Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mid Week Trad Musings and Give Me Your Feedback

Post Update: I got feedback that the black background on my blog made it difficult to read so I changed it. Now I'm getting grief from regular readers. For example...

Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 2010 9:57 AM To: D     G Subject: today's PS

I DO NOT like the new color scheme.  I may go on a commenting strike until you change it - and that brown - yuck.  The original was elegant but this is just mundane.

From:] Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 2010 12:42 PM To: D G Subject: RE: today's PS

I mean what I say. The distinctive look is G-O-N-E
Ok people, help me out. What should the damn thing look like?
Now back to my post....God has blessed me with a current workload that is rewarding and demanding. I’ve always said that life is too short to do something professionally that isn’t enjoyable but let’s be realistic here…some aspect of all careers is less enjoyable than others. I’m cranking out follow-up material and new project proposals this week…not as fun as being front and center with bright clients who are willing to be challenged and grow. But I can’t have one aspect of my gig without the other.

And so my blessed dilemma leaves me too busy to craft anything approaching erudition or captivating for my blog. I’ve got tons of raw material and when I have some time, I’ll surely fire off a zinger or two for you. For example, we will...
Witness me gloating over the fact that I now have copies of Downbeat Magazine from the late 1930’s and you don't. Issues that include the edgy rhetoric of a twenty seven year old George Frazier. I’ve had to remind myself several times that these trade rag stories I’m reading were published in the 30’s…why? Because other than being just a delightful assemblage of wit and words, this stuff would be edgy by today’s standards. A testament to Frazier’s budding Acidmouth genius. There is no wonder why Richard Merkin loved George Frazier. And thanks to a Maxminimus reader, I've now engaged in a very nice email exchange with George Frazier, IV. He's given me permission to post some of the musings that he and I have shared about his father. And people wonder why I don't watch television. 
Discuss the merits of using dark brown polish for the maiden shine on whiskey shell cordovan monk straps. Cordovan delivers depth and “patina upon arrival” but the lighter versions of cordovan tend to look a bit plastic-ey until you rough ‘em up and shine ‘em up a bit. I care not what your opinion is regarding the outcome of my dark brown appliqué. The fact of the matter is that these babies are now wallowing in depth of sheen and patinated pleasure. And on certain days, they’ve invited my feet to join them. Shut up.
Debate to what degree I should give Thom Browne…the sartorial PeeWee Herman…any credit for the trend in slimmer flat front trousers and shorter pant lengths. I’m way too commercial versus artistic when it comes to said assessments and I still think the guy’s stuff is a joke. But I’m gonna have to throw him a small bone. But not a nice soup bone that a dog would relish. Maybe a chicken neck-bone. My aunt Tootie could gnaw a neck-bone like a work of art. She'd throw it out back after finishing with it and the dogs would look at it like "...and you want me to do what with that damn thing?" We’ll see.
Allow me to explain why I gladly though, give Sid Mashburn credit for taking the Southern Prep legacy to an edgier place. I shortened and frayed an old pair of 501s in homage to his style tweak. It’s a look I like. Sid gets it.
Ask while speaking of sartorial Atlanta, whatever happened to the pugnacious, pudgy poseur Edgar Pomeroy? He looks like Truman Capote...but in size 58 font.
Now I’m not saying that Pomeroy or any other clothier is for certain having Adrian Jules or Martin Greenfield do the initial cut and sew on their garments. The Pomeroy goods may be imagined, cut, sewn and finished right there on the premises. After all, Atlanta has a rich history of highly capable tailors flocking there to ply their talents. Don't misunderstand me...Jules and Greenfield do stellar work. But it won’t be purely bespoke and therefore price points should reflect this. Word is that a Pomeroy suit can cost up to 5k. If so, then every damn pattern snip and stitch better be bespoken. ‘Cause now were talking Anderson and Sheppard and maybe even Huntsman price points.
And these Pomeroy slippers better be for women. These things look like the result of a pair of Cole-Haans, a pair of Ballys and a ballet slipper getting a little too jiggy in a hot tub threesome with no birth control. And this is coming from ADG…aka…Eddie Espadrille…Sammy Slipper…Bobby Belgian. I’m gay. From the ankles down. I’ve got references to support that all above the ADG ankle remains voraciously “the other way”.
Argue I’m sure, over my post on Jeans and the Middle Aged Man. What kind to wear and at what age should you hang them up for good. Surprise, I have strong opinions here. If I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you.
Discuss why I believe my Tiffany ADG belt buckle father’s day gift from LFG will be a lifetime treasure.
Deconstruct the rumour regarding whether or not I’m really the love child of Gilligan and Thurston Howell, III
 The evidence is scant but there are some of you who insist on this being sorted out.
Examine my latest martini photo collection. Recognizing that the Marriott in Dallas last week provided me martinis with kind of a safety handle—double gripper stem. Aesthetically vulgar but useful when you have the shakes and manda-damn-tory when you have the shakes, rattles and rolls. Oh shut the h_ll up.
But then sigh with relief that at home, I don’t need a martini glass with training wheels or gutter bumpers. But I do need jalapeno stuffed olives.
Recognize that out of every one thousand people I see in airports, one will have a level of trad style that reflects simplicity and good taste…without breaking the bank. Case in point above…DFW last week.
Then allow me to contradict the above assertion by having me admit that I travel in this getup for several reasons. First, I don’t give a damn. Second, it’s been averaging a hundred degrees where I’ve been. Third, you know that I don’t like to pack sportcoats so I wear them on the plane, then steam them for hours in the hotel shower.
And finally, I’ll force you to admit that if you could traverse an airport concourse in this rig with any level of confidence, you’d do the same damn thing. Don’t touch this one if you can’t pull it off. There’s a difference between people staring and people laughing. The day people stop staring at me will be the day I worry. The day people are laughing at you is the day you need not take on the edgier ADG contrivances. Commando in this heat BTW.
NOT open the debate again regarding the Adirondack—Gibson Island genesis issue. These are Gibson Island chairs so shut up. And they are no longer British Racing Green. Not that I don’t still do from time to time, some British and some Racy shit in these chairs…it’s just that we needed a little sprucing up over here at CasaMinimus. Racy shit-bad choice of words. Sorry.
Allow me to once again, gloat chauvinistically regarding why it is so damn easy to be a guy and that there’s never a more compelling bit of evidence than my week’s worth of toiletries for Dallas.

