy on Will’s blog today is off the charts cool.

Suburban Princess…I love the “shines out his backside” characterization.
Mona…thanks. I am.

GailNorCal…as always…thanks. I’m gonna do my “blue eyed Vermont friend” soon. I’ve been working up to it.

James...Thanks! My “knight” is now on the bookshelf…I’ll send you a picture of it.

LESLIE THOMPSON SCOTT...thanks for defining me as hilarious but the fact that you define me as one who needs redemption concerns me.

AnonymousIQless37...thanks. I’m already there. But she’s only dropped it by 10 points to date. And I’ve lost about 100 cool points. The EG DMs are off the chart cool. I’ve got an appointment with Cleverly next month. Stay tuned. Fugly? Please…I can pull it off to the degree that you’d either want to try it or wish that you could. Fugly? Please…if you can’t piss in the tall sartorial grass, I recommend that you you’re your fear of fugly ass up on the porch. (Kidding!)

Flo...I hope so.

ADG said...

YogaTeach...nope. Come not wear still seems right to me. Namaste.

Pigtown*Design said...

She's just darling! And they all look like they're having such fun!


ilovelimegreen said...

I was reading this too fast at first and thought LFG's class had done a production of BBC's "The Aristocrats" and thought that was an extraordinarily sophisticated undertaking forkids her age; then I saw the cat makeup and realized my mistake. And ADG, no sock - no matter HOW luxurious - can ever come close to lingerie.

Gail, in northern California said...

I haven't forgotten.

ADG said... contraire...I had a camisole on under my dress shirt. So I do know.

MegTown...yes. I agree....they all had a blast methinks.

Barima said...

I won't be offended if you don't produce an award post; you already wrote that encomium about me last year, after all

The very idea of a Cleverley appointment, however, makes me envious and adds extra fire to my latest jobhunt



Yankee-Whisky-Papa said...

The best part about plays/musicals in which one's child participates is that the younger they are, the more adorable and potentially hysterical the mistake. You almost hope for the sunflower or the Abraham Lincoln character to toddle the wrong way, and be ushered to correction by a barely off-stage teacher. When you pay $140 for something on Broadway, it is memorable but for a different reason.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you will have to receive the Fed Ex cooler on or about 12/13/12 cuz the Ferry Building security force will be doing aggressive pat downs and screening on spud loaded crotches at the wedding reception. We are on to your type, ADG.


Gretchen said...

LFG's school plays obviously have far more talent to work with than out here in Peyton Place - kudos to you and her mom for encouraging her to do what she loves, be who she wants to be, and to have a blast. Now, did you see that J Peterman's offering hoofpick belts for women? If Max stuff can be purchased by the unwashed masses, WHAT is this world coming to? Time for you to ramp it up, move the bar higher again, and leave everyone wishing they could be as fuzzy as you!

Young Fogey said...

Wow. Your from-the-legs-down wardrobe at the top of this post was fantastic. Glad to see you fuzzed it up with the jacket & pocket square. Did you wear a hot pink shirt open to your navel, thereby displaying your graying chest hair and stupendous neck chain collection, too?

Children are wonderful, and are one of the best side benefits of marriage. You sure you don't want to give it another shot?

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Holy sh*t! I'm impressed. So, you're finally going the Cleverley route. About time ol' chum! Where did those side-gusset brogues come from?! Can't believe you've been hiding them from me. Very nice. Very nice indeed.

JMW said...

"The Aristocats" - how fun! And LFG looks adorable! We're beginning the phases of learning new sports/activities with our daughter. Soccer, ballet, Daisy Scouts. It's so interesting to see it all play out. Cheers to your Aristocat on her big night! And, best of luck to you, as you spread more good juju this week. :)

CeceliaMc said...

Can Pretty Goldilocks wear animal print, or what?

And YOU in espresso, cream, and pastry.

Ooh lala!

ADG said...

CeceliaMc...Thanks. I'll give you two hours to stop such compliments.

JMW...the play was just great. Cheers to your daughter and thanks for the juju good wishes. We are in the midst of the most successful month in our little company since 1998.

FogeyLagunaMon...REALLY excited to hang out with the Cleverley artists next month. But I'm in sensory overload when I look at their options my man. It all looks great and I'm not sure what to do. They have a pair of bespoke crocodile side gussets that are off the chart but probably wouldn't get too much use. The side gusset brogues in the photo are some rather inexpensive ones that I snagged a few months ago.

FogeyYoung...Can't do the marriage things again. Too snakebit. And yes, I had on an orange silk shirt with no bra. Nice.

GretchPeyton...this year was the first that the play was so well done and so well directed by a local theatre group. I'm ok with the hoof-pick being available to the unwashed masses but if other fuzzyesque items tart showing up, I'm gonna have to manifest my "thong-strategy"

ADG said...

AnonSFBay...My type would make that gig an even greater hit. And I might even share my potato.

YankeeWhiskey....YES! Last year a little gal forgot like half a page of lines and the rest of the kids just went spastic after being thrown off cadence. I farted in the 2nd grade play.

Barima....stay tuned on the Cleverley appointment.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

RE: Cleverley...Well, if you want advice, encouragement, or information, just let me know. You know where to contact me.

pve design said...

I think all daughters need a loving and stylish father.

ADG said...

PVE...many thanks.

Laguna...I'll be in touch re Cleverley