Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nantucket Blues and Cocktail Consistency

The ADG Gospel on Nantucket Reds has long since been posited. If you need a quick refresher just click here.
You might recall...or not...my cocktails and clicking of several weeks ago. The evening that manifested the O'Connell's bleeding madras online buffet also included a Nantucket Blues appetizer from Murray's. Somehow in all of the bleeding Madras exhilaration, my Nantucket Blues arrival didn't quicken the pulse over here and that's too bad. Truth...I think I like the blues better than the reds...let's see how they behave after a couple more washings and a day or so sitting in the sun. The photo above is for...
I'm not generally one for light blue trews but these have tons of nuance and an interestingly patchy-scaly veneer finished off with just the right amount of dye splotchiness. I sound like a derma-damn-tologist moonlighting as a Wine Spectator columnist. Shut up.
Jury remains out on what I'll do with the bottoms. Right now they are just turned up and out of the way. Might cuff 'em...might leave 'em as is.
The rough canvas texture of these classics keeps them squarely in the ultra casual realm. Sloppy-preppy-trad homeless...that's me if I'm not in front of clients. Bathing is way overrated.
I've decided that I'd be an easy mark for an assassin. Shadow me for a couple of days and my routines are obvious. Hell, if you wanna knock me off just camp out in front of Cactus Cantina every Friday and Saturday nights for a couple of weeks and you'll be bound to ace me. Just make certain that your aim is true. LFG always accompanies me. Guys aren't difficult to figure out.

I've never been one for fancy drinks. I don't do trendy-fancy at the bar...I do fancy in the GTH trouser tournament and that's about it. Martinis cover several major food groups and as a moderate drinker, I limit myself to two of them. What's the old saying about martinis? Two and I'm under the table--Three and I'm under my date. If I'm gonna have a hooch snort or two, I'd just as soon make it count. My only variation in decades of martini consumption was a move from gin to vodka about ten years ago. I simply can't stand myself the next day after gin consumption of any amount. You couldn't stand me either. By the way, if you don't have a copy of Barnaby Conrad III's book on the history of the Martini...I'd suggest that you get it. While you're at it you might as well get his book on Absinthe. Then you probably should go ahead and learn a thing or two about his daddy. Buy some Herb Caen lore while you're stocking up.

Stoli is fine with me. Anything nicer is only a price point increase to my palate. Dry-dirty-three big olives and I'm good to go. Olives stuffed with....you pick it...I'm probably gonna like it. Vermouth...a little dab will do ya...it's a garnish. A Gibson? Why not? A little onion from time to time makes it interesting. On the rocks? You've gotta be kidding me. Part of the ritual involves drinking it in a proper glass...anticipating the ice cold burn of the first swallow and the briny dregs of the final lukewarm drop. Ice would derail and attenuate not only the martini but the entire damn ritual. So here's to my two drink maximum in.....
London...at Claridge's with a Negroni drinking friend
Gotham at The Roosevelt
That loathsome town...Las Vegas
21 in Gotham...the only reason the 'tini isn't in the picture is that it was en route.

Time for another glass of water and then a shower. Maybe.



K.S. Anthony said...

Just remember the eyebrow rule with martinis: FOUR or FIVE is perfect. Wait, I don't think that's it. Never mind.

All of Conrad III's books are excellent. The man knows his stuff. My favorite book of his, besides the excellent Absinthe: History in a Bottle, is The Blonde. I like blondes at least as much as martinis. Perhaps more. I like martinis dry and my blondes...

Let's keep the comments family-friendly, eh?

Love the blues/madras d-ring, white shirt bit.

When are you going to spill on the yellow book in Philly? Yes, that was a Wilde reference. Wilde times in the soggy south tonight.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Damn nice pants...I'd have 'em hemmed...no cuff. White bucks would look great...loafers...etc.
That belt is perfect.
I am craving a cocktail right now thanks to your artistic photos...I can almost feel the tiny jewels of ice hitting the palate.

Negroni Drinking Friend said...

That was a night to remember... (You only had two??)

Paul said...

Like the Nantucket Blues - would probably go well with the patch madrass jacket as well!


ADG said...

K.S. You are a man in full no doubt...not many travelling men posses the capability to fold Oscar Wilde into a posit about booze and fabric...Wilde would have a field day with the topic though. I'm gonna do a post on said chic book.

MainLiner...."tiny jewels of ice" that is EXACTLY the essence of drinking them "up".

Negroaner...Indeed. Indeed.

Paul...Patch Mad remains banned.

Lisa said...

I like to have a martini,
two at the very most.
Three I'm under the table,
four I'm under the host. - Dorothy Parker

CeceliaMc said...

I just LOVE LOVE the belt and white shirt.

Looking at them is like opening a bottle of suntan lotion, all your old summers come wafting around.

Suburban Princess said...

9am is wayyy to early for this mommy to be craving a martini! I switched from gin to voddy for the same reason many years ago - life if so much nicer now :O)

Laguna Beach Trad said...

Newport Blues! Feel it!

james at 10engines said...

there are a ton of coffee talbe-y books about maritnis but the the martini book you have pictured above there is really great. full of old New Yorker cartoons and good info. I have 2 copies...

