Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big Pony Big Logo-Round Two

Alas. It's logo discourse time again y'all. The reaction to my first posit on the issue was entertaining to say the least and I appreciated all of your opinions. My conscience and voice of balance and good reason over at To The Manner Born made a most insightful comment….

Toad said...

“I wish I understood the why of wearing advertising and not being paid for it.”

All of the comments were noteworthy and these are a few that really made me chuckle….

“Mr. Toad is correct: it's all about compensation, but it ain't the economic sort.”

“Lacoste has certainly crapped in the punchbowl this time. My God, that thing is going right for monsieur's nipple! Hideous: as bad as the "retro" Fred Perry wreaths on their new shirts.”

“RL said in an issue of Fortune a couple of years back that they designed the Big Pony explicitly so that the logo could be seen better on TV when the US Open/ Wimbledon linesmen, ballboys, etc. were shown. LEDs are next.”

“I see you found the South Philly polo shirts. All you need is the big chrome wheels on the Saab, and you would fit right in with the locals.”
I found especially interesting a few of the comments about Rene' Lacoste and his big reptile logo. I'm kinda with you and your defense of his illustrative moniker and the chosen scale. I believe however, that something got lost in translation.
Here's one of the famous blazers from our man Rene'. This is good. Today's Lacoste tennis shirt logo-not good. I dated a Rene' several years ago...a female Rene'. Pondering all of this Rene' stuff had me reminiscing. Sweet. I'm having a hot flash right now. Premarin anyone? Anyone?
Now I stand wide open for correction but I'm thinking that our boy Rene' is sporting some Le Coq Sportif branding here. No?

I have this little daughter...LFG. She goes to a birthday party last Sunday and I’ve got a couple of hours to kill. Can’t go back home-it’s not worth the drive back over the river to Virginia. So Chevy Chase affords plenty of distractions and it’s right around the corner from the birthday soiree…Border’s Books-Steinmart-Saks-Neman’s-J. Crew and the venerable…Filene’s Basement.
I love a bargain as much as the next person but TJ Maxx, Filene’s Basement and their kin are lost on me. I think it’s a matter of luck-and never do I have it when I roll in. And rarely do I not see something that I wouldn't mind having. My experience, especially at Filene’s, is that they only have gigantic sizes. Anything small than a 40 waist garment or a 17 neck shirt and you are S.O.L. I’ve reported on Steinmart many times...Flusser especially, but I never buy much of anything when I’m in there. Maybe a pair of socks.
So I'm in Filene’s for a look-see and within moments I manifest the typical… “Man…these look pretty good-let’s see if they have them in my size”. As usual-nadda.
Case in point- Vineyard Vines bathing suits. I’m thinking these are cool. And the price point is a winner.
Upon further examination I realize that these were made by the Omar the Tentmaker division of Vineyard Vines. More like Vineyard Damn Cabana. Obviously they only send their hog sizes to Filene’s. Nothing any smaller than about a ninety waist. ..."you-yes you-Mister Two-X Chappy Hibiscus. Shark Wave? One more Cannonball from you in the deep end and we'll have a Tidal Wave". (Billy St_ _ fel-"Man out of  uniform")
But then I see these and the other phenomenon kicks in…. “They are my size-but what in the world would I do with them”? I'm ready to pounce. I mean come on-they've got those quick release snaps on the legs like my old Chippendales dance costume had. Perfecto for when a craving gets flung on you and disrobing is tactic one.
The price is right but I don’t own a boat. I’d just wear them to dinner here in the neighborhood but methinks an a_s whoopin’ would occur sooner for wearing these than for sporting slippers. And the name..." 'Nor Easter " Now you can ignore Easter if you want to but I've got a huge problem with that. If we begin to play loosely and metaphorically with the New Testament then Christianity goes out the window. 
You can't defend the Faith without a literal belief in the Resurrection. And then we've got..."Fighting Lady Yellow"? I won't begin to deconstruct the mixed metaphors there. Plus these babies don’t look like they “breathe” too well. I’ll pass.
Almost time to fetch LFG but as I round the corner I spot this Goat Rodeo. Stunning. Ralph knock-offs on a grand scale. It’s not good enough to have one oversized polo player and pony adorning your chest. Let’s go for two of the muthas. I can’t wait to see what’s next.
Decorum-Balance-Elegance-Understatement-Elan-Duende-Gravitas-Reserve...Not here in the Basement du Filene. Go big or go home. Shut up.
And at a Basement Discount price of less than half the $38.00 MSRP, coupled with an array of colors and design options-you too can sport this level of garish impertinence every day of the week. Cool me down-cool me down.
Girls please. I mean really. Did you think Filene would forget you? Come on pink and green gals...You have a duo-pony contrivance waiting just for you. Wonder what the ponies are gonna look like when a 38DD  ersatz preppy slides this second skin over her silicone orbs? They'll go from playing chukkers to navigating an undulating point to point.  

