Thursday, May 6, 2010

Go To Hell Pants...The 2010 Season is Open

Realizing that I’ve been a bit strident regarding Snatch Madras, let me declare the GTH trouser season wide open. Arrogant expression needs gravitas.  Fuzzy needs teeth…Dicey Dentata. Having one’s patch arsenal locked down till at least July 4th leaves fewer option to manifest ridicule so I’ve gotta let you run with the fuzzies.
I’ve got mine out and ready for action but methinks one more pair is necessary for a good rotation. So if you see anything out there in the marketplace pounce worthy of ADG, just let me know.
By the way, our friends over at O’Connell’s have thrown a few more crazy ass madras numbers up on their website. Sorry again big boys…the sizes are limited. Being the son of a smoking mama has its benefits so I ordered another pair. Wait till you see these next babies that roll in. I might have to quarantine ‘em for a day or so. Somebody needs to buy these green and white semaphore flag babies. I'd have already been on 'em but they don't have my size.
Out with the flannel, cashmere and tweed. Finding my GTH ammo was the result of doing the closet switcheroo. I figured it was safe to go ahead and do the full blown summer switch so I did the North Wing-South Wing Casa Transfer.

And the corduroy, moleskin and flannel trousers.
Hello cotton, seersucker and linen. 
Don't for one minute think that just because my patch mad sportcoat is in the closet, I'm not playing by the rules.
I can't wait to get into some of these pants. If you'd like to join me, I'll accept applications but the initiation fee is high.
I also found this great end on end button down…complete with little LFG’s footprints. I was wearing it when I welcomed my little girl to Earth. I did not cry when I found it. I did not. Shut up.


Ps…I forgot my manners. Here’s a little something for the ladies. And Maurice.


Anonymous said...

The textile draped over the back of the caned chair looks interesting. Is there a story behind it?

K.S. Anthony said...

I like the slipper pendant. Have you given one to LFG and the Mrs?

Those pants are fantastic...What could compete? Crushed satin? Floral brocades? I fear the large check O'Connell's selections would simply make me look like an ass: no way I could wear those without looking like a total spaz. I'm still waiting for my order to come in from them.

We should all be so lucky as to have reminders of when we welcome the wee people to Earth.

Any chance you're going to outgrow those Belgians? No? You sure?

Yeah, didn't think so.

ADG said...

Anon...the textile is a kilim pillow.

K.S. ... LFG won't wear a slipper charm and there is no Mrs. I'll give one to LFG when she's older and willing to wear it. However, so few younger men travel that I'm not sure that it will ever come in handy for her, the widow's grandchild...maybe? Pants...maybe some made of drapery material, hell I don't know. I've got a pair of light blue and white big checks en route.

Suburban Princess said...

This winter Grograin Garage made an awesome pair of pants that would work well in your wardrobe! Have you considered having some made?

Do women still wear the slipper? I dont think I have ever seen anyone wearing one in a long time and I know a lot of women who could.

James said...

I wish I had a shirt like yours. I wear a silver Celtic cross , have gray chest hairs, but can't seem to get the ADG "look" down, would you suggest chancing to gold?

39amber said...

There are no better GTH pants than Lilly P. ... we, frankly, invented them!
get your groove on with some and you will never look back!

Pigtown-Design said...

i saw a couple of pairs of gth pants at debois. next time you're up this way, check'em out!

Laguna Beach Trad said...

That first pic almost floored me. The Belgian shoes and floral GTH trousers (no cuff?). Total awesomeness! Perfection.

You look as if you belong in that upscale wine bar down the street from the yacht club here in Balboa, holding court with the ladies and cougars-in-waiting on a Saturday night.

What is the significance of the slipper charm (if any)? The only pendant I would wear today is a Thor's Hammer.

Glad to see you showing off the chest hair. I've had enough of seeing girly-men with baby-smooth chests. I hope the ladies get the message.

Paul said...

I NEED the pants! Orvis has some, but I'm on the look out for Kelly green with blue dogs embroidered.

Karena said...

Great choices in your GTH selection. I gave most of my madras shorts to my daught (regret it a little)

Love the pendant!

Art by Karena

DAG said...

Lusting after the green pair of GTH pants.

The LFG shirt is fantastic - what a great idea. I have a RL OCBD that JLPTG turned into an art shirt - it's going to be mine again now.


Anonymous said...

You're one hairy sombitch!

Summer is a Verb said...


Anonymous English Female said...

ADG - Take Meg up on her offer of a trip to DeBois and take me with you. May be they have something in a mustard and lavender flocked damask?

