Saturday, November 21, 2009

Orthodontia and Christmas

I've had a few hours of solitude while LFG sleeps. Yesterday was a day as close to bliss as I’ve had in months. It opened the way for an unfettered weekend with my child. I’ve either been rolling in late on Friday evenings from business or have been encumbered with planning for a Sunday departure that my recent LFG weekends have been fun but incomplete. This weekend gets us back to how our weekends should be. No Sunday departure-no packing-no stealing away a moment here and there to do work stuff while she plays or sleeps.

Yesterday was bliss in spite of our breathtakingly expensive initial cash outlay at the Orthodontist. No financing-no layaway plan (anybody remember putting stuff on layaway?) –just good ole pony up the checkbook and let this teeth straightening journey begin.

First Orthodontic dollar installment could have bought us three pairs of shell cordovan loafers.

The process might have evolved a bit but the good old “breathe through your nose” process of taking impressions hasn’t changed one bit.

LFG had all members of the high dollar teeth straightening team charmed in no time.

After this brief but expensive intervention it was off to school-with impression gunk still clinging to a molar or two.

I loved the kindergarten artwork that serves as a backdrop for the school food drive staging area.

The best way for me to not have unwanted surprises at Christmas is to orchestrate purchases on my behalf. It’s an understatement to say that I’m a bit tough to buy for at Christmas. My mother says to my strategy of precise direction regarding what to buy me… "but you’ll know what you are getting-you won’t be surprised”. Exactly.

My LFG after school gift sortie landed us at Polo-J. Crew-J. Press-Rugby and J.Mclaughlin. Lots of “J’s” in those names now that I list our destinations.

One of the first things I noticed at Polo in Georgetown was the patchwork rug. I suppose that old-frayed-ripped-faded rugs are acceptable candidates for such contrivances but it bothers me a little bit to know that the handwork of peasant artisans meets such fate. Ralph et al did get some grief about twenty years ago for cutting up Navaho blankets.

Two blocks down the street finds us at Rugby where said patchwork strategy was manifest yet again. Rugby doesn’t give a damn that I’m not their target market. Even so, LFG bought me two pairs of corduroys at Ralph’s answer to J. Crew. J. Crew with a jagged edge I’d say.

Blue slippers with silver wire embroidery of the overused skull as well as crossed umbrellas and an “R”. Interesting and for some reason-I like ‘em-even in the midst of their wrongness. It’s the fuzzy dice of slippers methinks.

The corduroy straight legs are right out of the old corduroy Levis playbook from my high school years. Butcept the colors are great. Purple-red-green-yellow. 

Yep-you guessed it-LFG approved the canary yellow ones for me. I’m concerned about not being noticed. Red flat front corduroys rounded out or Rugby foray.

Who the hell is this middle aged man taking pictures of himself in the Rugby dressing room? They usually call Security when these behaviors are manifest.

Our Polo visit was brief-mainly because I can’t afford anything other than a pair of socks. Let me tell you though-their shoe sale is full on and their Edward Green contrived stuff is a superb value right now…if you are in the market for a dressy shoe. I didn’t get a picture but there is a perforated toe monk strap in tobacco suede that is killer. Their casual shoes are on sale too.

J. Crew is the go-to destination for horizontals right now. They’ve also got a decent navy blue large pattern gingham button down-for Christmas-for me. Thanks LFG.

But horizontality isn’t limited to J. Crew. One of the other J.s … McLaughlin also had an interesting horizontal interpretation. Poor picture as usual but these are horizontal corduroys.

Gingham isn’t lost on J. McLaughlin this season either. LFG bought me a great button down here as well.

Gingham pocket squares. I’ve gotta be careful or I’m gonna be over-gingham-ed.

Cashmere blend socks at J. Mc...great colors but too delicate and expensive for my wallet. Reminds me of  a date or two I've had.

J. Press had a predictable array of shaggy dog sweaters and other items in the purist of trad traditions but we bought nothing during our brief stop in. 

I do like this crew neck Fair Isle sweater though. Maybe after Christmas.

