Sunday, April 18, 2010

Less is Less

Polo linen-Flusser Silk Flamingo Pocket Square-Anglo-American Sunglasses.


longwing said...

nice shades

LPC said...


Barima said...

A fine jacket

I'm working in PR here in Ghana; my prospects in London were so attenuated by the time I left that I decided against pushing my luck further

I'll remain for a while but am not too likely to settle indefinitely


Laguna Beach Trad said...

Lovely pocket square. Perfect for warm weather and tropical climes.

Pigtown-Design said...

for the handlin' this morning? nice. hope you said a prayer for moi!

Anonymous English Female said...

ADG - I've just passed by vintage convertible Bentley parked on Cadogan Street that would perfectly complement your pocket square. And I think we should ask LBT for a cocktail suggestion?

Paul said...

Aesthetically perfect - lovely!

Anonymous said...

Sensational specs! Hallie

TWJ said...

Really like the sun glasses.

ADG said...

Longwing….Twenty years old…and as LFG says…they are my “subscription” glasses…Not a better maker than Anglo American.

LPC ...”Dude”. Yes?

Barima...I’ll miss seeing images of you on the streets of London. Sorry that we didn’t connect when I was last there. It’s tough right now everywhere and making a living wage in London is as tough as anywhere. Show us some of the color and energy of Ghana.

LagunaTradCodMan...Thanks. I’m gonna park it for a day or so. I’ve worn it every day for a week.
Megtown...I pray for us all. I wish that faith wasn’t so darned demanding of our need to have…faith.

AnonEngFam...LBT owes me a Tartan Tuesday. And you owe me….a Bentley.

Paul...Thanks man! Just back from Steinmart. The Flusser stuff looks great.

TWJ...Thanks. Oldies.


Cannonball said...

Hope you are back up to snuff. With one wrist still unadorned, thought you might like these

ADG said...

Cannonball...I was considering not even clicking on the link. The last time you offered me a suggestion-green cordovan-it cost me eight hundred smackaroos. Cool bracelets but I'm probably "over-braceleted" already!