Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trad Tap In: Robert E. Lee and Elephants

On the road again-blessed to have the business but just too darn busy to post voluminously. Never have I claimed any of this to be substantive. And if you DON'T correctly guess the above airport carpet you have to send ME a hundred bucks. Shut up.
I'm tentatively optimistic that we will soon be shedding wool for linen in the DC area. The weekend looks good and we'll just hope that the reprieve from pasty is just around the corner. I don't know about you but I'm flat out tired of Allie VonSummersverb crowing over at Summer is a Verb about her Pancho Villa inspired sun tan. I'm ready for one my damn self.
I did bust my white ankles out the other day-just test driving the environment. And it seems that we can sit out on the south veranda of the Casa without getting frost bite.
So...this will just be an aggregate of random. A montage (pile-load) of verbal and visual drivel that'll just have to hold you till I can post some other things. Let's start with Elephants...ok? This past weekend was my LFG designated frolic and we did anything but. Her latest book report had to be non fiction and we had to make an oversized book with ten pages of unique facts. She also had to write a summary of the book as well as turn in all draft materials and outlines etc. The cool thing about this endeavour is that the big book will presented to First Graders tomorrow-by little Miss LFG. Who knows, perhaps she'll be inspired to be a teacher. I'd be ever so proud of her if she does become one.
Saturday saw us sequestered for the entire day working on said book project. My child never got out of her pajamas and didn't complain one moment.
I started melting down after about six hours of this rodeo and she had to keep me from getting spastic.
She wrote drafts and then verbally dictated them to me. We found clip art ...we pasted....we assembled...we did ten hours.
Then I walked to the 7-11 to procure some medicine to provide unguent for the Big A_ s Elephant book project trauma. I know a lot about elephants now. I told my clients this week all sorts of stuff about elephants and they still paid me.
So Sunday we rewarded ourselves before I flew out. We picked up best friend D.G. and headed to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum and then the National Gallery of American Art.
Here's Uncle Bob. A battle weary man no doubt.
Here's LFG telling Uncle Bob that it's time to give it up. Quit the fight.
 And here's an absurd JFK pocket square rig. almost swallowed my chew when I rounded the corner and saw this.
I HAD to tune the old boy up a bit.
Killed some time in Georgetown recently and pounced. Pounced on these J.McLaughlin horizontal cords. I've always been amused by them but not at the MSRP they wanted for them.
At such drastic reductions-I rescued them. They were a little bit large in the waist-being a 33 and everything but I've had them adjusted a bit. Washboard abs. Shut the_______.

That's all I have for now. And I don't promise much better anytime soon!

Onward. ADG and LFG.
Ps...Happy St. Pats.


LPC said...

The SOUTH veranda? Nice for some.

ilovelimegreen said...

Had you posted this yesterday, I may not have made my horrific Robert E. Lee blunder this morning.

I really like LFG's pajamas.

James said...

Good to hear that you are busy, LfG only gets more expensive as time goes by. Not saying it's not worth it, just saying it gets expensive.Great looking book report and thank the Lord you were able to fix JFK!

Preppy 101 said...

1. You are such an awesome dad! I mean all day on the project. Yay for you.
2. I hope she does become a teacher. I was one for 33 years and it is a very respectable profession. :-)
3. Great buy on the cords. Love them.
4. Where do you get your pocket squares? I want to get one for my son to wear the day my daughter gets married. He'll be giving her away - in a Navy Blue suit, white shirt, repp tie. Help!
Have a fabulous evening and week!!

Kathie Truitt said...

Such a good post. I almost spit out my Diet Coke when I saw you'd 'fixed' JFK pocket...too funny! I work near there and I have half a mind to go in there, put it back the way it was and send you a picture!! Ha!!

Brian said...

Amazing what we learn by helping our children with their book reports. I second james about you fixing JFK, and I hope the 7 eleven medication helped.

Toad said...

Is the mad dog responsible for the crumb catchers?

Anonymous said...

