Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Randomanalia on the Road

Blessed mania. That’s how I would characterize this week and last. I rolled in last Friday night from Seattle and enjoyed a very brief weekend with LFG and was then off to Gotham on Sunday early evening. New Jersey now and then back out to Seattle for Thursday and Friday. It’s simply a crazy flurry of business deliverables here in the final quarter and I’m beyond gratified to be stretched thin with work.

The downside of course, is that I miss my child and our weekend was too short due to my late re-entry and rapid departure for another week of travel. Saturday morning found me killing some time while LFG attended a birthday party. Birthday parties-I don’t remember so many of them when I was a kid and certainly-don’t recall them being nearly as elaborate as the ones my gal attends. Whatever happened to ice cream-cake-Pin the Tail on the Donkey’s ass and go home?

I killed some of my birthday party downtime by browsing through Steinmart in Chevy Chase. Richard at Wasp 101 made a remark about Flusser’s Steinmart line and I have to respectfully disagree. You must consider the context when assessing the tastiness of Flusser’s Steinmart garments. Steinmart is an off-price discounter with a more refined offering than Filene’s Basement-Marshall’s-Ross and certainly TJ Max. To that end-the goods are fairly tasty looking when you consider the typical shopper who rolls in to buy the stuff.
The Flusser cashmere sweaters look really nice for the money-less than a hundred bucks. Quality? … less than a hundred bucks. The Steinmart customer isn’t going to pay five hundred bucks for a Paul Stuart sweater-generally.

There are hints of Etro and Pucci et al in some of these contrivances. Etro and Pucci? Most people who roll into Steinmart won’t make the connection. "Pucci? That's something my wife pays big bucks to the Dermatologist to make her lips look".

Soccer after the birthday party resulting in a tie with the Pinky Team. No hot mamma coaches on the other side this week. Where’s my babe in the yellow coat?

I’m trad homeless by soccer time after my week of travelling. Alden Flex Welt tassels-old frayed khakis-PRL denim western shirt and Flusser green gator waist pageantry.

Shut the _____up. Thank you.

LFG wanted to have dinner at home and I was more than eager to “nest” after being gone all week. I haven’t had a travel schedule like this since I danced lead years ago...with The Chippendales.  LFG prepared a starchy dinner of Chicken Curry-Lentils-Basmati Rice and Corn. She Hoovered down an entire plate and asked for seconds. Fun.

Peace Pajamas on a freshly scrubbed little gal. Courtesy of Target.

Sunday morning we ended up doing the Green Shoe Walk of Shame. Folks-I didn’t intend this. I’m tired and a bit distracted and I didn’t notice that we both had on green shoes until we were walking down King Street to have brunch at La Madeleine. Guess who was embarrassed? She’s getting to that age I suppose.

National Airport Sunday night and the shuttle to NYC. Alden Flex Welt tassel loafer for this week’s sortie. It’s warm again so socks are optional and an old pair of 501’s de rigueur for the flight up to Gotham. Cannot believe that they haven't changed the carpet since last week.

Navy Blahhh Blazer anchors the upper torso this week. When’s the weather gonna get cold? I've been wearing this Flusser sb peak 3/2 open patch baby twice a week for ten years. And it's beginning to look it.

Shuttle to LaGuardia and then down to mid-town for one night. When it’s my client’s dime-I stay where they put me. When it’s my company’s dime-I’m gonna select tried and true standards that don’t break the bank. The Roosevelt Hotel is a steady goer-middle of the road hotel with some character and history. I’ve got a meeting the next day and my requirements are fairly basic.

If the Roosevelt is good enough for Don Draper to hold court as well as other things in-then it’s good enough for me.

The Flusser blazer was a bit out of kilter upon arrival at the Roosevelt so I steamed it in the bathroom-for 3 hours.

The Roosevelt is diagonally situated across from Paul Stuart at Madison and 45th street.  I took a walk over to J. Press-Paul Stuart and the venerable 346 Madison Avenue after having a little hooch at The Roosevelt.
I pondered the first time I ever touched the door pulls on the front entrance to the Brethren. Over twenty five years ago when Brooks was perhaps doing a slightly better job of holding on to the trad-prep glory that had so clearly been theirs for over a century.

The door frames and pulls have not changed in almost a century-even when the interior has gone through several machinations of makeovers under the auspices of several owners. These are the same pulls that Garbo used when visiting Brooks to buy her pajamas-men’s pajamas.  These are the same pulls that an actual Brooks family member used to enter the store when it was still under family control.  These are the same pulls that customers used on decades of Christmas Eves on the way home and in need of a last minute gift-after having Mad Men big boy cocktails over at the Roosevelt. Made in the USA? Shit man-there was a time when the very upper floors of 346 housed artisans making clothes. How about made freakin’ up damn stairs?

