Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jack Rogers-Beach Antics and Daily Brainstorms

Greetings from the beach. For some reason the good folks over at The Daily Brainstorm want to link me to their site so I’m glad to join the rolls of their bloggerati. Realize that I gave them fair warning about my Fuzziness and even gave them three example posts to assure they were vetting me properly.

Crazy enough, they still wanted me on their list. Five gets ten that I get throwed off within six months.
Now on to just a smidge of beach vacation randomosity…Jack? Jack Rogers? We gotta problem Jack Rogers…my daughter knows you by name.

LFG and I are getting ready for dinner the other afternoon and she says “Daddy, I can wear my Jack Rogers if you want me to”…Who? So I check in with my aggravating-ass cousin over at Summer is a Verb…AllieVonFiftyPairs. Here’s the 411 on the quick email exchange…..

On Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 5:21 PM, D___G_____<> wrote:
Who the Jack Rogers and why does L___refer to these as such and how much did they cost me?
On Jul 12, 2010, at 5:43 PM, Alice_____ <> wrote:
good girl l___!  she is getting off on the right foot.  and they cost you a smidge less than $100.  but, the drawback is, she'll want a pair in every color.  i have gosh, prob 12-15 pair.  but i have the bonanno's brand which are the originals.  but they are identical and both equally acceptable.  pale pink as the inaugural pair, very good choice.  my first pair were all white.  still my favs.  newest edition are my platinum pair.  and ya better hope her feet are finished growing or else you can start the whole collection allllll over again in a few years...XXOO
Good girl? Are you kidding me? Her feet are still growing. What happened to fake Crocs from Target? And ersatz Liberty of London rain boots? Her mom bought these Jackie Rogers thangs for her but even post marriage...I end up paying the freight...somehow. Oh and Allie, if LFG gets word that the next proverbial level of authenticity is manifest more precisely in the Bonanno's brand, I'll cut ya. I'm not sure where you currently live but I don't think your pastel-linen-Bonanno clad a_s would be too hard to track down around Fenwick. Just look for me...sparks flying from my mouth...astride the Butt Police quad buggy. Even though you'd pass the Butt Police scale-caliper roadside test, and surely walk away without a ticket, the shame of having half of Fenwick standing there watching the event would be too much for you.
More later when I’m in the mood but for now, from the beach…we’ve got…
Inflatable Hair
Rubber Dooky Belgians
A Fire Breathing Nun

Belgians in the air…LFG de-Jacked her feet before we headed over to FunLand. And trust me, based on what we’ve seen this year at Rehoboth and FunLand…this might be our last year. Sad.
Belgians and Bumper Cars
And another bit of closing randomanalia…The David Ruffin song in the last post motivated a few folks to shoot me an email about the music, the genre and a story or two therein provoked. I loved this from one reader….
“…What carried today's post for me was your link to David Ruffin's "Walk Away from Love."  What memories.  I first saw The Temptations during Penn's Skimmer Weekend in spring of '67 when I and some of my local West Philadelphia homeboys (then a long month short of graduating from high school) snuck into Franklin Field for the big weekend concert.  Opening the show were the Young Rascals and the Isley Brothers.  Not bad for the price!  The great highlight for me was hearing David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks exchange the lead on a song that the Temptations never recorded to my knowledge, Deon Jackson's "Love Makes the World Go 'Round."  La Scala itself has witnessed few more transporting moments.
 My own favorite of David's oeuvre was his mid-Seventies solo, "First Round Knockout."   Always makes me think of a famous West Philly watering hole of that era frequented by local celebs like Wilt Chamberlain, Mr. Silk's Third Base Lounge, so named because "before you go home, you gotta touch third base."  Now, that's some fuzzy dice.”
Fuzzy indeed and with that, I’m channeling a bunch of southern boys who had a great, but unfortunately a one off, one hit contribution to the aural nourishment of the world. Smoke from a Distant Fire was and is one of my faves... Ladies and Gentlemen, the Sanford Townsend Band...

                                            Gotta love the 70's hair.
Onward—at the beach but not for long.
Ps…Young Fogey, I apologize for calling you a pecker yesterday.


Summer is a Verb said...

Alice doesn't live here any more. Either that or, me no speakie englesh. Butt Policia!!!! XXOO

Patsy said...

Well done, LFG! The even better news is that the kid's version is about $25 less than the ladies version. If you bind her feet now, imagine the savings!

ilovelimegreen said...

I want that fire-breathing nun!

K.S. Anthony said...

Ils sont belges!

Glad you guys are enjoying your summer.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Pssst. Come closer and I'll whisper this so she can't hear: For $158 you can get her Jacks with an LFG monogram!

Main Line Sportsman said...

C'Mon...Sanford Townsend Band had a big hit with "Smoke From A Distant Fire"
I saw them open for the Doobie Brothers in Summer between 8th & 9th Grade....

TWJ said...

It is inevitable that young LFG’s taste will be influenced by none other than you my good friend. It gets better with age, in that they get jobs and buy their own fuzzie dice items. Last week was beach week for us and I received a call from the local Ralph Lauren where we vacationed. It goes like this, “Mr. TWJ, this is Betsy at the #### Ralph Lauren store. I see that your purchases this week exceeded last year’s numbers. In appreciation for the multiple items purchased over the last week we are sending you a VIP voucher to be used on your next purchase.” So I tell Ms. Betsy thank you. I play dumb and ask, “How much did I spend this week? I have not had a chance to go through my receipts yet?” She tells me that last summer I purchased $700 worth of merchandise the same week and this year it was almost $2300. I thank her and hang up.

