Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Travel-Carpet Update and Redux: The Man Cave

Greetings from Le Roi of Randomosity-and before I get rolling-let me say once again how smitten I am with the words being posited over at Mon Avis Mes Amis....   Only the Brits can cobble such tight little observational quips like...."Our postal system is up the spout, commie bastards….".

I rolled out of National Airport on Monday and had enough time to hang out in the Continental President’s Club before departing. Certainly a bit of a step up in décor but not as posh as the clubs used to be prior to the airlines’ tenuous financial situation.

The Continental Club is on the periphery of what used to be the original terminal at Washington National. There remains a hint or two of the deco-esque bones that used to characterize the terminal. I can see the terminal in the late 1930’s through the 1950’s as the venue of only those who travelled on business or those families wealthy enough to use air travel for pleasure. I see everyone dressed properly for travel and I see lots of cigarettes and cocktails. Mad Men…I’m channeling Mad Men.

I’m prone to nostalgia and I worry that when I’m an old man-the nostalgia will morph into curmudgeonly melancholia. Young people will hide from me when I attempt to regale them with stories of the good old days. LFG will have to give her kids a pep talk before they visit me at Shady Acres. “Be nice and let him hug you-I know he smells funny and wears his pants beyond his nipples but he is your grandfather. Yes-I know he smells funny but if you aren’t nice, I’m gonna make you spend two entire days with your great uncle Tintin. Now you pick your poison. And shut up”

I’m semi-slumming for the flight up to NJ. Levis 501s-Paul Stuart Gingham spread collar shirt-Flusser Cavalry Twill bellows pockets-three/two-chest pocket flap…could I have tarted this thing up with any more bells and whistles?
It’s the small touches that make sartorial pursuits interesting.

Side seam gussets on the Paul Stuart gingham would support not only the seam but my assertion.

Paul Stuart Man on the Fence embroidered on the shirt tail.

It seems that I'm not the only one sporting horizontal stripes these days.

Brown shell cordovan tassels from Ralph. Yes, shell cordovan comes in colors other than the classic Alden color 8. Stand back-these shoes will hurt you. Socks? Not so much today.

Floor and ceiling appointments in the President’s Club are a bit nicer than in the terminal. Wonder if these guys could come over to my pad and finish my crown moulding?

I’m not sure what’s going on in NJ that has booked all of the typical convention-business traveler hotels that I usually frequent. They were all booked this week so I had to seek other lodging options. I ended up abut twenty miles south of my client’s office in Bernardsville, N.J. as a guest at the Bernards Inn.

 I know the area well-having friends from my N.J. days who used to live just around the corner.

I need scores of electrical outlets-strong water pressure for a quick hot know-the typical requirements of one who is on the road for business-not pleasure. Ambiance is manifest at the Bernards Inn but not road warrior amenities. Slow to warm shower water propelled like five year old kiddies doing slow tumbles in gym class is what you get here.

The Bernards Inn opened in 1907 so there's tons of history and patina but...Two electrical outlets which had to be traded from time to time for various appliances accompanying my visit. I had to inflate my blow up doll manually.

The Somerset Hills area of New Jersey is beautiful and especially so this time of year. Those who have settled on an opinion of N.J. based solely on the visual offense registered when landing at Newark airport need to take a drive out to Bernardsville. The adjacent towns of Peapack-Gladstone-Bedminster-Far Hills etc are quaint and lovely. Golf House-The USGA Headquarters is out here as well. Great way to spend a few hours if you happen to be in the neighborhood.

The USGA moved out here from its Murray Hill townhouse sometime in the 1950’s I think.

Ok…it’s off to the shower and one more day of Renal Medicine Service Line Strategies. Then I get to go home.

Onward-with brown shell cordovan and a turn down truffle from the Bernards Inn.

