Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer is a Noun

I got nothin'...actually I've got tons but I just don't have time to reign it in and create blog posts out of it. So I'm dragging the last few remnants from the archives to tide us over...shut up. 

Spring continues to keep summer in its proper place for a while longer and that's fine by me. It's gonna get hot enough-soon enough...I can feel it. I'm never happy to see summer-my favorite season wind down. The evidence of my resistance is manifest in this redux post.....

But before you read my rehashed drivel, please go pay a visit to K.S.A. over at To The Legion of The Lost Ones
Just when I thought that younger generations didn't give a damn about some of the things I hold dear, along comes a fella or two every now and then like K.S.A. I mean come on...the boy wears Weejuns, bleeding madras and Nantucket Reds. That trifecta alone scores major points and yes, I keep score.

While others have been declaring “summer almost over” for weeks now-I continue and will continue to deny the hell out of summer’s demise. It’s my favorite season. I love the beach, the sun the vitamin D flourish, the al fresco everything, summer vegetables…summer everything. “Back to School” as a marketing theme-a merchandise presence at Staples as well as just a general concept has always made me a bit sad. To that end I’ll not go down without a fight.

Winter GTH pants and Belgians are fine. Fine for later. Later this year. NOT yet-NOT now.

I like winter togs-I’m not ready to don them yet and therefore I ain’t gonna. You can't make me.

LFG has a genetic predisposition for the beach. She's been going forever-even in utero. Her mom used to swim every day when she was carrying LFG. Both her mother and I spent most of our summers there and I take one month off in the summer to chase most of the same things I’ve always chased at the beach….sun-cheap gift shops-really bad food and great memories.

Summer is not over. There’s still time to ……

Hang out in tchotke shops at the beach.

Run races and pretend that you are still as good at it as you once were. That holds true for many summer things. Be quiet.

Wear madras slippers.

Wear Speck-Taters and horizontal socks.

Get your feet painted.

Shake a rubber chicken at people in Georgetown while daddy blasts "Get Up Offa That Thang" by James Brown on the car stereo.

Soak the beach sand off your booty after frolicking all day.

Scream as if you are being beaten while daddy detangles your chlorinated hair.

Perpetuate your sun damage.

Buy hats at South of the Border on I-95

Really big hats.

Wear your beat up old linen Ralph trou and seersucker belt a few more times.

Sport your blue shoes and white cotton duck trousers-replete with tan ankles.

Drink cheap wine outside in your old Adirondack Chair. This chair has liver disease.

Eat outside at Cactus Cantina and beat daddy at Crazy Eights.

Wear some obnoxious shitake a few more times.

Pounce on the summer sale at the Gap Outlet in Old Town Alexandria. $5.99 boxers. Let a woman select them for you.

Make smirky faces at summer cocktail parties.

Wear white bucks and linen to church. God won't mind-as long as you show up for the handlin'.

Seersucker it is-every day for the next week. I'll go-into Fall-when I'm ready-kicking and screaming. I ain't gettin up offa summer till I have to. 



Suburban Princess said...

I think I have those same cords! Are those pine cones on them?

James said...

Speck-Taters and LFG, what cheery images on a rainy day. Thank you. The rubber chicken photo is priceless.

K.S. Anthony said...

Thanks so much for the mention, ADG.

Added a bit of sweetness to a bitter Monday morning.

Cheers, and again, thanks...


Mal said...

Have to agree with KSA, this was a good way to start a Monday morning

But those blue & white GTH pants, those aren't designed for portly boys such as me..

Enjoyed it, as always--

Lisa said...

What a fun post! Thanks for making my Monday more tolerable.

Anonymous English Female said...

ADG - As you know the extent of an English Summer is about 3 days in late July so this post really brightened my day. I want one of those I-95 hats and a rubber chicken.
PS - What did you spill on those Winter GTH pants? - glad it missed the Belgians...

Main Line Sportsman said...

Absolutely love the picture of the comb in the sudsy hair....
And admire the legion of dead wine bottles by your ADK chair...good work.

Gail, in northern California said...

The beach snapshot. And, there she is in the one photo I hoped could be retrieved when your system crashed. Forget DNA....we could pick out father and daughter with that smirk gene. I hope you've got a copy filed away in a safe deposit box.

ilovelimegreen said...

ADG - You are south of the Mason-Dixon Line - that's a Gibson Island chair (hon!), not an Adirondack chair...haven't I said this once before?

ADG said...

SuburbanGal...I think those are leaves of some sort...on the cords.

James...thanks. LFG had a five dollar budget at the toy store and the rubber chicken was her choice. She named him Tommy. Don't ask me why...take it up with her.

KSA...hope the day gets better for you.

Mal...sure you can wear the blue GTH just have to not care too much.

Lisa..what is it with everyone's Monday? It ain't that bad.

AnonEng...I spilled nothing on the's art.

MainLinerMon...we try to support lots of industries...including the wine bidness.

LimeGreenGal...yes, you and MegTown have given me that bs tutorial on Gibson Island chairs before. I ain't buyin' it

Clinton said...

ADG, I feel I need to reassure you that there are at least a few more younger types out there wearing reds and penny loafers (mine aren't weejuns, but look similar, just for your score keeping). I just don't blog about it myself; I don't feel like I've been alive long enough yet to have such great stories bloggers like you and Tintin share with us!

Anonymous said...

Now I have summer fever. Gonna make an effort to get to a pool more often in preparation for the beach. Perhaps my general malaise is
attributable to a vitamin D deficiency. Then again maybe it is the prospect of going under the knife again for over the twelfth time! Anyway, I shall stop whining and look forward to time at the beach this summer. Great shots of you with your daughter.


red ticking said...

great post... love your blog... pam

ADG said...

PamTicking...thanks. Just added your blog to my faves list.

Hilton...thanks.'ll be ok.

Clinton...having a story to tell isn't age dependent!

JPaul said...

Summer has hit the deep south - Florida is already 90/90% humidity... it sucks!

I always love your posts...

I've ordered a case of Gold Bond!

ilovelimegreen said...

OK, I will find the article from the 1980s on Gibson Island chairs. It was in Baltimore magazine - may necessitate a trip to the central branch of Enoch Pratt on the next Big Crab visit.
(By the way, especially love the rubber chicken photo.)

Main Line Sportsman said...

That's is an ADIRONDACK two ways about that...regardless of the geographic location of said chair...I'm not buyin' Gibson Island either...

K.S. Anthony said...

Aw, man. I just noticed the cuff detail and slash pocket on the windowpane jacket beneath the white buckskin...Nice.

Who made it and how long ago?

Thornproof said...

After the wonderful weekend that we just had ... when I was able to get some tomato and squash plants in the ground ... it looks like the weather wants to postpone summer for a few more days (at least)!

Pedro said...

Pardon me, but who makes the blue driving mocs you have pictured on your May 17th post?

ADG said...

K.S. ...that's an old Polo Ralph hacking jacket from twelve or so years ago.'s here least in Virginia.


Pedro said...

Thank you! Now on the hunt