Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Saturday Morning Monk Straps

I’ve tried to write a thoughtful story or two over the last three weeks but I just don’t have the bandwidth to do it. LFG, my work, my mom, my Old Town property rehab and my Bethesda move have me just snowed under like I’ve not been in a decade. I remain mindful though, that the stress and the overload are mostly due to good things.

Here’s an example of an honorable effort from three damn Saturdays ago. I never got back to it but I figured that I’ll now just toss the scrap of it out here for y’all to stare at…

Saturday Morning Monk Straps…and other assorted things.
Last year's half-price Oundles
LFG remains asleep in a rather contradictory way so I’ve got a moment to post some randomness. I’ll explain the contradictory sleeping thing later but for now let’s talk monk straps  After all, this blog thing used to be about shoes and stuff. The half-price Alfred Sargent monks from Leffot were, just like my Edward Green suede Oundles from last year’s sale, simply too good to pass up.
Color? Not exactly what I would have selected at full price but with a little bit of ADG fuzzy work, I had ‘em just right in no time. And methinks it’s good that for one rare instance, I didn’t buy another pair of suede shoes.
I’ve never owned a pair of A.S. shoddings but I’m inclined to think that they are gonna be a great value for the half-price pick up. Ok…on to LFG’s contradictory sleep…
Contradictory in that her adolescence is manifesting that transitional twain from little girl to young lady. So her bantam body is amidst a metabolic agenda that has her sleeping till almost noon some days. Surely this isn't news to any of you who’ve raised teenagers but all of this is a new thing for me to watch—to shepherd. So where’s the contradiction? Remnants of her little girl innocence remain, thank goodness. Evidence of this is that she remains asleep at this late morning hour…but in my bed…having asked sometime in the night if she could come in. My not so little, little girl…the one who with respect and kindness only grunts at me these days…needed the comfort of her daddy.
I’m transitioning to Bethesda with the realization that my gal may still only offer me the monosyllabic whatever amidst a predictable eye-rolling eighth grader grunt. Proxemics doesn’t mitigate such things. But I’ll only have to drive five minutes to harvest my paucities.
Onward. Repairing drywall and other stuff.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'll Be Back

I'm just not sure when. Perhaps another few days. I'm flat out covered up with moving and rental property prep and work and a quaint little, well landscaped cottage for my LFG and... all things great.
Till I return, take a look at my buddy Paul's killer TR-6. Nobody in the world is nicer than Paul and nobody is more deserving of such a toy.


ADG...thank God there's only been...II