Our buddy Longwing recently commented on my “Man Cave” and thus the genesis for this post…..
Every man needs a space. A study, a library, a workshop…whatever. My office in Old Town has always been the repository for things that weren’t “allowed” in the house…caricatures...old toy soldiers…vintage military stuff…guy stuff. A guy needs a room with which he can do whatever…décor wise…tidy or not tidy…you know. My office was my principal man cave until I became "re-single". Then, it was “man cave central” at home too. Oh, with one exception…LFG has a cute pink bedroom.
It’s obvious that my stuff at home is the manifestation of a former life. Too much stuff in a much smaller space. Dividing the stuff wasn’t too difficult. There were only a few pieces of furniture that I insisted on and the premarital stuff was a no brainer. Interestingly, there was a bumper crop of kilim, heriz, bohkara, hamadan etc. carpets. I'm a bit of a slob and I've gotta tell you, persian/oriental carpets are a sloppy guy's best friend. They show nothing. Red wine spills actually enhance some of the coloring! You can go years without using a vacuum. Just pick up the big pieces and let it roll!
So, here’s a random display...mostly art... of the Man Cave Collection…

Kilim Chaise....bought at an auction when I lived in New Orleans. I'm glad this thing can't talk.

Algernon Charles Swinburne. Pre-Raphaelite hanger on...weak chin...kinky hair. Decadent poet.
Hall bathroom...bad wallpaper...Cartier Bresson, Cecil Beaton portraits of Max Beerbohm, family pics and a pic of the Allison Brothers and Cale Yarborough...signed by all three...the legendary Daytona Speedway Fist Fight all on one wall. Yes, we have problems over here. Shut up. The Spoon-Nose Trick....Can you do it?Carlo Pellegrini... the caricaturist "Ape" from Vanity Fair. Beerbohm idolized him. So do I. We don't drink cocktails. The booze is for guests only.Papier-mâché-plaster Penfold Golfball advertising display from the 1940's. Just noticed that his hat needs dusting. I ain't doin' it. The Help....where's the Help? I got none. Drypoints of Whistler by Menpes and Rajon. My old office...caricatures....LFG's mom used to call them "baseball cards for big boys".

Helleu, Pellegrini, Haden, Sir Leslie Ward, unk. artists pencil sketches and drypoints.
Andre Plumot Self Portrait-1862. Ebay...
Carlo Pellegrini, William Nicholson, Rockwell Kent....lithographs, watercolours, etchings and pencil studies.
Watercolour of W. G. Grace, M.D. ...the "Babe Ruth of Cricket"

Vanity Fair prints including the Prince of Wales at the top. Pre-Edward VII and Duke of wonder he reteated to that maternal-erotically inclined twice divorced acrobat from Baltimore. They dressed his a_s in sailor suits till he was a grown man/boy.
Great little 19th century oil painting on board from Boris Wilnitsky in Vienna. Wilnitsky has an impressive inventory and I think, very fair prices with shipping fees from Europe that are quite reasonable.

Ok...that's enough of the Man Cave for one day. There's at least one more post on this theme. Wait till you see the kitchen. It's scary as hell in there.

Tata from the Cave. Have a blessed day.


ELS said...

Think you and the Colonel may have been separated at birth - su casa es mi casa, same wallpaint, same vanity fair baseball cards...

'weak chin...kinky hair. Decadent poet' - ah, the crushes of my youth.

Ceiling moulding AND carpet, but you spoil us...

Anon. Eng. Female said...

ADG - you carry off tasselled shoes like no-one else I [don't really] know. Great gingham too.

Paul said...

"I’m prone to nostalgia and I worry that when I’m an old man-the nostalgia will morph into curmudgeonly melancholia. Young people will hide from me when I attempt to regale them with stories of the good old days."

I think I'm there already! For Christmas, I'm asking for Hai Karate and Old Spice for the mix ala Maxminimus - to help with the smell.

James said...

Well as a Grandfather and a nostalgia freak, I can understand your fears. It does take self discipline to avoid the grumpy old men syndrome. Old Spice and Juicy Fruit will mask the smell and sweaters cover your rising waistline. Love your cave, can't wait for more photos.

Mrs. Blandings said...

So you can, in all earnestness say, "Do you want to come up and see my etchings?"

Gail, in northern California said...

Two-part posts. Small doses. Good thing you didn't include pictures of your rugs with the caricatures. You'd have Mrs. Blandings over the edge.

The Bernards Inn...what a lovely place. I would have felt fortunate with the change of plans.

Cannonball said...

