Friday, December 11, 2009

Preppy Homeless Friday and Redux: Duo-Dials-The Doctor Will See You Now

If ever there was a day that had me manifesting the preppy homeless man guise it’s today. Baseball hat day at the office…slumming it is an understatement-we’re dressed for comfort not for show.

My complaints about inconsistent weather have now been heard. It was about twenty six degrees when I rolled out of the Casa this morning. My sixty dollar military surplus overcoat served me well in tandem with Flusser silk and J. McLaughlin cashmere gloves from last year-at 65% off. Nothing better than buying gloves in June for a deal.

Do not fear pink. The only thing that I don’t like about this fifteen year old J. Crew pink cashmere turtleneck is that the neckband is so tight that it gives me a bit of a double chin. And I don’t have a double anything actually. Shut up.

 No shave and a delayed shower-“situational hygiene” I call it. I’ll shower before bed tonight. However, when I’ve got an old baseball cap on there’s a good chance that the situational hygiene strategy is in play. I know that I should throw this hat away but I can’t-I love it and we have memories together. Shut Up. My momma still can’t believe that they even let me take one course at this Baltimore Based community college. I noticed one of my favorite watercolours after I snapped the hat picture and it reminded me of how I take most of my caricature buddies here in the office for granted. 

This is an original extant-preparatory watercolour of Prince Alfred-Duke of Edinburgh-younger brother of the Prince of Wales-later Edward VII. It was done by Carlo Pellegrini-“Ape” of Vanity Fair fame. I love this little image as well as the two prints that were rendered from Pellegrini’s original watercolour caricatures of the Duke.

I've got one of the prints here in my office-the Duke Bowling at the Marlborough Club in St James-1873.  

And here’s another of the Duke by Pellegrini

 Fair Isle socks and Ralph shell cordovan tassels. Admit it-you like ‘em both. And yes, I’ve worn these Cordings moleskin pants a million times in the last month. I don’t have much to choose from.

Ok, I’ve gotta wrap this up for now. Have a blessed weekend.

ADG with no LFG.


I’ve always loved duo dial-doctor’s watches with the segregated second hand functioning independently. The lore says that physicians could better view the segregated second hand while taking a pulse. Perhaps my affinity for them goes back to all the freelance OBGYN work that I did in undergrad.

The Rolex Prince is in my opinion, the most elegant version but they also go for about fifteen thousand dollars these days. That’s a bit out of my price range and the cantankerous nature of vintage watches is something that doesn’t intrigue me.

Enter the Hamilton Seckron. Hamilton created some of the greatest watches in America. Founded in Lancaster Pa. in the late 1800’s, Hamilton created watches that vintage collectors would later call the “American Pateks”. That still left me out of the game until about 1989. Hamilton revived many of the classic watches from their early 20th century catalogue, including the Seckron. I bought three of them and still have one remaining. I lost one and gave one away.

I don’t buy expensive watches but I damn sure won’t wear a fake, street corner knockoff either. My Seckrons served me well until I encountered a watchmaker in

England who crafts faithfully, a Doctor’s Watch in the spirit of the Rolex Prince.
Barrie Law at Waterman’s sells in my opinion, some of the best value in vintage inspired timepieces. I have three of them.

Speaking of time…I’m out of it!


tintin said...

Why do I get the impression you wrote this after a venti extra shot Americano?

ADG said...

Tiny-tintin...'cause I did.

Mrs. Blandings said...

How in the world did you get J. Crew cashmere to last 15 years? I can't wear one more than 15 minutes without creating enough pills to calm all the mommies in the carpool line.

Toad said...

As long as you keep the bill forward you are allowed to wear your ball cap until all the panels fall off.

Anonymous English Female said...

ADG - The baseball cap rocks. You must always keep it. I love that you wear it with an overcoat and Flusser silk scarf. The pink cashmere is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s but do yourself a favour and take some garden shears to that neckband.

ADG said...

Mrs. B. ...I don't wear it too often. Otherwise, I don't know!

AnonEng...."garden shears to that neckband" ... shall I remove it first?

Conor said...

Man those socks are awesome. Love the shell tassels too.

CeceliaMc said...

I just love those socks, but I'm allergic to horizontal lines.

I know this makes me sound like someone's grandmother, but shopping is just so much harder than it used to be.

I just visited my daughter, and we went to Ikea, me for the first time. I don't think the Bataan Death March could have been any more arduous.

Somewhere in the back ninety, I said, "Baby, we just have to sit down and have some coffee. I think I need a shot of whiskey in mine". She said, "Mama, the restaurant is way back upstairs and they aren't going to have any whiskey."

I didn't even remember passing the eatery. The entire place was a blur of dorm furniture. (To be honest I did admire some of it.)

I remember a day when most shops and stores offered you a chance to rest your dogs and have something fortifying.

I suppose that bit of customer service has gone the way of chairs in changing rooms.

Now THAT is the true "war on Christmas".

Pigtown-Design said...

Baltimore Community College! HA! HA!

Brian said...

Preppy Homeless Friday looks like what I wear all weekend, but I think you might have me beat in the sock department.

Keith said...

I really like what you're wearing. It's all around awesome by me. Have a great weekend.

ADG said...

Conor…have a fun vacation.

CeceliaMc...COULD NOT agree with you more re IKEA. It’s a great place for playroom-basement-dorm-kid furniture but the visit itself is a killer. I feel your pain.

Megtown-Design...I STILL can’t believe they let me in-all those years ago. You shoulda been a fly on the wall at Homewood when I had to go and interview. Whew.

Brian ...Get mamma to buy you some more socks boy.


Oler in Baltimore said...

I don't care who you are - that Hopkins comment is funny, very funny. Take it from a guy in Baltimore - these former Hopkins lacrosse players that still live here take themselves entirely too seriously. I don't know why - but I didn't take you for a Hopkins' man. Plus you have to stop posting these "must have" items - I'm really pushing the Christmas list this year. I like that style of watch and I really like it when items have an interesting little story attached to them - like the "doctor" theory. One last thing; if the hat must go - put it on eBay - guaranteed $100.00. Which goes back to the Hopkins comment. Keep up the good work!

ADG said...'s the deal my man...I went to Hopkins at night while working fifty hours a week...many years ago. I'm hardly the typical "Hopkins Man" from the Homewood undergraduate student ranks.

So regarding the hat, I'll sell it to you for seventy five bucks and we'll both avoid the ebay process! How's that?


tartanscot said...

love the sweater. Love the hat. LOVE the fair isle socks.

A man after my own heart!


The Sluice Box said...

I know that LFG refers to your daughter, but what exactly do those three letters stand for, if you don't mind my asking? -Aaron

ADG said...


AaronSluice...LFG are the initials of my little girl. Thus I need to keep that information close to my vest.

Patsy said...

Your tailor could probably fix that sweater collar with a couple of nice leather buttons on the side.

Preppy homelessness reminds me of the kids who used to panhandle me outside The Boston Garden when the Dead were in town. Little Patagucci clad street urchins looking for bus fare back to Greenwich.

tintin said...

Where exactly do you live? I need your street address. Are you going away for the holidays? Will there be a lot of newspapers in your front yard? Is your drive way wide enough for a moving truck?