Exiting the Brethren side door to 44th street used to have you just to the left of J. Press. I liked the tatty old J. Press store with its back alley arrogant context to the Brethren’s flagship.  Their old location seemed to me like an ultra trad-ever more so authentic-as time attenuated the Brooks franchise-burr under the Brethren saddle.

I might be wrong about this but is seems that one of these old buildings housed Chipp. Just on the other side of the street from J. Press.

I don’t wear suits much anymore and certainly not pinstripes like the one that these trousers gird. However, I would pounce on this J. Press offering in a heartbeat. Looks like a Greenfield side tab treatment to me. Flat front-beltless-crisp and precise-pseudo beaded pinstripe. Clean. Extry clean.

Ok…I’ll close this drivel for now. Next stop-Seattle…again. We’ll see what the carpet holds for us there!


NCJack said...

On the Flusser gear at SteinMart: Had to get a blazer at short notice about three years ago, luckily on sale, about $80, still holding up (not worn that often though); five cashmere sweaters at an average price of about $40, can't complain

heavy tweed jacket said...

Wonderful musings on the Brethren, Press and Chipp, and the history attached to location. Those Alden tassels just might be the perfect Chino and jeans shoe. Wonderful rambling post. I can smell the curry.

Giuseppe said...

Filene's Basement...the one in the basement of Filene's in Boston...was the absolute *jam* back in the days.

How I miss that place...

ScottyAlexander said...

Great Post! I've become much more of a Flusser follower thanks to your posts, and I found this great video tonight. You've probably seen it, but I recommend it to everyone! http://www.youtube.com/user/MenDotStyle#p/u/17/dq-faQjdsHg

ELS said...

Surreal schedule - congrats on the footie and curry - that's how we do it too, always second helpings, always a similar consequence, with similar pride and delight...

Magic carpet, safe travels.

Rasputin said...

Love your Flusser blazer- the juxtaposition between peaked lapels and open patch pockets is great.
No complaints about Flusser's Steinmart offerings- picked up two pairs of gray sorta flannels with side-tab adjusters for about $35.00a piece.
Love LFG's PJs...

Anonymous English Female said...

ADG - Your Alden tassels are gorgeous, probably not a word a man would use to describe his shoes but coming from a woman who however hard she tries can't help but judge a man by his shoes that's high praise. The buttons on your western shirt and that green gator belt are more reasons why we love you and avidly folow your blog. Feel a real pang reading about NYC - if you have time go by City Bakery (3 W.18th) and have hot chocolate and think of me in London...

Richard said...

My comments towards Flusser's line at SteinMart was not intended to be overly critical, but there certainly is a difference in the quality of this line and his upscale one. Though, I do understand that a men like Flusser, Ralph Lauren, etc. want to make money and selling to the middle class masses is the way. They do make up the largest portion of our population.

Victor said...

hehe! great post.

i too love the western shirt buttons and _____ belt. Just a thought, but do you own any western style boots? I just rediscovered mine, and I love 'em.

woot woot!

ADG said...

NC JAck...yes,the Flusser SteinMart stuff is pretty good.

Heavy Tweed...Indeed.

G-Ma...Never made it to the original Filene's.

Scotty...I think I answered the Bean Rubber Blucher question no?

ELS...I'm sure you aren't surprised to know that I learned to eat Indian food in England.

AnonEng...gorgeous...I'm ok with that word!

Richard...got it.

Victor...I'm gonna do a post on Noconas.

The Duck said...


The belt looks sharp and if it ever stops raining in Richmond I am going to break out the suede loafers.

Hope all is well,

Gail, in northern California said...

The Flusser Blazer...steamed in the bathroom for three hours? Jeez Louise. Please stop that insane habit.

P.S. I grew up with seven brothers and I have a sneaking suspicion I just fell for it---hook, line and sinker.

ADG said...

Yes Gail. I got you! That line was in there just for you!
Mr Hook-Line-Sinker

ADG said...

Yes Gail. I got you! That line was in there just for you!
Mr Hook-Line-Sinker

ADG said...

Yes Gail. I got you! That line was in there just for you!
Mr Hook-Line-Sinker

Gail, in northern California said...

Aaarrrgh! I'll never learn.

I stewed for a couple of days too...Don't take the bait, don't take the bait.

You little bugger.

W.Essex said...

I really want that multi-stripe sweater. Is it available online? I don't think there are any Stein Marts in my neck of the woods (NNJ represent!)

Victor said...

Well, I'm from El Paso, TX so Tony Lama's are a must. I'll look into Noconas. Then again, in EP you can always get some custom made...Nantucket red alligator and all!

ADG said...

W. Essex...No SteinMarts north of DC. No mail order or internet. Sorry.