Saturday, October 30, 2010

Belgians—Wet Hair—Clogs

I’d never been on a cruise before and I’ve not been on one since. I’m not the cruise type. The idea of being captive on a vessel with a highly structured agenda amongst people from whom one can’t escape isn’t my idea of fun. Couple that with the hyper-caloric buffet orientation to cuisine and I’d always declared—“no thanks, my Spring Break days are long over.”
But my little baby wanted to go on the Disney Cruise so you can bet that we did—twice. Two summers in a row. Yep, the guy that still finds the general premise of a cruise vacation revolting, signed up for another round.  Regardless of what you think about the Disney Corporation…I believe Walt might be troubled to see the conglomerate that his vision has morphed into…the Disney Cruise is a well oiled operation and offers a delightful dose of all things Minnie and Mickey. All things Minnie and Mickey without having to go to the theme park—I dodged the bullet on Orlando and Anaheim…forever grateful for having done so. And four nights on the Disney Wonder was ample enough exposure to the Disney experience.
LFG used to wear little clogs all the time. Cute little things…some were appliquéd little vinyl ones like these and some were hand painted leather thingys that silly relatives paid way too much money for. Bottom line though, was that my little LFG tooled around in piccolo versions of clogs for several years…cute as a button every step of the way.
So here we are, fresh from the pool and the oh-so-spacious shower in our stateroom; wet heads, clogs and Belgians, headed to dinner. With a quick stop-off of course, for a photo with the evening’s host. Mouse ears are the commercial moniker for that uber-corporate contraption known as Disney. But who gives a damn when for a photo moment, your daughter’s giggly delight is equivalent to the cost of an Anderson and Sheppard sportcoat for five days on their boat.
Onward. To soccer…after having finding a fun little cache of photo memories this morning.



Toad said...

Even you may remember the cruise longer than you would the A&S jacket. Such lovely memories for each of you. Yet you are correct, better the boat than the on land attractions.

Karena said...

What a doll; and the two of you in that photo is priceless. (Never realized how handsome you are)
You are a fabulous father to do the Disney Cruise with your daughter, I am impressed!!

Art by Karena

Anonymous said...

The detail of Anderson and Sheppard's matching pocket jettings made me weep a bit this morning.


James said...

Total agreement on the cruise thingy. We did do Orlando once. I enjoyed the kids enjoyment. LFG's obvious joy is worth the cost to be sure.

Scale Worm said...

I as well have (so far) been able to escape from the dreaded trip to the land of giant anthropomorphic rodents with my two reduced gene carriers. Mine (they make me so proud) would rather spend time tramping through Europe!
We did a family cruise several years back, and the carribean ports were thebest part. Trapped for days, with too much food and lethargic humans is not my idea of what i should do with the vacation time I have. Great post, lovely images! Thank you!

M.Lane said...

I really liked the one cruise I went on...but it was on Norwegian so I was among my own people. Seems like the wonderful smile you see her making in the photos is worth any sort of trip, no?


Suburban Princess said...

You are as bad as I son's wish is my command! I just cant resist his happy smiling face!

Nelle Somerville said...

You have to read the Irresitible Henry House. Great Disney history between the pages of a lovely novel. Loving the LFG nostalgia.

yoga teacher said...

You are both pretty darn cute! Our daughter was dying to do anything Disney, and I somehow convinced my wasband that he should take her, because shit like that freaks me out. Other than my mother, who accused me of being a terrible one, everyone was thrilled. It was a fabulous Disney date for them and I got to have ice cream and wine for dinner every night.

SouthernProletariat said...

LFG is adorable in the stroll down memory lane.... We finally relented to the girls begging and tolerated disney. They enjoyed it...we enjoyed them. Now, we have our "disney badges" and can quote nevermore...

ADG said...

SothernProle...I suppose many of us view the Disney thing as kind of an obligatory requirement.

YogaWoman...good for you re the wasband-daughter thing...I bet they had fun. But your "shit like that freaks me out" statement just made me snort coffee.

Nelle...I will.

Suburban...I guess there are worse things to be bad about.


ScaleWorm....we have Europe on the docket for next summer.

James...thanks. captured the essence of why I'm so crazy about clothes. It's art, architecture, shape, color, texture and ...expensive.

Karena...thanks as always. are right but man, look at the tasty goods on the A-S website.

ilovelimegreen said...

What oh what oh what does LFG have on hanging on the hanger in the last photo before the video? It can't be a mini snowsuit if you two took a cruise!

(Killer lining on that navy jacket.)