Friday, November 19, 2010

Trad Friday—And a Stroll Through Ralph Chevy Chase

To say that my last three weeks have been maniacally blessed is an understatement. To reiterate that I have no time to contrive blog stories is a redundant truth. I’d say that I have writers block but that would assume that I’m a writer. You know, one who writes for wages.  And I’ve got (LFG told me not to begin sentences with “and” or “but”) tons of ideas for stories but no mental disc space or time to sort them out and write them. I’ve even fallen down on the task of ghostwriting The Trad. But what I have found time to the spirit of aggravating many of you, is ply my wrist with more tacky-ass wrappings. The Silly Band was a gift to LFG and I just keep forgetting to give it to her. 
It’s been a monk strap week—travel shodding wise. 
You can dress ‘em up and Jethro Bodine them down…what more could a man want in a pair of shoddings?
So I  shot some pics of my recent Polo Chevy Chase visit. Ralph endures. Ralph dips and slips from time to time but Ralph endures. It’s kinda like the feedback I got recently about my writing. Feedback from someone whose opinion carries huge weight for me. And I’ll loosely paraphrase for you… “Not every story you write is great—but some are brilliant.” Folks, if I can strike the brilliance note from time to time…with any of you…I’ll keep trying. Just like Ralph.
Ralph schleps high margin-high volume stuff in his Outlets and good on ‘im for doing so. Nobody makes anyone buy the goods and the Outlets help keep Polo profitable via velocity sales to the masses. That way Ralph can continue to offer low volume-lower margin tasty treats for … the asses. That would be me.
The early 1980’s…even amidst the Disco-esque remnants of the late 1970’s, saw in my humble opinion, Ralph in Full…Ralph at his best. The styling and fabrications, textures and tones were off the hook. My old Ralph jacket above is from the early 1980's.
And it pleases me to see that true to what made him—at least in menswear, still lives on in the Ralph Made-to-Measure offerings.
These styling options are so fuzzy that the finished goods come with a freakin' leash. And you can bet your sweet ash that this Ashton ain't no Kuchner...Kutcher...Kutcher or whatever that guy's name is. Shut up.
Damn. I mean really, what else is there to say? Oh, butcept one more thing...don't drink beer in this jacket. All the doing and undoing necessary to take a pee would become onerous. 
Tartan with a throat latch. Sartorial KamaSutra. Page 117 in the twisty-turny tome.
This is a suit...NOT just a jacket. Had it been a jacketing contrivance we'd yawn and throw this one, albeit elegant, in the Missionary Positionatonating queue. (Say that real fast… “posi-sho-naytuh-nayting…posi-sho-naytuh-nayting…posi-sho-naytuh-nayting… posi-sho-naytuh-nayting.” Admit it. You like it. Now try saying it in a Paul Lynde voice. That just takes all the fun out of word play doesn’t it?) But add a pair of brtiches to the effort and we are back in Fuzzydom. Oy.
Corduory jacketing off the rack. Less than four hundred bucks but with four thousand bucks worth of standard upgrades.
Including pleated patch and flap below. Lorded over by an open patch breast above. Governance provided by professorial elbow patches. 
Rumour has it that some of these swatches made the ADG Cut and you might, if you behave your damned selves, see them in full manifestation. Plus fours and vests? Shut up.
Ok folks, that's the best I can do. I got nothin' otherwise. Have a blessed weekend...I know I will. For after being gone for so long, I have successfully landed on my baby's weekend calendar. Her bedroom transformation...from Hello Kitty Pink to Dr. Seuss on mushrooms remains a work in progress. LFG did however, snag a zebra lampshade from T.J. Maxx for nine bucks. Stay tuned for the Architectural Digest story.

Onward. Exhausted but blessed. ADG II


Main Line Sportsman said...

Yo..what's with the frayed-bottom jeans? Said to Hell with it and cut 'em rather than hem 'em?
That Kipling jacket is damn sharp...and those bellows pockets on the pockets...holds yer shotgun ammo in the kinda garment.

LPC said...

I thought you were matching elbow swatches and LFG's wall. Which had me a tad, but only a tad, confused. If you start interior designing I will have to ingest some 'shrooms. And that will be a dreadful, dreadful sight.

~ami* said...

Are you kidding me with that Single-Breasted Kipling?! :swoon: Tell me you're watching "Boardwalk Empire," if only for the wardrobe??

btw, did you see those Stubbs w/the screw on one show and the letter "U" on the other? I thought of you. :)

Nolan said...

I truly feel sorry for those who've only seen the RL goods at the outlets, Macy's, etc. Nobody understands retail better than Ralph. Hopefully I can make it up to the mansion sometime soon. I hear it rivals the Chicago shop.

