Monday, February 15, 2010

Redux: Man Up-In Pink-And Finance a Mammogram

I love breasts. In a respectful, non-ogling and tactile adoration-with-permission-only kind of way. But healthy breasts are best and to that end, when Mrs. Blandings reminds me that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’m only too happy to Post Pink…again. Mrs. Blandings says it best right here….
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Talk to your doctor to make sure you are doing all you can to detect breast cancer as early as possible. Early detection greatly increases your chances of surviving breast cancer. While you are at it, forward this to your best friend or wife or sister to make sure she is doing the same. For more information on screening, treatment and donating please contact the National Cancer Institute and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

You might remember my previous pink post. If not, here it is again…
Pink…I kinda view pink the same way I do Belgian shoes and slippers. You shouldn’t wear anything that if even for a moment during the day, you are tentative or self conscious about having it on. Skip it. You’ll be pegged as a poseur or some other entity with dubious intent. Style as opposed to fashion, is all about confidence. Wear it with aplomb or leave it for those of us who can. It takes a hell of a man to wear pink.
Pink cashmere turtleneck sweater-pink cable knit crewneck cashmere sweater-pink dress shirts in a variety of contrivances-lots of pink socks-pink present pocket squares in silk and linen-pink martini shorts-pink gingham-pink LaCoste-pink-pink-pink-pink-pink- pink-pink-pink-pink-pink- pink-pink-pink-pink-pink….Strap it on like a man and wear it year around. I’ll even wear a hint of it to client meetings.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Meg over at Pigtown Design and Mrs. Blandings  inspired me to pull this post together this morning. I’ve already donated in honor of LFG, her mother, my mother and sister as well as all women, enough money to pay for a mammogram. Early detection and prevention is the most crucial element of the cancer continuum of care. I also make my donation in honor of the breast cancer survivors that I know and love.
I also don’t want to get anymore of these emails. I keep this one in my In-Box and read it every week to keep me focused on my blessings. My friend Cristina did not make it.

From: R____, CristinaSent: Tuesday, March 22, 2005 2:06 PMTo: ______Subject: Hey

I wanted to keep you up to date on my cancer. I had a PET Scan and brain MRI. The brain lesions went down but are still positive. My cancer has spread to the leftaxillary lymph nodes and the nodes under my left clavicle as well as the ones in the mediastinum. : (   We are running out of regimines, I think there are only two left. Hope all is well.


Dan Fogelberg stated on his website before his death that all men should not ignore PSA testing. He and Frank Zappa passed away due to prostate cancer unnecessarily so this isn’t a female only-trixie exclusive club. 

Onward-In Pink-After making a donation.



Kent said...

I'm man enough to wear pink. ;-)

As for prostate cancer, that ribbon color is blue, so anyone can get behind that one, color-wise.

PSA testing is something else altogether, though. Don't get me started.

VogueOntheRange said...

Oh, LOVE this pink post! Made my (resignedly pathetic) V-day a little cheerier. This one is going down in the books as having the most interesting thing that happened being that I purchased a pink Dyson vacuum. Oh, and I ate a Buck's Fishing & Camping. Made me think of you!

ADG said...


Vogue...Glad to know that Dyson makes a vac. in pink! Just checked out the menu at Buck's. I haven't been but the grilled okra and the green onions app. is enough to get me there....

Pigtown-Design said...

I just posted a video of my little friend Pinky!

Anonymous said...


It does seem that light blue is the color being settled on for prostate cancer awareness. For a while, I believe there were some different shades of blue and even green. I have paid attention to this because prostate cancer has touched my family.

Although a light blue ribbon may be the "official" symbol (if there is such a thing), in my opinion the Lance Armstrong "Live Strong" yellow bracelet and related items are better known and accepted by men as more masculine.

I would be interested in the opinion of our host and my fellow Maxminimus fans.