Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Marcoliani is a Verb

There’s been some speculation that I’ve reigned in my fuzziness. That my low-country tractor pull sprezzatura has lost momentum. I’m here to tell you that nothing could be more inaccurate. I can’t modulate my tackiness. It courses through my veins like a dose of salts through a widow woman. It’s my raison d’fuzzy. Shut up.
Recent evidence supports my inextricable tackiness. I “Marcoliani’d” this recent rig, much to the tisk tisking of those who got a glimpse of my ankles.
Marcoliani socks are a fuzzy extravagance that I’d suggest you try…if you dare. I blame the procurement of my two pairs of over the calf Marcolianiesqueness to Will over at A Suitable Wardrobe. Additionally, and thanks to them for the picture above, you can find an abundance of Marcolianis and Corgis and scores of other great things over at the atalier of Alexander Kabbaz and his associates. Click here--and tell them that I sent you.
Purple. Deep. With double monks. Not sure that Max Beerbohm would approve but what the hell.
Absurdly spread collar and equally suspect Thurston braces…polka dots…gut ends…don’t even try to find them for sale…they don’t make ‘em anymore.
I’ve already posited on the durability of high quality bespoke…Flusser 1993
Fuzzy at the ankles begs some level of restraint in the breast pocket…white linen. Three-two roll...peak. Double vent. Ticket pocket. Call me. We'll have lunch.
Yellow and pink. Even I wouldn't buy a used car from this man.

Onward. Fuzzy as ever.



Anonymous said...

Ah. Back on your feed, I see. Very funny post, ADG. Must have gotten some of the good sleep last night.

Salty Ol' Widow Woman, SFBayArea

Silk Regimental said...

That last image is absolutely ELEGANT. Beautiful, even with the fuzzz!

LPC said...

We all should have a raison d'fuzzy.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Love that chalk stripe on the suit....on the socks....not so much.

Britt Sudduth said...

Absolutely crazy cool rig! Never doubted your dedication to fuzziness. Nicely done! Gotta get me some of that striped hosiery.


James said...


Anonymous said...

Oooo, is LFG hoping to book you on another Spring Break Disney cruise? Mmmm. There goes the Concours.

Anonymous said...

I kind of disagree that the collar is "absurdly spread". I wouldn't take the points out any further, but in the overall context of your outfit and, more importantly, the shape of your face, the collar and tie look great. (The RLPL Keaton collar is very close to an absurdly spread collar.)

Scale Worm said...

What James said.

Summer is a Verb said...

I dig the whole enchilda :)

ilovelimegreen said...

Why do you have to post this on the very day I've been told I have to dress "more seriously"?

Gerard said...


I am glad to see you have been converted to the dark side. Marcoliani is a distinct, and, until you posted this, a discrete pleasure. Your two pair are only the begining of the long road down.

But it is a good road, mate.

Young Fogey said...

I really liked this outfit--from the shoes down.

So much fuzz that my pill shaver's engine burned out just thinking about it.

Y'know, I think you could have used some more stripes in your outfit. What prevented you from wearing shoes like these, or a nice tie like this?

So what was the occasion that got you into a suit and tie, anyway?

ADG said...

AnonSFBaybie....I got a fitful nights sleep. But she did the dishes. Good no?

FogeyFuzzShaver...evvy now and then, other than Sundays for the Handlin', my work requires knotting up in the full monty. And then there's the trip over to DC to visit with my Parole Occifer.

Gerard...yep. I'm gonna pop for a couple of additional pair over at O'Connel's.

LimeGreen...it's the provocative thang that I think, had them worried.

AllieVonEnchilada....careful with them Mexican entrees. Calipers might be just around the corner.


AnonSpread...thanks and I agree. The shirt was 20 bucks at Filene's in Boston so I figgerred it was worth the risk.

Flo...we've been on two already and LFG is hankering for another Disney Cruise. I am NOT a cruise guy but admittedly, the Disney cruises are good...for 4 days max.

James...you sound like my former wife! You have a package on the way via UPS.


Britt...I've got a book on order for you.

Ian said...

Fantastic suit! Keep up the good work.
Ian Gilmoure

Anonymous said...

ADG, love the rig. Well done as always. By the way, i live in Chevy Chase and have several pairs of cat gut Thurstons that I hardly wear anymore. They're in great shape and are available for cheap. If you're interesed, I'm at grayweim@gmail.com.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Holy moley ol' chum, those are some beautiful hoes there. ("Beautiful hoes" being an all-too-standard phrase in my vocabulary). I'm all for vertical stripes. More, please. None of this horizontal McDonald clown sock shit.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:44 ~ Are the cat gut Thurston braces hand-gutted, or store-bought? I would be interested in the former, for instruction purposes.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Good, you had me worried there.

Beautiful shirt/tie combination to say nothing of the flannel loveliness.