In dayes of yore "Richards Wild Irish Rose" was the fruit of the vine of Patrick, S.C., as were other brands of the oneophilically penurious > "It All Began In This Greensboro House" (Tenner should be Tanner)


C. Dasher said...

1. We all now realize LFG's (or your) innate talent and eye for composition and design. Bring on the RISD/Cranbrook applications!

2. Is Jack wearing a half windsor instead of a four-in-hand? That CAN'T be historically accurate.

Anonymous said...

Only a question;
Is the bag on the first pic, an Orvis Bag???
I'm like it a lot, but it's very difficult to find it here in Barcelona, Spain.
I know that I can buy it via internet, but I like if You can say me if is as good as all the people say.
Your judgement will be very appreciated.

Thank You in advance &, congrats for your blog. It's so cool!!!!!

ADG said...

LPC...I don't control vernada locals.

LimeGreenGirl...But without your blunders-you wouldn't

James...yep, it's obvious that the folks assembling the figures are great at creating likeness and not so good at dressing the forms.

Preppy 101...thanks. I gave my sister away-twice! Navy blue-rep tie-white shirt-only one pocket handkerchief for such a sublime event...white linen or cotton.

Kathy....where have you been? I hope that all is well with you and yours. Yes, it would be a funny game to go back and forth-rearranging the JFK pocket hanky. Only problem-it would cost us 19.50 each time we accessed JFK.

Brian...that 7-11 juice always helps. Just call me if your little guy needs any 411 on elephants.

Taytayta' ain't nothin' if you ain't a damn social historian-anthropologist on about every subject. Who'da thunk that the fortified wine biz had such a Carolina genesis? Didn't Patrick S.C. have a Drag Strip at one time?

C.Dasher....see my comments to James.

Anonymous...Yes, the Orvis Battenkill luggage is the best. I use it exclusively for my travel needs. Perhaps you can get it on eBay?

Anonymous said...

How did they manage to get Bobby Lee so right and JFK so wrong?

(Kennedy's nose was very different. This guy looks like he should be behind a meat counter.)

John Johnston said...

Love the Big Elephant Book! I bet you and your daughter had fun putting it together.

RHW said...

RHW: "Hey why would Madam Tussauds have a wax likeness of Dick Van Patten in a suite?"
Co-worker: "Huh? You mean Tom Bradford from Eight is Enough?"
RHW: "Well, yeah, but he's wearing a suit and with a puppet or something stuffed in the breast pocket."
Co-worker: "Are you feeling ok?"

David V said...

I thought that was Jimmy Carter with a JFK haircut!

Sheik of Araby said...

Interestingly, a book of that size might actually be called an Elephant Folio, meaning you've got Elephant Elephant Folio.

DAG said...

Kid projects are always time well spent - for both of you. I know quite a bit about starfish.

Love the cords and LOVE the orange horizontal stripe shirt - I've been looking for one in purple.


ADG said...

Anonymous...I'm with you on the RE Lee looking really good and JFK being marginal. Prolly easier to do RE Lee with white hair and beard. Who knows.

JohnJohn...yes. We had a big ole time.

RHW...yep. When they do them well they do them well. When they cast a marginal wax figure, it's freakin' creepy.

Sheik....YES! It is an Elephant Elephant Folio. Haven't thought about that dimension since I last broke up an entire Elephant Folio of Audubon Birds. ain't gonna find the horizontal. Gotta have it made.

Kathie Truitt said...

Okay, tried to e-mail you. Let me know if you don't get computer is acting 'funny.'

Summer is a Verb said...

If I had been drinking Diet Coke like Kathie it would have been coming outta my nose I laughed so hard. "Crowing" hahahaaaa...that's right baby. Brown as a bear. I'm sportin full fat camo...XXOO

The Leopard said...

I can't believe they still make Mad Dog 20 20, was it in the 1970's section next to the Boones Farm and the Schlitz Malt Liquor Tall Boys (alternative title - 3 things you rent when your a teenager)? I'm getting a headache just thinking about it, are 8-track tapes of the Allman Brothers also available at this store? Also when did Gary Shandling find time to model for the JFK figure?