Ok gang. Thanks for allowing me to, hopefully, get this logo revulsion out of my system. Maybe we can start a No Logo Left Behind support group.
Have a great rest of the week. ADG-Galloping-Onward.


JDB said...

I got nothin'.

Toad said...

Suddenly it's pick on me day, sheesh

Lisa said...

For this, I’m going back to my college days so for some of you the references will not ring a bell. This was the time that Calvin Klein was plastering his name on every woman’s butt and Gloria Vanderbilt was too. Then of course, Ralph was making a huge splash with the Polo pony, Gloria with her Swan and all the other wannabe’s - even Penney’s had a logo. The Preppy style had emerged as a fashion statement and this was 1980. I was confused until I saw an ad from Bottega Veneta that simply stated: “When your own initials are enough.” In a sea of logos, that statement was a life raft and I’ve been clinging to it ever since.

I owned several pairs of Calvin Klein jeans at the time because they happen to really fit my body type. My classmates were giving me LOTS of grief for the logo so I took my exacto knife (I was an architecture major) and cut the labels off. They couldn’t believe that I did it. It was exhilarating.

I refuse to be an advertisement for anyone without compensation.

Lisa said...

PS. ADG did you get a 'word of the day' calendar for Christmas and not go past the day of 'ersatz'? You seem to use it ALOT especially when tormenting Summer is a Verb and not just in this post. I'm just sayin.

K.S.Anthony said...

It looks like the player in the back is doubled over in pain in receipt of a strike to the groin!

Can't travel down the road of massive logos with you, old sport. I prefer my crocodiles big enough to threaten my polo players but smaller than the diameter of a silver dollar.

Promise that a stingy brim isn't next? (shudders)

ADG said...

JDB...I got nothin' either-obviously.

Toad...I'm not picking on you buddy. I'm honoring you.

Lisa...you've hurt my feelings so now I'm going to shut my blog down forever.

K.S. ... It's all bad man. It's all bad.

Laguna Beach Trad said...

I actually like the large Lacoste logo, for its historical provenance and non-Polo-ness. Am I going to Hades, for that?

Lisa said...

oh man, don't want you to shut down the blog! the 'feud' between you and Ali(ce) gives me fuel (to her) to keep on reading the blogs. Keep up the good(?:p ) work. And you just KNOW that you agree with my "when your own initials are enough" statement from Bottega Veneta. admit it and turn the page of the calendar.

Kathy said...

You better not shut down or some of us will come find you. Also, looks like that's your bracelet sportin' arm wearing that yellow "duo-pony contrivance" in the last photo. Loved the post.

Lisa said...

re:Laguna Beach Trad. where are we going and why am I in this handbasket?

Preppy 101 said...

Thanks for bringing a smile to my face. You are so darn clever and witty and spot on in so doing. I agree on the logos - hideous, even terrifying. Have a great evening. xoxo

LPC said...


Giuseppe said...

Oh, my poor ADG. If only you had known the real Filene's Basement, you know, the one in Boston in the basement beneath Wm. Filene's Department Store. That place was truly epic. These mall/outlet chain jobbies you see around today are hardly a comparison.

In the old days, I got a Polo silk houndstooth jacket in green and tan for less than twenty bucks, $ 5.00 Italian slacks, silk pocket squares for two or three dollars, the list was endless. But my greatest score by far was a pair of Ferragamo spectators in brown leather and cream canvas, brand new for about $15. Lord, how I miss that place.

Good thing the powers that be decided to close the place and give the good city of Boston a gaping hole in the ground in its place.

Summer said...

ADG, did you finally relent to Filene's subterranean spell?

Anonymous said...

These kind of shirts exist because so does this guy-


heavy tweed jacket said...

I'm with Toad as far as the walking-billboard-polo-shirt-thing goes. I mean, why?

DAM said...

The worst part of about those staack of Polos is they aren't even Ralph Lauren - it's the knock off brand, US Polo Association. If my memory serves correctly, that was originally the brand sold in Goody's stores before they went bankrupt last year.

Make sense why there goods are now in Filenes.

Goody's, btw, also had the rights to Duck Head. Did you see any of those in the khaki's dept?