Onward. Random even when medicated.

Oh and Ps…

A couple of housekeeping things …I’m sorry that the black background was challenging for many of you to read. I’m a techno-luddite when it comes to these kinds of things and as soon as I got some specific feedback on the need to change it, I did. You might find some old posts that need font color adjustment though. If you do run across one, I’d appreciate an email letting me know so that I can fix it.

Also, I’m not sure about this Feedblitz service. So I’m going to add the Google Friends thing as an alternative and request, if you want to, that you sign up for my blog via that venue.


K.S. Anthony said...

Wait a damn minute. They're Adirondack chairs, not (Mel) Gibson %$#@! Island chairs!

Seems so bright in here all of a sudden. Like a doctor's office with many, many copies of men's clothing catalogs and a startling number of fellows knocking back libations.

Please, no more pictures of corpulent Georgians. Is that a banana in his breast pocket or was he just happy to have blood pumping through his only unclogged artery?


Thank you, goodnight.

LPC said...

I have decided I'd like to hear what you think of Mad Men clothing. I know, I know, that means first you would have to watch the dang thing, but bite the bullet for us, wontcha?

Main Line Sportsman said...

Pistol- grip martini R&D breakthrough.

And I thought you were in the "Adirondack" camp regarding those chairs...if I recall. They ARE Adirondack that debate is now open once again. Not as important as, say, the " Jimmy vs. Sprinkles" debate in terms of Geopolitical repurcussions...but noteworthy nonetheless.
And what is with the frayed jeans and shorts...hem those puppies Sir.

southernproletariat said...

Hmm... I was always told that a dog would choke on a chicken bone. Interesting that you chose to toss THAT particular bone to Thom Browne.

And between you and several other iphone happy bloggers, I am afraid to fly in a few weeks. Perhaps a burka to cover my sins...

