Friday, April 23, 2010

Roy and the Pillbox Hat

Milliner Roy Frowick (1932-1990)… born in Iowa, raised in Indiana and creator of Jackie Kennedy’s inaugural pill box hat.
I’m no women’s fashion guru but they say that his association with that woman and that hat catapulted him to fame. Here’s some additional skinny on the story…

“The popularity of the pillbox hat increased during the post–World War II (1939–45) era and reached its peak at the 1961 inauguration of President John F. Kennedy (1917–1963), when his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy (1929–1994), wore a simple, unadorned bone wool pillbox hat designed by Halston (1932–1990). Previously, Mrs. Kennedy did not favor hats of any kind, but she was so taken by Halston's design that the pillbox hat became her trademark”. 
Jackie looked great in her pill box hats. She looked great in anything. However, she didn’t corner the market on pill box hat duende.
 Here’s proof….my little LFG a few years ago, sporting her pill box hat, wearing her kindergarten uniform and choking poor Gromit to death in a loving hug. Now top that.


~Tessa~Scoffs said...

Pillbox schmillbox. Look at the top hat JFK is wearing like he was born to it. Which he wasn't.

Anonymous English Female said...

ADG - LFG wears a pillbox with far more style and panache than Jackie Kennedy - it's all in the angle... can she do sunglasses as well as Jackie?

James said...

Topping that would be impossible. An interesting post and I love to start my day with an "awwwwww".Thank you.

Anonymous said...

"Cake hats" according to my kids.
Your LFG has the requisite beautious broad forehead and big, pretty eyes to make a chapeau work perfectly.
'Twas a favorite look for my 3-pak, as well - glad they could pull it off because I had/have a weak spot for good hats.
JKO and her perfect forehead and wide set eyes.......EX-quisite Untouchable.

ADG said...

Thanks All! ... I'm off to LFG's soccer game now. Bliss.

Memphis88 said...

Hope she does well in her game. This is totally unrelated to pillbox hats, but I just put in a fit trial order with Del Toro Slippers to make sure that a size 8 will work for me. If so, I will finally be getting a pair of monogrammed navy prince albert slippers. I will then be wearing the hell out of them this summer and no doubt shocking most of the people that come in contact with me.

The Ancient said...

Second worst plane trip of my life: DC to Seattle in the late Seventies. I'm in first class and across the aisle is Halston with two models. They keep getting up to run to the john to powder their noses, and that annoying, grating, ninnyish voice only gets louder. I retreated upstairs with my companion, and drank lots of mediocre champagne.

(Worst plane trip: It crashed.)

Preppy 101 said...

What did you wear to her game? You better be the Best-Dressed Dad. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Gromit? I would have guessed Snoopy.

LFG looks great in her pill box. Can a fur muff be far behind?

Karena said...

Great post, and the little one is as adorable as Jackie is the epitomy of style and grace.

Art by Karena

ADG said...

Thanks again Two weekends in a row...tie can these 9 year olds be in a slump so early in spring soccer.

Anon..Fur Muff? I'm not even going to touch that.

Memphis....What size Del Toros did you settle on? Do you think they run true to size?

Memphis88 said...

I got scared of ordering a monogrammed pair (or maybe even a pair with my family crest on them) without knowing for sure that they fit. They do a trial fit thing that only costs $15, so I have a pair in a size 8 coming my way. I'll let you know how they run when they come in, which will hopefully be soon because I want to get the month wait for the custom pair started as soon as possible.

The totally custom pair would only be $30 more than the monogrammed pair. So what do you think? Just my initials on them or should I go with this ?????

ADG said...

Memphis...let me know how the sizing runs. The answer to your question is a no brainer...get them monogrammed.

ilovelimegreen said...

When is LFG going to start playing lacrosse? I'd be bored too if I played soccer in the fall and spring.
My mother wore a pillbox hat when my parents got married - one of my most favorite photos of her.
And I would love that photo of LFG in her pillbox hat, regardless of what color it is.


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