My wife asked me to whom I was speaking and I told her the story. Of course I reminded her that I have been nowhere but the cottage and the beach, (except to the local ABC store for replacement bottles). My next conversation is with my oldest three children, who all have jobs. They inform me that each time they were at the Polo store they gave them my account info. The famous account info for tracking purchases at Polo Global Retail and Outlet Stores.

I love it. I got free spending money courtesy of old Ralphie and it did not cost me a dime this time. I did notice however that the ABC budget was more expensive this year. I know I will go to “H –E- double hockey sticks” for this but I am sure that the 20 and 19 year old college children contributed to this. Like I have said before, it only gets better as you go.

TWJ, with free Ralphie card in hand and no damn vodka left.

PS - If I posted twice I appoligize for the "blank" computer.

Gail, in northern California said...

Whoa! A little warning. The first picture should come later in the post, (better yet, not at all?) LFG's little toes a much prettier sight.

James said...

You have said before that I have lost my objectivity, but I disagree. That is one cool child. I'm an expert ,ok maybe experienced would a better title. LFG has a great sense of humour to go along with the stylin' and great looks
( from her mother's end of the gene pool I'm guessing). Enjoy old boy, enjoy.

heavy tweed jacket said...

I've gotta get to the beach more often. That first image of the sand and grass, loafers is just, well, Summer. How's the sunburn coming along?

Young Fogey said...

"Pecker"? I've been called worse. As we say in Da Islands, no boddah me, brah (translation: it doesn't bother me, man).

Though I must say that the second Belgian shot--the one beneath the inflatable hair--is the best-looking Belgian I've ever seen.

E-mail me if you need a guest post--I have an idea, but it needs pictures (from me) and approval (from you) before I rant--er, write--about it.

Anonymous English Female said...

ADG - Going by that hair do LFG is clearly celebrating Bastille Day in grand style! As the for the Jack Rogers - what are they about?! - come to NYC, I've seen more stylish footwear in China town for under $5...

ADG said... LFG some knockoffs...she wears a 2.

Fogey...I'm cool with a guest post. Write it up and send me the draft and the pics!

HeavyTweed...we are back home in Alexandria. Three days at Rehoboth is a gracious plenty. Cloudy/overcast so no burn. Glad actually, to have moderate temps for a change. I hid from the sun.

James...thanks and yes, LFG looks like mama. And yes, you have lost all objectivity. must be doing better.

TWJ...that's some funny math and even some funnier thinking! Get to the ABC store.

MainLine...My bad. I was saying ...poorly, that STB had one hit...Smoke from a Distant Fire...I love the song...that's why I posted it. first car didn't cost 158 bucks.

KS...thanks man. Where are you now?

LimeGreen...I'll send it to you. We're already tired of it.

Patsy...I'm fighting a losing battle and you et al aren't helping.

AllieVonJackRogersInTheDamnBox...we'll find you. Calipers await.

NCJack said...

I believe we see some genetics at work here (not cutenesswise, thank goodness). If we search our post archive, I think we just might find, oh, I dunno, a few DOZEN references to very cool, but rather pricey tarsal shoddings, mightn't we? Ones that we actually shelled out the simolians for?

SouthernProletariat said...

I am with NCJack. She has your genetic makeup with the added bonus of estrogen. A deadly combination. A shoe fetish will be only the beginning. Enjoy your john deere green loafers...they are likely to be your last now that she has had a taste of the good stuff!

Laguna Beach Trad said...

Nice to see the Beach Belgians in action.

I suppose you could always bind her feet Chinese-style to prevent growth. Do modern parents do that anymore? (I don't know as I'm kidless, for a very good reason I suppose). However, it seems rather cruel, and anyways the expense and effort would probably exceed that of acquiring new Jack Rogers.

Keep a stiff upper and all that.

Young Fogey said...

I would, butcept I hain't got yer address--but you have mine.

Anonymous said...

(smile and sigh)

nice post as always

RHW said...

I love the beach, even love the JR's on that little dream-girls feet (reminds me of CHW's own), but I just can't get with the Belgian program. Is there something wrong with me?


ADG said...

Anon...sigh...thanks. on my profile and then click on the email option.

LagunaTradMon...Yeah...I think we're gonna pass on the feet binding option...and just hope the hell...with stiff uppers et al ... for the best.

SouthernProle...don't remind me.

NCJack...don't be hurtin' my feelings with facts. Ok?

Pigtown-Design said...

Love the hair! I hate to think that it's all down to me that your obsession with finding it started.

ilovelimegreen said...

Re foot binding - supposedly the story of Cinderella has its origins in footbinding. If I've spoiled that fairy tale for all your readers, ADG, my apologies.

Ginnie said...

Wait until LFG wants the Emma Classic momogrammed Bonannos that my MVS just begged me to order. And, being the cool Mom that I am, I did it.

Tickled Pink And Green said...

I'm still laughing about the "what happened to fake crocs from Target?" comment....

ADG said...

Tickled Pink...What DID happen to those fake Crocs?

Ginnie...I'm nipping this shoe thing in the bud.

LimeGreenGal...readers here have no intact it's ok.

MegTown....yep. That one's all on you baby.

RHW...yep. There is something wrong with you. Don't be fraidy.