James said...

Well I promised myself I wasn't going to post any more sappy comments, but this is different. Wait a damn minute yourself K.S.! That gentlemen is well dressed by today's travel standards. He is styling Geezer Chic very well indeed. As a member of this demographic I am insulted by your clogged artery joke. Let me put the wheels on my walker and I'll race ya! Just not very far.

Anonymous said...

They're Adirondack (more insight into racy, please), the airport "rig" is silly (and for the love of all things Holy, put a hem in those shorts. Are you homeless or something?), and back to black.

ADG said...

Not sure why these two comments didn't make the approval thingy so here they are. I'll address the rest of you knuckleheads later....

Nelle Somerville has left a new comment on your post "What Happened At The Giant...":

These posts all make me so happy. I was just in OTA last week for an event at Restaurant Eve, would have loved to have run into you at the Giant as well. But don't you shop a the Social Safeway ADG? Ah miss GTown so much. Meg, we have to meet in Baltimore!!! xoxo @baltiville

Pigtown-Design has left a new comment on your post "What Happened At The Giant...":

Re: background colour change - your readership is way too polite to criticize your judgements regarding colour selection.

Anonymous said...

The white background is a whole lot easier to read.

The brown polish looks great, just in case you wanted another opinion.

K.S. Anthony said...

James, old sport, my "clogged artery"/banana comment was directed at Pudge Pomeroy. In deference to the fellow, I will say that the woman on his arm seems very happy with the bloodflow to his banana or watchchain on his waistcoat or...well, what-have-you. You'd win a race by default. I am typically too lazy to do anything more vigorous than lift a glass to my face.

As for the radical in shorts and blazer strolling through the airport, well...he looks like the kind of fellow who'd start a mid-day riot at a grocery store. Can't trust a man with bows on his shoes who uses "summer" as a verb. Couple that with the shirt he was issued in the Russian navy and I'd say we have a pretty serious threat to national security on our hands (and his feet).

What is this background? Ecru? Eggshell? Institution? Belgian Dust? The mind boggles. How many zeros were in the hex code?

Anonymous said...

The lighter background is much easier on the eyes.

HGB said...

K.S. Anthony: And what is wrong with corpulent Geogians? It's just success made manifest.

ADG: I see Pomeroy on flights to New York occasionally where he dresses Donald Trump and hedge fund types. A pretty good gig me thinks......and Pomeroy is not his given name, of course.

Mal said...

Great post ADG, as always:
Its funny, I was thinking recently that I had not read anything regarding Edgar Pomeroy in some time. It seemed during the 1990’s he was often referenced in numerous articles and publications. From an article, he stated that all garments were made in house.

Give Thom Browne credit? Maybe the whole Thom Browne, Tom Ford, & Mad Men TV show confluence of events got people thinking along straight, thinning lines of clothing that several of us, I am honest about the fact that I shop in the “portly boys” section of the store, just can’t wear. Trousers with no pleats…heresy, except, of course for blue jeans.

Lastly, the shoes: You’re right, darker polish on these shoes for the initial run. Maybe a dark shoe polish with some red to it. I know that’s what Dad always says to me.

Of course you know this is the third time you have taunted me with those shoes and I hate you for that. You planned to do this to me because you know I can’t have those shoes. Tom won’t sell them to me. Sadist. I can’t help it that I live in the outer rural bands of Plant Alabama and never visit California. They really look good..but I am obsessing.

The next time you are in Birmingham visiting family, let me know, we’ll meet for drinks. I’ll owe you..

K.S. Anthony said...

HGB: Sorry old sport, but by that reasoning Wal-Mart is full of millionaires, debutantes, and the aristocracy. And everyone knows that the Donald is partial to Brioni despite the fact that he looks like prole no matter what he wears.

ADG: Newsprint? Is that what this is? Tell me you haven't wallpapered your website along with your house with spare copies of that Washington Post, er, article!

Kathie Truitt said...

White is the best - so much easier to read.

Summer is a Verb said...