Pigtown-Design said...

wait a minute... is that you wearing the yellow shirt??? i hope you are just trying it on, and that you didn't pay cashmoney for it!

Anonymous said...

I am with Pigtown Design. You may need an intervention.

By the way, I think the Yellow Pants were left over from Devo's tour in 1981.

ADG said...

LagunaTradMan...I might like it too...but not on a knit shirt. The shirt seems to delicate to accomodate it-compared to the thick flannel jacket that it adorned seventy years ago.

Lisa/Kathy...I'm not going anywhere. I have no other hobbies.

Summer...The subterranean spell...it got me-but only for a moment.

Anonymous...still regretting that I clicked on that link. Oy.


DAM...I almost spit out my cereal when I saw Goody's! Nope...didn't see any Duck Heads.

MegTown...you must be seeing thangs.

Preppy 101...thanks. I'm not that clever.

LPC...I am not.

G-Man...Yes. I've heard stories about the real Filenes. I'm in Boston on Monday...downtown. Lunch or dinner Monday night?

Patsy said...

As Giuseppe said, the original was without peer. Waiting for the automatic markdown, no dressing rooms, the running of the brides (I actually bought my wedding dress there, although not during the melee). What a place! The big hole in the ground makes me cry.

Fighting Lady Yellow is a classic color for large sportfishing boats - not so much for pants.

ilovelimegreen said...

You did not buy that yellow shirt – please tell me that the photo was taken in a fitting room and you are just teasing us.

Anonymous 9:48 - my thoughts exactly about those pants being a leftover from a Devo tour!

Scott Alexander said...

A man or woman should be able to make enough of a personal statement without clothing doing it for them. The original polo pony is enough for me. The "Big Pony" and the Frankenstein effect brought on by US Polo Assoc. and Beverly Hills Polo Club are just disgusting. What bothers me most is how these knock-off companies stay in business from such mindless patronage.


Anonymous English Female said...

ADG - I'm quite happy to wear logos - the interlocking CC buttons on my 1967 Chanel (real Chanel) Couture Suit. But come to think of it, it is the only item of logo festooned clothing I own.

Easy and Elegant Life said...


The kids at my school used to cut off the croc on the Lacoste shirts (especially if you were the unlucky guy wearing it at the time -- it became a badge of honour) or they'd sew an extra one above in an unsuitable position.. .

Summer is a Verb said...

"Goat rodeo" hahaaaa!!! XXOO

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. ADG - Please forgive me, as it appears that your bracelet-clad self has indeed taken to wearing one of these thingies, but it looks as if the rider who's a bit "behind" is riding something other than the horse. Egad! You must be, indeed, a sartorial braveheart to sport it. - A faithful, if bewildered, reader

ADG said...

Patsy…The original Filenes sounds like it was great fun. Sorry I missed it.

ilovelimegreen...Me in that shirt? Please. It’s an optical illusion. Devo-damn.

ScottAlexBoy...Logos…it’s a love hate thing no?


Elegantoligist...I too remember the double gator contrivance.

AllieVonUPS…you’ve never heard that?

Anonymous...It’s a mistake-can’t be me.

ilovelimegreen said...

ADG- While you were hanging out at the Chinese Disco in 1981, I spent that summer obessed with Devo.
Please explain how your oft-photographed bracelets appear in that yellow shirt photo. Optical illusion, my foot.

Anonymous said...

Pshaw! - Anonymous faithful, now head-wagging, reader

ADG said...

LimeGreenHornet...and I'm sure Devo was diggin' you! Bracelets and shirt...easy.

Anon...wag not faithful reader.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I absolutely agree regarding the TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Steinmart, etc. It has to be luck and I never have it. Once, Legare and I walked into Steinmart on a good day and he found a couple of things, as did I. ONCE! Most recently, I found a not so expensive ottoman in Marshalls which is being reupholstered in fabric that costs more than the ottoman itself. Go figure...

Anonymous said...

I like graphic design, but not the overkill of say, past Tommy stuff. Polo seems about right.

Anonymous said...

Just noticed this post. I used to live right around the corner from Mazza Gallery. I never noticed anyone wearing Belgium shoes in Friendship Heights before. What has become of my old stomping grounds.

Best regards,


Nick said...

I'm late to the game....

Your photo of Rene Lacsoste's blazer cockerel logo is almost undoubtedly the badge of the French national tennis team. All French sporting teams representing their country (football, rugby etc) wear the national cockerel symbol on their kits, blazers and tracksuits. "Coq sportif" indeed.

Personally, I prefer the Three Lions.