Friday, August 31, 2018

Alan Flusser on Richard Merkin

My Richard Merkin self portrait hangs above me as I cobble together this little update. I sent Carrie Haddad payments on it for about six months before it rolled in to Casa Minimus. It's one of my treasures.
This Merkin portrait of Alan hangs in Flusser's Gotham office.
And of course his great friend Alan Flusser has original Merkin artwork preening in various strategic locations in his shop and office. 
I loved Merkin and am pleased to have been one of his lucky correspondents and telephone pals. I got to know him a bit too late I'm afraid. We never had that face-to-face fellowship that I so crave when I encounter special people. 
I wrote about Merkin from time to time but I couldn't be happier that Alan Flusser has now shared a story about his friendship with Richard. I'll offer you the first paragraph but then you must go over to Alan's Musings page and read its entirety. Here you go...

"Late in one afternoon in the fall of 1974 I was strolling up Madison Avenue when I spied a rather impressively dressed figure making his way towards me. Drawing closer, we both paused as to take each other in. I remember blurting out somewhat quizzically: “Richard Merkin?" To which he responded: “Alan Flusser?”  As if divinely arranged, our first encounter took place at the most sublime yet ironic of addresses, 346 Madison Avenue -- smack dab in front of Brooks Brothers...."