Regarding colors for the blog; best advice I ever got regarding decorating ones walls, is to do so as though it were an outfit. I suggest you do the same with your blog design. Co-ordinate the background, word and highlight colors like you would put together a pair of pants, shirt and blazer. Easy peasy when ya look at it like that...XXOO

DMT said...

Must say I prefer the black background. The primer gray throws me off a bit, lulls my eye to sleep and so on.

Glamour Girl said...

Okay, I admit it -- I was one of the people agitating for a lighter-colored background. The white-on-black was making my eyes do pinwheels. And I would hate to miss Maxmin's multifarious musings because I couldn't read the type.

Hate the Thom Brown look, love the brown shoe polish, and am afraid I can't cotton onto the khaki cut-offs with blue blazer, no matter the torrid temperatures. Then again, you are more well versed in the art of dressing casually, so I bow to your infinite -- and infinitely funny -- wisdom.

Anonymous said...

I liked the basic black with white pearls of wisdom. Made your amateurish blurred patch madras pix look almost like art. The photos don't pop now with this new thing you're experimenting with. If not black, how about British Racing green or Center Court green? Snooker Table green?


Anonymous said...

OK. So I try to go to one of my favorite posts "Pedro and the Belgians" and I can't read the white text on the greige background. Check it out....


Gail, in northern California said...

White or black background? Oh yeah, right. Like you care what I think....merrily reading along I was brought up short AGAIN by your infernal habit of steaming your sport coats in hotel showers FOR HOURS. Gawd knows what else you do.

Paul said...

Wow - that was a lot to digest.

But -- please go with a dark background on your blog - i suggest Navy or Indigo if blogspot has such a choice.

The DB jacket and cutoff shorts -- great stuff but skip the monk straps - go with kiltie tassle slip-ons; go with jeans if they feel comfortable and they make you feel good;

I must have had too many G&Ts this afternoon - here I am giving you critique.... shame on me.

Glamour Girl said...

Oh, and the steaming-clothes-in-hotel-shower-to-get-the-wrinkles-out thing? Of course. I do it all the time. I thought everyone knew that trick. Sure beats ironing! (Well, not really; ironing's actually kind of therapeutic. Is this heresy?)

CCL said...

I like the new background, it is much easier to read, keep it!

Love that Tiffany belt buckle... what size belt does it take?

Laguna Beach Trad said...

Good job. The staid background is in striking contrast to the vigour of your writing and photographical experiments.

ADG said...

CCl...I put the Tiffany buckle on my standard old gator strap belt. It's whatever the Brooks Brethren standard size is. Thanks.'s a waste of water. Gail in NorCal goes spastic every time I tell her that I let it steam for hours. I'm messing with her 'cause I love her and she's fun to pick on. Actually, I only steam my coats for the amount of time I'm in the shower. If I'm alone, that's usually 10-12 minutes. If I'm showering with a showgirl or somebody similar, it's about 3 minutes. I get nervous. can always give me advice. As for the blog background, I'm now more confused than ever since the feedback is about fiddy-fiddy.

GailNorCal....see above.

SFBay...thanks. I fixed it. Let me know if you find others.

DMT....thanks. Not sure what I'll ultimately do about the color.

AllieVonChocBrown...Eddie's Father Green maybe?

Kathie Truitt....KSAnthony...I'm confused. The feedback is equal now regarding the blog color.

Mal...I didn't go to LA for the shoes. I had my people get them for me. I'll give you a heads up when I'm in B'ham.

James...shit man....if you stop commenting I'm gonna stop blogging. Seriously. I need your sappy comments.

Anonymous English Female said...

ADG - the only thing that is visually familiar about this post is the ubiquitous crotch shot. Completely agree with '@mindspring' about the black background. You love and espouse all things Trad - if it ain't broke don't fix it or indeed listen to the bleatings of the myopic, astigmatic, presbyopic few.... Seriously considering joining the comment strike.

Anonymous said...

ADG...FYI,Pomeroy suits are all made in house and not cut first by Greenfield and have been for several years now. Second, the name Pomeroy is one of his given names. It is actually his middle name. Third your pictures are very old. He is currently half the font size you describe him as. Not claiming to be a fan but rather someone(a Georgian) who knows a few facts about Mr. Pomeroy.