LGT - What message, pray ??

ADG said...

Suburban…I’ve only had one pair of GTH pants made. It’s too costly for the kick.

James ...Do not change anything. Your look is your look my man.

39amber...I hadn’t been to the Lilly website in ages. Our store here in Old Town closed and I don’t frequent Lilly till I get down to Rehoboth. Went to the website today and was blown away. I’m gonna do a post on it.

Pigtown-Design...I’m coming up next week and you and I are going.

Laguna Beach Tradmon...No cuff AND…unfinished. They are going to fray ever so slightly and then they’ll be unequivocally GTH. I belong nowhere upscale. Me=Big Hat-No Cattle. The slipper charm is a Masonic talisman.

Paul ...Check out Murray’s Toggery. If anyone has them-they do.

Karena ...You can always request them back. No?

DAG...Get some! And….get your shirt back and let us see what it looks like. Prolly better now.
etinarcadia ...I’m lucky though-no back hair.

AllievonVertical…Wire hangers…the vertical blinds of clothes hanging?

Matt said...

Got my Lilly Pulitzers and bright pink Brooks linen trousers out and breathing in prep for the opening of GTH season.

Man, I really want a pair of those Belgian Loafers! Which sole option do you prefer?

ADG said...

Matt...Indeed I do have a strong preference regarding the soles. Only the soft leather bottoms for me. I started with them and the others just don't give you the authentic "bedroom shoe" stealthiness that the soft leather soles offer. You break 'em in and then you send them back for the rubber soles. Pounce my man. Pounce.

Anonymous said...

The slipper charm - what am I missing? Tell us the story that goes with it and what they symbolize. (Please) You have beautiful clothes and now I want you to get rid of those nasty pant hangers and buy some nice ones. I was shocked when I saw them. I assume you have nice wooden shoe trees and if you don't, you might as well order them along with the new hangers and save on shipping. And before I forget, please put some cedar sachets in with those woolens. The moths would love those jackets.

Kathie Truitt said...

You are TOO funny - that's why I love you to death!

Memphis88 said...

I've been waiting for Lilly to get their GTH pants just right for the past few years. They did it this season. I can't afford them now, but if they hit the sale section I will be pouncing on them for sure.

ilovelimegreen said...

ADG- I do hope you wear that blue shirt every father's day. If you do not, then I am speechless....for once.

ADG said...

LimeGreenie..nope...don't want to spill anything on it.

Memphis...sell me the Gucci loafers and you are half way to a pair of Lilly pants.


AnonHangerCritic...Wire hangers are fine-thank you. I wouldn't swap out wire hangers for others on a bet. Why? Will the trousers look better? Nope. And I could give two hoots and a damn about how my closet look. Shoe trees...absolutely...but not for aesthetic reasons...they serve a purpose. Ok, here's a brief story about the Masonic Slipper...since you asked. When LFG is older, I will, if she wants one, give it to her. Masons give them to loved ones. Read more....

The Blue Slipper Pin Identified Masonry's Loved Ones

The Masonic slipper pin is a small lapel pin in the shape of a blue slipper. Many wives, daughters and widows wear one of these slippers on a coat or

dress when traveling alone. For many years this pin has served to identify loved ones of Masons to other members of the craft. The origin of this symbol comes from the book of Ruth and is as follows:

"Now this was the manner in former time in Israel concerning redeeming and concerning changing, for to confirm all things; a man plucked off his shoe, and gave it to his neighbor: and this was a testimony in Israel. So the kinsman drew off his shoe and gave it to Boaz. Boaz held it up for all in the gate to see. He asked them to be witnesses that he became Naomi's protector, Ruth's husband, and a redeemer of Elimelech's property."

Thus, today we have the little blue slipper as an emblem of the protective influence of Masons for their wives, daughters and widows.

Sheik of Araby said...

You know, the Nazis used to hang their trousers on wire hangers.

Seriously though, those wire hangers with the cardboard sleeve on the hypoteneuse are fine. They're usually slightly tacky...the perfect thing to hang GTH pants!

ilovelimegreen said...

OK ADG, I am speechless - and you are more pragmatic than I presumed.

39amber said...

If you need a "personal" shopper give us a call! - (shameless plug)

ADG said...

39Amber....just went to your site. I'm gonna amend my current post and ad you to it...if that's ok.

39amber said...

please do! can't wait to read it-adn

CeceliaMc said...

I'm assuming that your butt looks good in that yummy green and pink paisley, but I KNOW my two porch chairs would great with slipcovers in it.