That purple cord would be a sweet SC. You could even get the orange pants to boot and screen print some FedEx logos on the patch pockets. Now that would be fuzzy.

Scott Alexander said...

Such attention to detail is why I love Ralph's stuff. Such appreciation for such attention to detail is why I love this blog.

SouthernProletariat said...

The clothing I understand. The plaid tassled shoes...not so much...really?

And while you may need sunglasses in LFG's room, kudos to you for allowing her the leeway to do it the way she wants it. She is only a tween for a short time.

Suburban Princess said...

I dont know that I will ever be able to look at a label again without thinking...Sartorial KamaSutra. Nicely done!

yoga teacher said...

We've got the office chair to go with LFG's lamp!

john said...

Dustin - Timely posting in as much as I was thinking about offering my only Polo MTM sportcoat - a tasty lambswool glenplaid from the late 1980s to Number One Son. Then again he can wait another year.

What's the make, model and provenance of the timepiece in the firsst image of this posting. Looks interesting!

Silk Regimental said...

The window pane slacks and corduroy jacket - what a combination! I think the blue/saddle-tan makes it the kicker. Lookin' good as usual!

Sheik of Araby said...

Just like sartorial rules, scribing rules are made to be broken. Just try explaining those nuances to a ten-year-old...

Anonymous said...

Now let me get this straight. Tartan with a throat latch is as powerful as anointing ones lingam with emblica myrabolans for subjugating women to one's will? Dude! Fuck the herbal strategy. Sartorial Kama Sutra is so much more.............MORE.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've lost weight. Hope the Belgians still fit.

CeceliaMc said...

LOVE the plaid mocs!

I'd like the Norfolk in a desert color, or maybe olive drab to wear with my pleated khaki silk twill skirt.

You look especially yummy in that corduroy.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

CeceliaMc said...

"Tartan with a throat latch is as powerful as anointing ones lingam with emblica myrabolans for subjugating women"

Yeah, baby!

VERY Steve McQueen.

Toad said...

I'm in favor of the tartan slip ons. Very holidayish. Welcome home.

Scale Worm said...

Cord coats rock (esp with patches, 'cause I need my patches). Thanks for the post in your little free time, much appreciated Sir (glad to see that you are surviving the great recession). I am a Ralph fan as well myself: lovely weaves, fabrics, sartorial designs. Go Black Watch!

VogueOntheRange said...

I had a really sweet stroll through Gtown Ralph the other night - they were playing Christmas music and it was all I could do to keep my rangey paws off evvvvverything in the store - the men's stuff was the best.

VogueOntheRange said...

P.S. What kind of saddlebag are you toting in pic #3? I'm in the market.

Anonymous said...

Vogue OR: Check out an older ADG blog post June 11, 2010

The Hulme bag.........

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Love the cord jacketing. Nice. It would also look good with a shirt with spread or cutaway collar. Well done ol' chum.

Mal said...

I've got to get over to the Polo shop in Atlanta...everytime you post on this topic I have severe issues with envy. The polo coat from last winter-sharp

ADG said... indeed. And even sharper on sale!

LagunaTradMon...thanks for Tartan Tuesday last.

VogueLawyer...Have you ever listened carefully to how a Southerner says "lawyer"? And YES the Hulme bag is a great tote. I've bought two so far.

ScaleWorm....yep....nobody does it as good as Ralph.

Toad....thanks. I've got one more crazy flurry of travel and then I'm done for the year.

Cecelia...I tried the subjugatin' women thing one time. Got my ass beat.

Anonymous-Sheik-Silk Reggie....thanks for the comments and yes, the KamaSutra is way overrated. I'm almost finished my rough draft of the ADG-sootra. can lend it to your son from time to time.

Yoga...y'all killed a zebra for an office chair?

Suburban....I don't know if I'll be able to look at the Kama Sutra again without thinking....label.

SouthernProle...I wouldn't do the plaid thangs either. And I hope you are right re Lily's paint/decorating free reign.

ScottAlex...thanks. I trust that all is well in your realm.

Nolan...I think Michigan Ave Polo rivals the Mansion. Probably because I've been in the Mansion a zillion times and only once in Michigan Ave.

ami...yes...I saw the Stubbs slips...they've gotten clever again. However, now that their prices exceed a pair of Belgians, I'm out. And I haven't seen the show you mention.

LPC...I'm dilettantish in many things...but I ain't ever gonna lay claim to decoratin' prowess.

MainLiner....eggzackly....too long and I just cut 'em off. My inner Abner/Jethro took over.