Mrs. Blandings said...

I like a man who takes a picture of his drink. I just read my first collection of MFK Fisher essays and was delightfully reminded that there was a time when it was noted, and admirable, to be a woman who could hold her drink. Something to brag about even. Not so much welcome on the CV now.

Toad said...

The blues look a much better choice than the hated denims. Well done, sir.

ilovelimegreen said...

If I didn't know better, I'd think that bias-cut madras belt was patch madras! And I have been walking past Cactus Cantina every Friday and Saturday (and Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as well) for the past three years and have yet to spot you.

Lisa said...

Candy is dandy,
But liquor is quicker! (to get into those Nantucket blues, muahahahaha)

Clinton said...

Hve you really been asked if you want a martini on the rocks? Is that a legitimate question? Seems like heresy to me; if a bartender asked me that I would seriously consider walking out of the bar.

Anonymous said...

Please allow me to buy you a tipple in Old Town. I'm quite fond of your blog as it cheers me. Where do you patronize? I am your neighbor exiled currently in the suburbs (Fairfax) . I will tell you of this Prodigal Sons attempt to come home and you may advise me on building my wardrobe.

Kind regards,

JMW said...

Great belt! I loved the Martinis at the Greenbrier - perfect in every way.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we may meet at the Cantina for a libation as just around the corner from the Cathedral where we picnicked this Sunday past, and lady friend prayed for the state of my soul. I shall bring my nurse along. I bought what I believe to be the real McCoy Madras at Brooks during their sale.

Thanks again,

David V said...

I'm sticking with gin.
The older I get the less I consume so the more enjoyable I want it to be.

Did I just put "less-is-more" in that sentence? I blaspheme!

RHW said...

Hey ADG...what's the leg opening measurement on those 'blues? I like my britches to be cut a tad slim so that my 34 inch inseam doesn't result in my shoes being hidden by all the pant leg fabric....

Barima said...

Doing alright, dear fellow, though I don't profess to be living it up as you apparently are. Ghana is still taking tiny steps towards a wider conception of luxury

I've only recently come around to Martinis - the dirtier the better, I'm finding


K.S. Anthony said...

Just noticed the napkins @ "21." Was too busy concentrating on the wasabi peas, cheese crisps, and GTH pants. You've got taste in bars that may rival your taste in fabrics...social and sartorial.

Chin chin!

Karena said...

Looking pretty good ADG. I'll have a martini with you anytime!! Good taste abound.


Art by Karena

ADG said...

Lisa…yes…Dorothy Parker…who else could have said it?

CeceliaMc...Glad that your smart ass is back.

Suburban Princess...Voddy indeed. I’m having one right now.

Laguna BeachTradmon…Indeed.

james at 10engines...I agree.

Mrs. Blandings...I hope that your boys honored you on Mother’s Day! MFK Fisher…she also used to write little ditties for the Banana Republic catalogues back in the early 1980’s for Patricia and Mel Zeigler. I’d be afraid to assemble my CV.

Toad...they are great. Break the vow of not buying ‘em lest you’ve been to Nantucket and fetch yourself a pair.

ilovelimegreen...You ain’t lookin’ hard enough…in both cases.

Lisa...HA! But not too much liquor or it ain’t worth the effort.

Clinton...Martini on the rocks is a legitimate question and I used to work for a guy who drank ‘em.

Hilton…My wardrobe advice is worthless.

JMW...Thanks. The Greenbrier is nice in every way.

Anonymous...Man, if you need a nurse, I’ll pass on the cocktails, unless said nurse is a hottie.

David V ...I would’ve never left gin but it left me…hurtin’

RHW...I’d measure them for you but they are at the tailors. I can promise you that they are fairly trim and your shoe won’t be hidden by fabric. Plus, you need to be hemming these flat front babies a little short anyway.

Barima ...You can be the LUXURY CATALYST for Ghana!

K.S. Anthony...Thanks. 21 was a great place at one time.


Anonymous said...

I'll admit, sometimes a martini is what the doctor ordered. When I do have one, I like mine straight up and slightly dirty (a bar here calls them the dirty CEO). I've actually been having a conversation lately with many of my friends about vodka and the martini, my argument is that the point of incredibly well made vodka is to not taste like alcohol at all, where as the point of well made scotch (my usual drink of choice) is to taste like nothing you've ever tasted before. What's your take?

ADG said...

David...there is an interesting chapter on vodka in the book "Chasing Cool"...several years ago vodka, to your point a tasteless product, was the only category in the spirits segment that was growing...indeed some are better than others but the marketing efforts are impressive.

VogueOntheRange said...

Better late than never: ...and I shall flatter myself into thinking you specifically took that photo of the strategically placed Roosevelt Hotel napkin with a little ole Range gal in mind.

ilovelimegreen said...

ADG - I see NO patches on that belt - and I am looking pretty hard (especially since you've provided us with what is probably a record number of crotch shots in this post.) As for Cactus Cantina sightings, I'd have a better chance of spying you if I were walking by when it was actually open for business.

ADG said...

Vogue...I DID...I DID....just for you!

limegreengal...there are no crotch shots here.