ADG said... this better?

AnonPomeroy...Thanks. I never said anything about his name not being genuine. I just know firsthand from people who've bought from him that he can be a bit of a turd or at least he was many years ago when he hit the scene. I'm not judging. Mainly because I'm one of the hugest turds I know.

Gail, in northern California said...

Were it not for your little digs, I would feel ignored and abandoned.

Hi to your little golden-hair. Hope she's enjoying her summer. School, extra-curricular activities, and homework seem to set a fairly hectic pace for her.

Toad said...

I'm liking the blue, but now the orange is hard to read. Maybe its me.

The guy in the red shorts may have been me...

Anonymous said...

D --

What's wrong with this picture?

You write a blog that becomes famous and suddenly you succumb to catcalls from the bleachers?

Man up, pilgrim.

Anonymous said...

Oh for fucksake......We have WEDGEWOOD background now? (so fey) With 60s Santa Cruz, Cali Surf Neon Orange time stamps? Talk about not being able to read it........!!

What are you smokin' 'Dude' ..........the GOOD Belgian ?????

yeah shut me up

Anonymous said...

Let me just say that the old blog look was well suited to you and I cannot imagine that anyone suffered any eye strain from the amount of time that they spent on your blog from day to day. Seriously.
It had an edgy look with the black and framed your photography well. This new deal doesn't seem to be working, at least for me. The old black didn't seem a visual strain at all, for me. But how many minutes does one spend on your blog, hmmmmnnn? THERE is a variable to be explored. Would be interesting to know how many hours of eye strainage the detractors seem to have racked up logging onto your blog........... creeeeeeepy !!!

Junctioned said...

I don't know about all this other stuff but those monk straps are amazing.

A.E.F. said...

ADG - definitely b-e-t-t-e-r...

Anonymous said...

Hello from WI -
Use a crisp, strong navy background & really light grey typeface.
Less vibrating-ness to it than black back with white type.

Frankly, now that you've switched to light blue, I cannot recall what it used to be, except that now it's weak & unremarkable - and you are quite the opposite of that.

KFad said...

ADG, I appreciate the move to a lighter color. The black was tough to read.

I also like the way Sid Mashburn rolls. I haven't trudged into highwaters yet, but Sid makes me want to wade in.

DAM said...

I dig the Mashburn Fray and monk strap look. I think the key here is the jeans need to be just narrow and fitted enough that they don't make you look like Huck Fin or Tom Sawyer about to white wash the fence. Clearly not the case for you - but other more novice sartorialist, take note.

Anonymous said...

Graphic designer and blog designer talking here. Personally I had always found the black background without a header image to be fairly generic and I've never considered that to mesh with the writing, wit, style and personality that you display here.

Blogger now has a new feature called 'Template Designer' which you can find under the 'Design' tab in the Dashboard. I rather liked the template 'Picture Window' for you. You will see 3 options - pick the far right one. Then click on the 'Background' and you'll see something that reads 'Background Image.' There is a little arrow next to the picture and if you click on that you'll see other options available. I liked 'Textures' for you but you might be otherwise inspired. I liked the one called 'mammuth' but you can be as distinctive as you like. I would also recommend a header. (Here is an example I created )

Love the monk straps and of course the belt buckle. You're one of my favorite reads.

BLUENOSE said...


I commented yesterday about the vast improvement in readability with the white background. I come back today and you got blue all over. The problem here is not readability – it's fine – but of aesthetics. My old friend Graham, newspaper and ad man extraordinaire, said never to use blue and never to use baby blue in particular – it was just wrong. In the case of your estimable and compulsively readable blog, it's wrong, wrong, wrong. Colour, like music, is visceral and primitive. It gets us before we think about it. The black wasn't the easiest thing to read but it had a gravitas to it. The white was dignified and readable. I would suggest that our friend Guiseppe – I am being presumptuous here, of course – has a great combination of simple and classy in colour, typefaces and layout. Now, there are a lot of great looking blogs that are full of pure crap and a complete waste of time. But you've always got quality stuff and you're darned good with the quantity part too. I offer these musings as an aesthete and a fan.

