Thursday, November 4, 2010

Greetings From Boston

Too busy to write anything voluminous--you know I gave up on substantive a long time ago. My finite window of downtime allowed me to stop by Bobby from Boston. Big scores. I'll share them later.

Onward. Downstairs. To ply my whatevers with clients.



Laguna Beach Fogey said...

'Big scores' in, you seduced some beautiful women?!

Summer is a Verb said...

I'm expecting a Belgian taunt text once you hit Gotham. And ask them where my darn fuzzy leopards are will ya! XXOO

Patsy said...

Hope you can stay inside today, it's damn nasty out there!

Lisa said...

The 'sharing later' part had better include that rug of yours as a back-drop. I don't even notice what you're highlighting because all I can focus on is THAT rug. I lust after that rug, I WANT that rug. You're wasting your breath/typing skills nattering on about books, Belgians and suits etc, just post photos of the rug.

NCJack said...

"Clients", right! Young man, you get right out of that bar and go to your room and blog!

Lookin' very forward to the "Bobby" info

ADG said...

NCJack...Still wallowing in all of the loot I snagged.

Lisa...what rug? I've an assload of them. Consolation prizes from my divorce. Rugs...that's all I got.

Patsy...never had to step outside...until my limousine pulled up.

SistahAllieVonWhatever...I'll taunt your country ass before I get to Gotham.