Love the gingham- my sister in law bought me one for Christmas in purple/white by Gieves & Hawkes when she was gadding about in London. I'm sending you a link you may/may not be interested as a health care guy-

Patsy said...

I love the bad bathroom wallpaper - huge fan of striped anything, really.

One of my college roommates was from Bernardsville, NJ. It looks lovely, I've never been.

Summer is a Verb said...

There's my chaise again. If it ever goes missing, you'll know where to look...XXOO

Anonymous said...

I have never commented on your blog, but I couldn't let your comment about "semi-slumming" at the airport go with noting that you hardly look like you are semi-slumming.

I am regularly shocked by what people wear to fly. I've flown all across the U.S. and Europe, and you look like one of the better dressed people that I've seen.

When I flew out of Reagan National a few years ago, I had a flight attendant stop me and thank me for making an effort with my appearance. I was surprised that anyone would notice because I didn't think of myself as particularly well-dressed that day. It was nice to hear that someone noticed my effort.

I've lived in DC on several occasions (military family), and I've always thought of it as a well-dressed city. We attended church in Foggy Bottom, and it was nice to see women dressed nicely and men in suits at church. A lovely change from flip flops in California.

Enough of my random thoughts. I wanted to tell you that your appearance as you are semi-slumming looks very nice to my eyes.

LPC said...

My jaw is dropped at the sight of Bernardsville. Let us just say that my father's family had a place just down the road. Over towards Mendham. I had lunch at the Somerset Hills Country Club just recently, with my son, daughter, and cousin Grace. It's an iconic part of the country. This fall Cousin Grace also invited my daughter to the races in that vicinity. I've never been. Your caricatures ought to be iconified as well, somehow. Bottled. Laid down in a cellar.

Brian said...

I understand the water pressure problem all to much, but making you blow up the doll manually. I think they should have comped your stay. Terrific as usual.

Anonymous said...

I rather like the wallpaper in the hall bathroom. Handsome office door, too. mahogany - walnut?

ADG said...

ELS….thanks. Mi casa a promise-is dirtier than yours!

AnonEng…as always…thanks.

Paul…don’t forget Soap on a Rope.

Thanks James. My grandmother used to give us Juicy Fruit-a half stick at a time.

Mrs. Blandings…indeed I can. It doesn’t generally go over very well though.

Gail…it’s nice to know that I have someone else to taunt. I can’t simply aggravate you all the time!

Cannonball ...Gingham is good and thanks for the link-I just checked it out. Always looking for good healthcare terrain sources.

Patsy ... Thanks. The bathrooms need updating but I’d rather buy socks.

Allie...Everything ok at the beach?
KLS ...Thanks and I agree. The world has taken a hygiene and deportment holiday.

LPC ...As always-love your words and yes, this part of NJ is just beautiful.

Brian... I left them the doll!
Anon-the door-I have no idea!

tintin said...

Dusty Frames-
Would you plese divert some of the $ you spend on framing to a digital camera. You can get a good one for $79. Probably what you spend in a year windexing all that glass.

Thanks for the heads up on ELS and her blog. She's very good but then she had a proper education while I went to school with future Sarah Palin suppoorters.

Richard said...

ADG - I own the same Ralph tassel loafers. Love them! However, they need a shine, and I have never been impressed with the Alden Cordovan Shoe Was. What are you planning to use on yours?

Rasputin said...

"Pick up the big pieces"???
Mon Dieu!!! One word , Dude: "Leafblower"- its not just for yardwork anymore...

ilovelimegreen said...

I loved your kitchen...can't wait to see it again!

ADG said...

TinMaster-I ain't Windexin' nothing in here my man. Digital camera is on the way.

Richard-I shined them last night with dark brown polish-just a thin coat. I actual want them to get a little bit darker. Tintin told me-at least I think it was Tintin-that he was taught to use a thin coat of black every now and then on the Alden number 8 color. I want these to get darker.

Rasputin...Leafblower shit man-that's great.

LimeGirl-the kitchen is a disaster.

Anonymous said...

Interested in your Andre Plumot self-portrait.
Did you really purchased it on E-bay?

Art Fancier

ADG said...

Anonymous Art Fancier....yes I did get it on ebay. It was misidentified...can't remember what I paid for it. Wasn't too much.