Monday, February 22, 2010

Redux:Seersucker and Jesus....

Jesus doesn't care one bit that I'm tired of the dirty-gray-ugly snow in Old Town. Actually, I'd be worried if she did care. But I'm ready-more than ready for there to be a time when I can pop these babies out of storage...Onward.
...go hand in hand when Sundays are ninety degrees. Memorial Day right? That’s when the sartorial powers that be declare seersucker and other talisman of summer "ready". Sorry but my enthusiasm was such that I had to bust out for snake handling and poison in my three button gray seersucker coat on Sunday.
I wore it with the cream linen trousers from Friday which were wrinkled “just right” in time for wrestling with the Word. Above pictured is another guy who sports the same combo. (Combo...sounds like something you order at the McDonalds drive through)

My gray seersucker suit is fairly traditional with an almost complete allegiance to the Brothers Brooks sans a hooked center vent and welted seams. I mostly remember that treatment on poplin suits anyway. This coat is fairly true to an old Brooks model. Open patch breast pocket and flap pockets otherwise. I did add a ticket pocket and flap…it’s the Fuzzy DiceThang redux. I also did this coat with side vents…I just can’t settle on a center vent under any circumstances these days.Three button rolled to the second. This baby is a classic. The trousers are pleated and side tabbed... another Brooks departure.Now there’s traditional seersucker …gray or blue. Then there's seersucker with dual exhausts, fuzzy dice and the works.My peach seersucker suit is a folly and a damned fun one at that. Laugh if you want, my friends but I can carry this look with aplomb. A more updated, British silhouette hallmarked in a single breasted-peak lapelled jacket. Side vents, flap pockets including a ticket pocket…three button rolled to the second.

Admittedly, this was not my original idea. I walked into Flusser’s ten years ago and Alan had this suit on with a pair of Belgian shoes that had the same piping as the suit color. I requested one on the spot. And no Toad, I won’t be wearing this one to the investiture as Potentate of my Upstart Country.

Cotton. All cotton.

And finally, my baby, LFG is growing up. Can’t believe that she’s such a big girl. She wore Lilly Pulitzer (with a sweater) to church on Sunday. Worry not; they only handle rubber snakes in Sunday school


DAM said...

Summer, my friend, can not come soon enough. One day we'll have street parking back, trash in cans not on the street, and trees/shrubs growing vertically again.

tintin said...

Thas some nice sucka. Beats my Haspel all to hell.

ADG said... ain't never gonna get here. I'm just in from Toledo and it was better there. Now that's bad.

Tintang...Haspel is Gospel though.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Some young blogger gal did a real ugly anti-seeksucker post the other day. I couldn't help it...I just had to DROP her from my google reader. Bless her heart, there's no way she was raised by a southern belle mama and her daddy must not have had ANY sense of style!