Lucy said...

I agree with one of the anonymous posts above that the black background with white words had a vibrating kind of thing going on and I'm really liking the lighter color. I don't have a specific color to recommend, just agree that it is easier to read when it's a little lighter.

Anonymous said...

About the color of your masthead: apparently, people were able to read the original or it didn't matter that much if they weren't able to read it. If that is the criteria for reading a blog on an ongoing basis, something is wrong. I am guessing that people read your blog for the contents. Really, who is going to log on just to look at the masthead?

About your belt buckle, I'd have the date of the gift engraved on the back so that you will always remember which Father's Day you received it.

Patsy said...

I've cut the bottoms off pants to make them shorter and also, to make them into shorts. It's a 'done' thing? Who knew?

I liked the black.

I'm abstaining on the other items.

Anonymous said...

First time commenter and long-time reader...

I second the other anonymous commenter's recommendation: black or dark background with light grey text - just changing the text from white to grey will make a huge difference in readability. For example, the grey "Maxminimus" in the header made by the anonymous graphic designer is much easier to read than the black subtitle text in that same header.

Also, I recommend using a non-serif font for your regular posts because it's 'cleaner' and easier on the eyes.

Regardless of your formatting/fonts/background colours, I look forward to continuing my sartorial education through your blog.


LPC said...

Design by committee will kill ANYONE! Don't do it. Pick what you like and stick to it. I read your blog in Google Reader. So as long as you make sure text shows up black in your RSS feed, I do not care one whit:).

Anonymous said...

Where's the dental floss?


Anonymous said...

D - People's trouble with the white on black is not the universe's way of telling you to change your background color, it's a message to them about coming to grips with aging and obtaining proper eyewear. Of course, you, with your generous nature, are bending to accommodate - which is charming. But I agree with Ms. LPC: stick with your own first design instincts - what's alluring and addictive about you is your singular aesthetic point of view. We'll figure out how to read you - whether it's Google Reader or a pair of 2.5s.

Anonymous said...

I am in the LPC and Anon at 7:01 camp. This greige and then blue thing is really annoying. The original Maxminimus look was VERY appealing. That is why I returned to it regularly after discovering it. What has happened to strip you of your arrogance, disdain, confidence? Why are you looking to US as style arbiters? We come to YOU for that, right? Yeeeesh.

ADG said...

Thanks everyone. I'm reminded once again why I will NEVER be on the homeowner's association executive committee ever, ever again.

I'm more confused now than ever.

Anonymous said...

Well now I'm thinkin' you need a little Kinks again, brother:

It's all good, D.

Love and acceptance - Anon 7:01

ADG said...

Anon....thanks. But that little Kinks ditty wasn't enough. I've got a 10am conference call and then I'm outta here. I'm thinking TaTa You by Johnny Guitar Watson, some cheap ass bubbly, the swimming pool and a slightly trashy woman.

Anonymous said...

Oh well . . . or perhaps I should say well then . . . I ain't trashy but I'm dirty - does that count?

Enjoy the call, et al - 7:01

Easy and Elegant Life said...

All-in-all, a fine post. I'm reading the Frazier bio now and loving every acid tongued word of it. Many thanks for pointing the way for me.

Here's a good follow up post from a frequent flier like yourself: the demise of the Dopp kit. I love the things. But they have no place in the carry-on-or-be-charged-whether-or-not-your-luggage-makes-it-to-your-final-destination world of travel today.

Young Fogey said...

The black background has caused the black text in this post to disappear.

Your distinctive style, in both prose and clothes, is far more important than the eye-numbing black background. You just gots to change it agin!

Young Fogey said...

P.S.: I'm making fun of your silly Gilligan/Thurston Howell, III outfit over at Giuseppe's place. I didn't want to be so gauche as to fail to make fun of you here, too.

P.P.S.: When are we going to see you in some Lilly Pulitzer?

Nelle Somerville said...

Oh yeah, black is back. I dig it the most. It is you and we all j'adore you, so don't go changin to try to please just a few.