Monday, March 8, 2010

Last Friday Night-My Date With a Thespian

LFG's 4th Grade Play...Jack in the Beanstalk. Someone asked if the play was enjoyable. Not really-these kids are…well, kids. And fourth graders aren’t as cute as kindergartners and they don’t really project their voices well and they forget their lines and the acoustics are bad and…..
But I wouldn’t have missed it for anything in the world because my little LFG was Princess Tulip. And for the few moments that she uttered a line or two-the play was Tony caliber and she was outstanding. 
These are probably the worst pictures ever but to the three of you who’ve been reading my drivel for a while-that shouldn’t surprise you.
Loveliest little Tulip I've ever seen.
Post production-back stage with the talent. A dozen roses from Giant grocery store. Complete with bar code.
LFG's posse was there to see her. My fave DG as well as AH. Can't wait to hear from the White Supremacist about how damaging this display of ethnic diversity is.
So what does Daddy wear to the play? I checked every sartorial reference in town and found nothing to assist me in Jack and the Beanstalk specific togs. 
I did the best I could to mitigate any embarrassment that I might cause LFG. Yes, were are getting to that phase now. Fairly monochromatic rig of brown moleskins-khaki button-down. 
And of course-my weapon belt.
Cactus Cantina wasn’t adequate for my little actress so we went to Lia’s in Chevy Chase. LFG’s mom took a pass on joining us so I selfishly reveled in my post performance date with Princess Tulip. I do wish though, that we could have gotten a bit more of her stage makeup off before rolling in to Lia’s. Kind of looked Jon Benet creepy-ish a bit. Leastways to me it did.
Forgot your retainer box? No problem baby. Polo silk kerchiefs are really meant to accommodate glow in the dark retainers.
Being a problem solving daddy trumps any attempt at elegance every time.
My little thespian-headed home  with a takeout order for mommy.

Onward. Fo Fum. 


Suburban Princess said...

She always looks like she is having a great time no matter what you two are doing!

longwing said...

LFG is, as always, absolutely adorable but I bet your real dates are ugly, ugly, ugly.

LPC said...

Let us cut away the underbrush. LFG was wearing makeup. The future was talking to you then and there. Ah.

James said...

A real life princess! What a gentleman you are to rescue Her Highness's retainer sort of a Sir Walter Daddy.

Mal said...

I like the ascot, nice-

From One Who Knows... said...

...To Longwing - you better believe it...

The Blushing Hostess said...

Oh, ADG, stop mucking up the adorable Princess Tulip posts with shots of your neck.

Anonymous English Female said...

ADG - Read your post straight after looking at all the Oscar red carpet pics and can say for sure LFG radiates infinitely more style and star quality than anyone else I've just looked at. Noticed too that not one of those Hollywood actresses was carrying a bouquet of red roses bestowed by a gracious and loving Daddy!

Ben said...

She's beautiful. I have refrained from commenting in the past but this auspicious night out with offspring deserves every congratulatory comment it gets.

Hope you have more nights like this.

The Angells said...

Awesome post like always. Your posts with LFG in them always strike a cord with me because I have a 6 year old daughter. She is also a Thespian, this Thursday, she is in Mulan jr. can't wait to see her on the stage. Keep up the great posts.

ADG said...

Suburban...thanks. It's getting slightly more challenging as she grows up but we always seem to net out something fun to do.

Longstrang....You know that it ain't true. For some odd reason I can still draw in the lookers. And we know it ain't about money or my looks.

LPC...STOP IT!! You are interfering with my denial.

James...Sir Walter Daddy...that's a keeper.

Mal...Ascot and Retainer

From One Who don't know nothin'.

Blushing...sorry about my neck. Red.


Ben...thanks. I hope so too.

Angells...your gang looks great!

ilovelimegreen said...

ADG- Why didn't you get a pair of Elsa Peretti bean cufflinks - they've only been around for a couple of decades.

LFG is glamorous all of the sudden...oh my!

Brian said...

I second Lonwing, but you have to be the best dressed problem solving Daddy.

Toad said...

Due: LPC is the voice of Christmas future. Wisdom lives there.

Preppy 101 said...

You are such a good dad. You have learned early on how to balance doting, supporting, but never "embarrassing" as perceived by an adolescent ;-) And that, my friend, will really pay off in the years to come! Trust me, I know. :-) Have a great evening.

ELS said...


LPC said...

Dude, Toad and I mean well. You should find a song, by a nice hippie girl named Dar Williams. Called, "When I Was A Boy." Listen to it right now. In a few years it will make you cry.

ADG said...

LPC...just listened to the DAR Williams song and then read the lyrics. Stop it.

LimeGreenGal...LFG is not getting glamorous and you are getting me the cufflinks for Christmas next.

Brian...You boys are giving me a tough time but I can take it.


Preppy 101...thanks.

LPC said...

I relent.

ADG said...

LPC...don't relent on anything but insisting that I face reality re LFG. Otherwise please, keep it coming.

ilovelimegreen said...

Oh ADG, denial is just a river in Egypt. Now that I know what you want for Christmas, I have to wonder what you'll get for me.