Saturday, February 20, 2010

Redux: Sartorial Panache On The Links

Comment Update: LFG may not be as well turned out as some of the fellas in this old post but that's ok. It's my understanding that based on Title IX scholarship money for girls-if a gal has good grades and can break 80-there will be some amount of money waiting for her at a decent college.
So practice baby practice. "Cause daddy's already spent all the college money.

I don’t play golf anymore. I used to give a long answer to why “I am indeed a golfer but at present am not playing because of work, parenting”… etc…yadda yadda. Now when people ask if I’m a golfer, I simply say no. Golf is a time consuming endeavor.

The greatest amateur player EVER. Bobby Jones. Atlanta native. Augusta National visionary. Quintessential gentleman. Engineering degree from Georgia Tech, English degree from Harvard, one year of law school at Emory and then a member of the Bar. Pretty decent golfer along the way as well. Once called a two stroke penalty on himself that ultimately cost him the tournament. When praised for his sportsmanship he replied that it was like "praising a man for not robbing a bank". 

Southern accents at least to me, fall in two categories...elegant or embarrassing. Bobby Jones' accent was indeed elegant. Enjoy it here. 

Walter Hagen the Professional with Bobby Jones the Amateur. This was still an era when professionals...those who earend a living playing a game, were not allowed to dress in the clubhouse. Hagen did as much as anyone to legitimize the sports professional and make more substantial the paycheck.
Must have been chilly when Hagen picked up his British Open Trophy. Camel Polo Coat? 

Hagen post-swing in a wool sportcoat, buttoned with upturned collar-lapel. Damn. 

Hagen at Muirfield...tough lie. Played well though, I bet. 

Jones, Some Guy, Sarazen and Hagen. Well turned out, no? 
They say the Duke was a pretty good golfer. Why would he not be? Seemed to have an a_s load of free time on his hands.Bobby Jones and Francis Ouimet. Ouimet won the U.S. Open in 1913 at age 20. Harry Vardon, the legendary British golfer was handed defeat by this kid from Brookline. Nice.
Eddie Lowry was ten years old when he caddied for Ouimet. If ten year old Eddie was a southern boy, this is how I imagine the early morning breakfast conversation between him and his mamma ...

Eddie: “ Mamma…I gotta go. I’m carrying Francis’ clubs for him in the big tournament this weekend” 
Mamma: “That’s fine Eddie but don’t you leave this house without a necktie on!” 
Eddie: “Ok, Mamma”
Mamma: "And wear a hat"

I wish I could wear a hat like that.

So, here's to an elegant bunch...well shod, well swathed, well topped and for the most part, well behaved.

Ps....Some of my favorite golf literature from the ADG Library:


Memphis88 said...

I admit I flinched when he hit that first ball in the video.

Memphis88 said...

I admit I flinched a bit when he hit that first ball in the video.

M.Lane said...

Oh SUPERB post! Jones is one of my few heros and we can all admire him in any occupation as well as Hagen's style and ability to "walk the walk". Did you see the biopic of was great too.

Here's to the day when professional golf was not dominated by vitamin downing, tee-totaler, CPA's. Or whatever.


ACH said...

Love the picture of LFG in the Hopkins cap. Although I've been keeping quiet, I've been reading for a while, and I thought about you today while perusing the sale section at the Hopkins bookstore (which is now run by Barnes & Noble, and also sells Ralph Lauren and Vera Bradley). They had quite a selection of Hopkins apparel for the under-13 crowd; I guess recruitment is starting early these days!

November said...

Excellent timing.

Bobby Jones and Shivas Irons--I need to re-read Golf in the Kingdom. Spring MUST be right around the (Amen) corner...

NCJack said...

Good form on LFG, proper grip too. I like a fairway wood out of the rough, doesn't catch up like an iron can. Am a "recovering golfer" myself; it just ate up an entire weekend day

ADG said...

Memphis...I used to flinch every time a hit the ball.

M.Lane...agree on all points!

ACH...thanks for saying hello and best of luck in the nursing program at's a great one.

November...ah yes...Shivas. You should listen to the audio book...the narrator is great.

NC Jack...LFG's club face is a little open in the pic. Otherwise, she's good.

LPC said...

Wait, you're making her play without plus fours? LFG, rise up and riot!

Oneunder said...

The picture of Jones, Sarazen, Hagen and some guy, I think the "some guy" is a young Horton Smith winner of the first Masters.