Saturday, February 27, 2010

Date Night-Polo and Barbour

The etiology of my challenging week is not complex. My pathos has always been fairly simple to sort out and the most significant root cause was mitigated yesterday afternoon.  I’ve missed my child over these past couple of weeks and picking her up lifted my spirits incredibly. I’ve been in denial about LFG growing up while at the same time bracing myself for the next few phases of pre-adolescence.

I figured that by age twelve LFG would have all kinds of issues with her parents’ presence-you cool or not cool our interaction with LFG and her friends might be. I had no idea it would begin at nine and a half years old. As one correspondent shared… "ADG you won’t be replaced, just rearranged”. Ok-I get it. I just wasn't aware that it would manifest this soon. Bottom line is that I now have more competition for my daughter’s time than ever before. She’s growing up.
She still remains a sweetie though…readily agreeing to a date last night at Cactus Cantina. Crazy Eights…Shirley Temples…Cheese Quesadillas…Grilled Quail…all is right in the world again.
Milkshakes at home before bed. We’re living a dream.
LFG has grown out of her first pair of Chucks…the high top pink ones. Dig the replacements. Dig the socks. Yes, she is her father’s daughter.
And speaking of young'ns and sentiment-you must go over to my buddy James' blog and read this story. It's the best thing he's ever written. 
Saturday morning...called for Jay Kos cords-the Hoof Pick belt that has trumped all others in my lineup-airport security be damned. LFG, the thespian had play practice all day and a birthday party early evening. Told you I had competition…I’m in chauffeur overdrive this weekend.
Gigantic cuffs and Suede Chauffeur shoes....courtesy of eBay. I'm gonna do a separate post on eBay later. Shut up.
After dropping LFG off I stopped at Polo Chevy Chase to do a couple of things…determine the dollar value of the Polo gift certificate LFG gave me for Christmas and to subsequently spend it. Trust me; I held no fantasies regarding the amount.
The Spring 2010 goods are rolling in and I’d say that Ralph and minions have done a stellar job. Fall 2009 was strong and I just hope that the economy will behave commensurate with the sartorial acumen displayed at Polo. Digging the shoes-Orange and all.
I'd wear the green or the blue babies in a heartbeat but most of you knew that already. Shut up.
Polo Made To Measure…courtesy of Corneliani was way out of the orbit of my forty dollar gift certificate but nonetheless I culled my pick of swatches just for fun and blog posting. Windowpane is well represented.
And for those who remember the days when Polo would build these babies in the fuzziest of fuzzy dice models-there back. Here's the Ashton-and there ain't a damn thing here remotely associated with the twee little man child Ashton.
And the Kipling. Rudyard's cantankerous colonial ass would be proud. Max Beerbohm (Maxminimus) considered it sport to continuously harangue Rudyard Kipling.  The dice on this Kipling are so fuzzy that I can hardly stand it. Hold me-touch me-touch me in ways that make me feel a bit uncomfortable-just on the verge of violation. Anyone got a cigarette?
Linen and cashmere here. Plenty of fodder to rip holes in at home. The upper right hand swatch is 100% Cashmere-it almost begs to be made into something. Damn.
If I had to pick-to edit-to trade-off-to decide on three...Then here you have it.
Since my lovely gesture from LFG wouldn't cover any of the above-in spite of the fact that I am so in need of summer linen trousers-I opted for an orange pocket square.
And finally-I finished my Barbour reconditioning project. This is the anti A.D.D. endeavour and I’ll be really pleased to not involve myself in this task for another year or so. This effort requires patience and keen attention to detail-not exactly my strong points. There have been superb how to posts on blog sites and I’m grateful for the insights provided therein. I wouldn’t on my best day do a unique post on my Barbour wax-undertaking but I will offer one suggestion. Get a damn heat gun! I’ve had one for years and this baby made application easier and to hell with keeping the can in hot water. Hit it with the heat gun every few minutes and it remains liquid.
Seven hours in the bathroom amidst a running hot shower and we are good to go. This shot is about three hours into the seven hour steam. Now the wax is fully accommodated and evenly-kindasorta-assigned.

Time to don the chauffeur guise and pick up LFG.

Onward. Waxed. ADG.


CeceliaMc said...

I had never heard of chauffeur shoes, but they are divine!

ADG said...

Cecelia...and the divinest thing about them is that they were only fifty bucks.

M.Lane said...

I am an Ebay FREAK! Almost all my really great garments came from there. Shhh.


Gail, in northern California said...

Three hours and counting...just fire the damn pistol.

It's a good thing you have that little golden-haired girl. Your only saving grace.

richard Meyer said...

Just wore my pink cords from Chipp last night-well over 20 years old. Go well with DB blazer, velvet maroon slippers.

Pat said...

Let's talk more about those cords. Love them and would so love to see them on my husband. Where does one go to find these ?

James said...

I am extremely flattered that you put Ethan on your site. I consider it high praise coming from one of the most popular bloggers out there. I am envious of your Barbour. One of my thrifting dreams is to find one. Ya just never know. "Little golden hair girl" isn't that a wonderful description of LDG? Thanks again!

