Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pilgrim Shoes

I think one of the most repulsive sartorial turns was made when the square toed clunky men’s shoes stumbled on the scene. I remember discussing their obtuseness with the Flusseroids and naming said shoes “Miles Standish Shoes” much to everyone’s amusement.

No offense to Standish but the shoes are just butt ugly. It isn’t surprising that they all look cheap as hell too. Shoemakers who take pride in a high quality creation wouldn’t spend time crafting such an aberration. The guy who would wear such things probably wouldn’t pay any more than eighty bucks for a pair of shoes anyway. The best evidence that Cole Haan has jumped the shark is the Nike influenced “Air-Standish” looking shoes.

I’ll take the output of the Cleverly inspired toes of the Edward Green-Purple Label shoddings any day.
Maybe the Pilgrims-in the midst of escaping the oppression flung upon them by the Church of England had other things top of mind than shoe selection so let’s leave the square toe pedal contrivances to Colonial Williamsburg re-enactors and misguided fellas trying to channel the spirit of The Backside Boys or the boy stars of Beverly Hills 90210. You know the look-clunky shoes-two day beard-all sleeves too long-shirt and coat-shirt cuffs unbuttoned. The American Indians should shoot ‘em on sight.

So what are you thankful for this year? Here’s my list:

I’m thankful for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons. They represent to me the culmination of my childhood Thanksgiving Day memories. The den of my family home-smells of my mom’s incredible Thanksgiving meal in progress-the dichotomy of seeing everyone on television swathed in coats-hats and scarves while the sun of a sometimes seventy degree Thanksgiving Day tumbled through the window.

I’m thankful for the health of LFG. Nothing else really matters in my world than the wellbeing of my child.

I’m thankful for a family that loves me-regardless of the sometimes infrequent communication and visits.

I’m thankful for the very few long time friends who still for some reason-take the lead in staying in touch in
ways that define friendship other than the silly ass Facebook version of a “friend”.

I’m thankful for Alden and Edward Green who provide non Miles Standish looking shoes.

I’m thankful for solvency. Seriously-this economy has been nothing short of frightening for an entrepreneur.

I’m thankful for the commitment the LFG’s mom and I have to showing our daughter that even though we
don’t live together anymore-we can remain mature-respectful and focused on the well being of our precious gift of a daughter.

I’m thankful for my business partners who put up with my rants and tantrums that I disguise as creative outbursts that are part and parcel of my genius. They know better.

I’m thankful for the camaraderie of fellow bloggers. Kindness and sincerity can’t be faked for long and there are tons of kind, sincere and just really cool people in the blogosphere.

So I wish for all of you a superb Thanksgiving Day. And for our non-U.S. friends-take the damn day off. Tell your boss that Miles Standish said you could.

Onward Pilgrims.


Pigtown-Design said...

Me? I am thankful for good health, a good and loving family, stellar friends, a sweet (mostly) dog, a job that I love, adventures past and present and the ever-unfolding surprises that fellow bloggers present.

Happy t-giving. xo

James said...

Well said, enjoy the day.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Always wise to stop and count your blessings - best of the day.

Nungesser said...

I'm thankful for each of the same, especially health, family, son ( Add to that my gratitude for those who taught me to tell the difference between the last pair of shoes in this post and the first two.

longwing said...

Happy Thanksgiving. We are all lucky ones.

Toad said...

I'm thankful the Miles Standish soes are not available in a classic oxblood Corfam.

Happy T day to all who see this.

ADG said...

Thanks Everyone.

Nungesser-I loved learning about your son. Great.

Toad....My first pair of men's sized shoes were Corfam saddle oxfords-cordovan and black. Damn what a memory! Corfam created a "foot sauna".

hogidist said...

Maxminimus, thank you for your blog. Unknown reader in Laguna Beach, CA -

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. There's something very masculine about a man wearing a pair of sawed-off dress shoes with jeans and a turtleneck. Everything neat and streamlined, but those foundations of shining leather planted on the ground.

Makes a girl wonder what else is out of proportion.

True, he can't have too big a build or it can get a little Frankenstein-like, but the normally fit guy can pull it off.

BTW-- I'm thankful for puppy dogs, Dean Koontz novels, Clarins Extra-Firming Eye Contour, and Walker Shortbread.

I'm thankful for my country, that I will always be the mother of my daughter, and that I lie in my husband's arms at night.

For these blessings, Lord, I am indeed thankful.

Victor said...

It's a little late, but I'm thankful for this blog.

Onward my friend!

ELS said...

I'm sorry, you post a picture of THAT SHOE and then start hurling accusations about the place about bad visuals??

Hope that you had a wonderful pumpkin and turkey fuelled giving of thanks...


Brian said...

I have some days that the Indians should've shot me. Everything was well said. Enjoy the long weekend.

Summer is a Verb said...

That second pair of shoes is making my eyes bleed. Hope you and LFG had a wonderful Thanksgiving...XXOO

ADG said...

Hogidist….thanks for reading it.

Anonymous ...I’ll take my chances on creating mystery regarding what else is out of proportion via some method other than Herman Munster-Miles Standish shoes! I’m with you though on the Walker Shortbread.

Victor...Thanks. How’s the campaign going?

ELS...You know that I love you. However, the moral equivalence between those ugly ass shoes and the proverbial feline balloon-knot visual is a non-starter.

Brian...You remind me of my neighbor when I was married. We’d probably stay in trouble if we were neighbors. Drinkin’…eatin’…smokin’…you know-the basics that seem to aggravate the gals when done in excess. By the way-you look a mess in your hangover shot.

Allie...Are you ok…clumsy girl?

heavy tweed jacket said...

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend. Apologies for the belated greetings. "Miles Standish shoes" just about made me fall out of the chair. Very funny. Actually the M.S. shoes look a lot more stylish than all those post-mod Miles Standout tribute versions clumbering around any major metropolis. Thankful that your blog is still around.