Oh yeah. Toad-they did have a patch-silk scarf in the J. Press window.

It's getting dark early here in our patch of the world. The temps wouldn't tell you that winter is around the corner.

So here is the Christmas contrivance courtesy of LFG. Can I wear any of it before the big day? The old Bokhara on which all this loot rests is my first rug. I bought it at a yard sale in Charlotte North Carolina in 1985 for twenty bucks.

Onward-as little Miss Orthodontia awakes and beckons me.



M.Lane said...

Another great post! I am getting started on my contrivance shopping TODAY. I am feeling the pain of the orthodontic empire also, at the same stage. At least I only have to pay the money and don't actually have to have that **** put in my mouth.

Due to my dad's violent objection to orthodontistry, I have a few charmingly misaligned teeth...what do I care? I'm fifty.


LPC said...

1. You love your daughter. I like that.
2. Don't get rid of the blurry photos. They are part of the moderately Luddite brand, IMO.
3. LFG is a dang good sport, apparently.
4. Have a wonderful, and unnumbered weekend.

Anonymous English Female said...

ADG - I admire your shell cordovans/vertically striped socks/1930s-looking grey flannels combo almost as much as LFG's good cheer and fortitude in the orthodentist's chair!
I have a 50s circle dress made from beautifully soft horizontal grey corduroy that I love to bits. Hope you're going to devote a future post to how you're going to work those rather fantastic tartan socks...

L.A.S said...

Hmmm...wish I had the money your daughter has to spend on the holidays. The red cords look supreme.

James said...

Yes its expensive, but imagine the great smile when she graduates first in her class from Harvard Law !

ilovelimegreen said...

BUTCEPT - what a word!

Regarding my orthodontia misadventures, I was told that I would need braces for just one year, ended up having them for F-O-U-R years and then wised up to my orthodontist after about three years of "follow ups" which involved nothing more than "Bite, close, come back in four months" then handing over a check for $ 1980s money, of course.

ilovelimegreen said...

By the way, I have just returned from Steinmart on Wisconsin Avenue and noticed a) a larger and better men's department than before (or am I just now cognizant of men's wear since I started to read your blog?) b) lots of horizontals everwhere - and same goes for Lord & Taylor too.

Do tell me what is going on with your font though.

Paul said...

Very entertain blog today sir. You got some good loot from LFG - the sweetie. The orthodontia will pay off in many ways.

The yellow slacks - I dunno - but I dig the red ones.

Have a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving Day!

ADG said...

M.Lane...Thanks! misery loves company.

LPC...thanks as always for the affirmation. Rationalization?

Anon.Eng. ...we were probably separated at birth.

L.A.S. ....thanks.

James...I'm not banking on Harvard. It would make me proud if she became some wildly pugnacious prosecutor who bested double Harvards in the courtroom all day long-with a law degree from a respectable public university.

LimeGreenGal...yep. Orthodontia has become a confusing high dollar maze. We LFG's maternal grandfather to assist us. He's a retired Orthodontist.

Paul-The Lens Man...good to hear from you and happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too.

LPC said...

I wouldn't rationalize anything so important as a brand:). Rationalize trivialities such as sin? Sure. Despair? Perhaps. Just joshing. I think.

Gail, in northern California said...

Post orthodontia...The look of relief on your little one's face, absolutely priceless.

Lucky Dog / The Commish said...

I have enjoyed your blog from afar for some time now and thought I would (finally) correspond. I've waited for the right moment and your recent post is that moment.

Against your better judgement you still like those skull & crossbone (I mean skull & umbrella) slippers. Pretty sure I understand why (same reason as me), yet you might like the ones you can see on my relativly new blog more.

I hope you'll take a look and I would appreciate any critique you might have of the blog...and any tips on growing readership.

Again, I enjoy your work.
Best Regards,

Like baseball?

Patsy said...

Do they start orthodontia at a younger age now? I thought I was older and I know my stepson was older when we got brace faced.

I bought one of my own Christmas presents over the weekend as well. I almost enjoy the anticipation of getting exactly what I want and that's what Christmas is all about - me! ;-)