David V said...

I want to know how you can get steamy hot water for 7 hours?

ilovelimegreen said... will know you are at the point of no return when LFG rolls her eyes and says "Oh Daddy..." when you suggest activities for the two of you. Sorry to disillusion you - and so sorry it is happening before she even hits 10! But don't worry, she will always be your little girl (which she might not want to admit now...but will be quite happy to do so in the future, when she will realize just how lucky she has been!)
Love the Howard Johnson's sock-shoe combo -complements the new pocket square perfectly!

ADG said...

M.Lane...I'm gonna do a post on my eBay finds soon.

Gail...I do it all for you and you know it.

Richard...Sounds like a solid rig. I'm sorry I missed the Chipp experience before they signed off.

Pat...they came from J.Kos in NYC two years ago. Hard to find fun colors these days. Cordings in London have an almost identical color in stock right now.

James...your post demanded that I share it with my readers. Thanks.

David V. ... I didn't run the shower for 7 hours. I only post such "non-green-non-conservationist" statements to yank Gail in NoCal's chain.

LimeGreenGal....The Howard Johnsons metaphor made me laugh out loud. Not sure how proud you should be of knowing those brand colors! As for splashing an additional dose of LFG reality in my eyes-please refrain. It messes with my denial.

Gail, in northern California said...

For David V...I'm a little more tolerant these days with two reservoirs overflowing. Nevertheless, I nearly came unglued one year when we were in the midst of water rationing and ADG casually mentioned steaming his sports jackets in hotel room bathrooms.

Of course, I committed the unpardonable sin of revealing an area of weakness...something you NEVER do with four older brothers, three younger.

I still say ADG gets away with alot having LFG as part of his cadre. Oh, and that photo taken when he was 7 or 8. His mother must be a saint.

ilovelimegreen said...

ADG- Easter/Christmas/Howard Johnson's was a former co-worker's mnemonic device for remembering complimentary colors - since hearing that, whenever I see a blue and orange combo, Howard Johnson's comes to mind.
Mea culpa for the dose of reality...but you are doing a very good job and LFG is S-O-O-O-O lucky.

ADG said...

Gail...If we didn't love you we wouldn't give you grief. it! Howard Johnson's is a vivid childhood memory for me. On another note-I've got a picture y'all need to sell for me.

Richard Meyer said...

Chipp, of course, still exists as Winston tailors; MTM and bespoke, and still makes some very unique stuff. Pink pants? No problem.

Gail, in northern California said...

ADG...all good. Brings back wonderful memories. Believe me when I say, the only girl in a house of seven brothers was heaven.

Something different. I feel lost sometimes in your realm and need to familiarize myself with terms in order to understand. Watched the third part of "Savile Row" last night. What does "bespoke" mean?

DAM said...

The heat gun is a brilliant idea and may borrow that come some slow weekend in August when I tackle the new barbour.

The last one took some ungodly number of hours and why I chose the a Saturday in August is still beyond me, but the difference is crazy amazing.

Kathy said...

Just gave a pair of size 4 navy Chuck Taylor's as a baby shower gift. Might not be his first pair of shoes, but they are the first really GOOD pair. Those wee ones are so cute! As is LFG.

Tish Jett said...

Wow, you covered a great deal of territory in your post and as always every word was worth reading.

You have no idea who I am, though I have left a couple of comments in the past and drop by from time-to-time, but not often enough. I'll base my reputation on the fact we have mutual friends.

I agree, James' post was a jewel, perfect in every way. But then again, I'm angling for a position as at least a SVP in his fan club, mainly on the basis of seniority.

But I digress, I left you a little something on my blog, completely unworthy of you, but still it is a little gesture to show you how much I admire and appreciate your extraordinarily well-written, amusing and often touching blog.

Best regards,

ADG said...

Gail..."bespoke" is the most pure form of having ones clothes made from "scratch"...from beginning to end-based on the uniqie measurements of customer.To literally "bespeak" a garment...a suit or coat is to request-direct-order it made from a pattern cut ONLY for you-based on measurements taken by a "cutter" who then translates those measurements to a paper pattern that he cuts exclusively for you.

Made to Measure tailoring is NOT 100% bespoke in that a standard pattern of ones "approximate" size already exists and tweaks/adjustments are made to the closest size pattern on file. The garment isn't "made" exclusively for you-it's "adjusted" exclusively for you.

I hope this didn't confuse you more. discussed, the heat gun is THE ticket for doing the Barbour retrofit. Ten fold hotter than a blow dryer ... really helps spread the wax and expedites it soaking in to the fabric.


Tish...I am most humbled by your kind words and more so by your gesture over on your blog. Thanks so much.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

That's it, I'm sending mine back to the factory to have it rewaxed. Anything that involves a heat gun makes me nervous.

$50 for the chukkas? Genius.

Summer is a Verb said...

I have a weakness for picnic tablecloth men's shirts so I must know where that one's from por favor...XXOO

ADG said...

AllieVonPuntaCana or wherever you are...the table cloth shirt is from J. Crew. J. Mc. also has some cool colors. For about triple the price.