Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Little Girl Lessons for Duck

Even though I’m the only one who knew it, today became Kensington Duck day at my office. After I welcomed to Earth, our boy Duck’s little gal Kensington, the LFG memories began to pour in and let me tell you-I reveled in the downpour. So Duck, here are some of my favorite memories. Here’s also hoping that you’ll share with us the creation of your own.

Kensington will teach you Duck, that even though she is tiny and fragile-you won't break her if you handle the little bundle with love and attention. I was a bit tentative-probably because I was concerned that she might pee on my Flusser seersucker rig. The golden shower thang never intrigued me.

Kensington will be interested in Southern heritage but you'll need to monitor it Brother Duck. LFG began to manifest White Power-White Supremacy behaviors within the first sixty days-as evidenced by her fist pump here. We had an intervention and she's good now.

Kensington will have more cute outfits than she'll ever be able to wear. You'll get good at changing her. I bet she'll average four cute outfits a day. It's never too soon to start turning collars UP!!!!

Kensington will make certain that Halloween is a blast....for many years to come.

Kensington-like LFG-will always be glad to see you...even after shooting 120 at Ponte Vedra. I always shot an additional 20 when playing with my mother in law. And I loved her.

Kensington will learn to say "ocean" quickly because it's easy to pronounce.

Kensington will open your heart to love other babies. Including little girls who are adopted by your business partner!

Kensington will have wealthier family members-thank God-who will buy her cute little outfits like this one. Pink flannel coat and tam from Dior in Paris...Pink with Brown Piping. It still cracks me up.

Kensington will demonstrate to you firsthand that little people prolong the lives of older folks. LFG is sitting with her buddy and surrogate grandfather "Po-Po" Baker. Clue for you in this picture Duck...LFG's diaper couldn't be fuller! Baker landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day plus one. Can you imagine how that shaped his life? I'll be posting on him later.

Kensington will insist that you eat her cooking. Scrambled eggs with eggshell zest. And guess what-you'll eat it and like it-every crunchy damned bite of it!

Kensington will want monograms just like daddy. That is if you are a man of no consequence-like LFG's dad!

And finally Duck, as Cecilia Mc. shared in her comments... This journey is gonna terrify you from time to time. There will be petit mal heartbreaks and transitions that you just have to grind through. LFG's graduation was one of the early transitions that just ripped me up. You'll get good at it though-because nowadays they have "Graduation" every freaking year.




Kent said...

Great stuff. I'm sure it means a lot to Duck. He's in for the ride of his life! ;-)

James said...

As the father of three daughters, I can say with confidence if Duck follows your lead he'll have love and memories to keep him warm when he gets old like me.

Memphis88 said...

It's wonderfully ridiculous how good you are at this.

Tom said...

Wow, this tugs at my heart as I relived the evolution of my life with my "baby girl", now 25.

DAM said...

You are such a great daddy... Sorry I didn't get a chance to meet LFG pre-holiday. Need to get that lunch together stat.

CeceliaMc said...

And the delight that awaits the entire family (and both Duck and ADG) is the bringing home of the boyfriend.

On that day, your daughters, their mothers, and anyone else around, will have the experience of seeing on your face what will be referred to thereafter as "that look".

It's the expression daddy gets when he's gazing at a young male who has had the temerity to acquaint himself with his daughter, to be sitting in her home, and to have somehow balefully conspired to have been born.

My husband once regarded some termites with a sweeter expression than any of my daughter's boyfriends.

Patsy said...

Oh, more babies!!! LFG looks the same as she did as a baby. What a sweet girl she is.

I'm the oldest of 4 girls, my Dad was extra lucky ;-)

The Duck said...


You have made me feel like we are brothers. Thank you and I will be posting a pretty lengthy post for all you either this evening or tomorrow. I would post at the hospital but the wireless has pretty much everything blocked.

So I am sitting at home doing laundry, vacuuming and eating coconut cake because it is the only thing in the house.


Anonymous English Female said...

ADG - such a beautiful post, what a wonderful gift for Duck and Kensington too when she's big enough to read it. LFG is greatly blessed.

Kathy said...

I'm on my way in less than an hour to deliver my older son to the airport to go back to college. I remember his buck-toothed grin and soft little baby hands like it was yesterday. Now this tall, square shouldered, whiskered athlete walks next to me, but he still lets me hold his hand. Granted, the eye rolling begins, but still. . . it's all good, and it gets better. Congratulations to you ADG! And to Duck.

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

What an adorable series of pictures...looks like she a lucky little girl! xx

Jeff, Jill and Erin said...

Outstanding post! Our daughter is three and a half, already, and the greatest gift in the world.

It would be easy enough to change the pictures and this could be my story.

Only I would not be as well dressed!

Thanks for sharing,

ADG said...

Kent….I can’t wait to hear the Duck stories about sleep depravation.

James...Three daughters----I’d die of continual heartbreak!

Memphis88...Your reading scope is obviously limited. But thanks.

Tom ...Thanks.

DAM ...You’ll meet her sometime soon.


Patsy ...Thanks.

The Duck ...Keep us posted!

Anonymous English Female ...Thanks. We are all blessed….I think. And you are SO not anonymous.

Kathy ...Lovely story.

Jeff, Jill and Erin...Three and a half is a fun age!

Summer is a Verb said...

Dibbies on that Dior getup if ever...XXOO

ADG said...

Allie...When that day comes...LFG and I will be rolling in with bells and whistles AND the Dior getup. It's safely tucked away and nothing in the world would make me happier than to have a little one in your realm wear it.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Good job, ADG...GOOD job! Funny I should read this post after we cleaned out our closet room this morning and I went through the keepsake box with Lorelai's first little bathing suit and her Charleston bonnet. What got both Hank and me the most though, was the little lock of hair from her first haircut. Combine all of that with the fact that we moved her into her first apartment this week and...well...

ADG said...

Belle...I hear you. I'll be a basket case....
I keep a lock of LFG's hair in the kitchen on the fridge in a little clear thingy that holds it and a picture of her.

She Writes said...

Bravo to this lovely post!

ADG said...

SheWrites....thanks. Just read your incredible blog.