Monday, February 28, 2011

Pink and Green Abuse

Greetings from somewhere in the woods. I was home for about 36 hours before jetting off again...this time to a corporate retreat that is, shall we say, a bit more "rustic" than usual. Mission accomplished if you want your team to be sequestered and sans many options for distraction. The keynote opener this morning will take place in a converted barn. No, I'm not kidding and yes, I'm pleased as hell to be busier this coming month than I've been since we started our business in 1998.
Which brings me to my current state of blognesia. Not sure where it came from based on the three main causes of blognesia. I haven't suffered any physical trauma. I've not reduced my alcohol intake and I haven't had ECT. But I'm out of time and to some degree, out of inspiration for stories so who knows what the next chapter of this fun endeavor might look like. There are many out there...Hollister Hovey and Admiral Cod who I'm sure, spend only five to ten minutes posting a little quip in between longer, more substantive posits. I'm not sure where I land on that continuum and who knows, maybe I'll get a flurry ideas and inspiration from somewhere. Stay damn tuned. Shut up.
But for now let me say this about my buddy's dog. He greets me every time I walk in the toy soldier shop and LFG loves him to death. French Bulldogs are great little small apartment, townhouse or simply "city" dogs. But a male Frenchie need not be subjected to this level of abuse. Just look at him. He's saying to my buddy's wife ... "Mama, I don't care if this was my actual birth mama's sweater and you've put it on me out of respect for her. I loved and respected her but this is just damned absurd. Please mama, don't make me go outside in this girl sweater. I was kidding when I said I had to pee and I can wait till Wednesday to do the "other" thing. 
Alas, it was not to be. The Capitol Hill walk of shame began shortly thereafter. And to boot, Frenchies can't lick themselves. 

Onward. Thinly. ADG II


Silk Regimental said...

Hell, if a dog can't lick himself, then he should opt for being a cat!

LPC said...

We all have times when it's thin on the ground. No worries. Just if you can bear it, stick around through this next month of busyness and poke your head in and now again. It'd be a deep shame to lose you from the 'sphere.

K.S.A. said...

Poor fellow.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Poor guy... Barrymore jsut looks at me askance when he's required to don his waxed cotton to walk out in the rain. But he puts up with it.

Know what you mean about the blognesia... I'm there myself.

Yankee-Whisky-Papa said...

I like the shoes with the sidelacing unreeved.

yoga teacher said...

Are you all going to have to fall backwards and that kind of corporate bonding stuff? Sometimes I teach at corporate weekends and one time I got a bunch right after the *trust* portion of the day. It took me an hour to unglue everyone's shoulders from their ears and get them breathing again.

ilovelimegreen said...

Now ADG, is it any coincidence that your green striped socks nicely co-orodinate with that doggy sweater. I can't deny that I've knit more than one dog sweater for a dog I know - but won't even think about knitting sweaters for either one of my cats.

Flo said...

Max, looks like you have the best room in the inn/house; judging by the appearance of the ceiling, might you have snagged a cozy stuff-of-dreams garret room? But manoman gahlee, the size of those window panes! I bet the sq ft of 4 of your sweet adorable craniums would fill up ONE window pane, am I seeing that right? Just please pull on your socks before doing a midnight pp walk across that carpet.

Anonymous said...

Idea - take us around your neighborhood and show us some history.

Preppy 101 said...

And whose shoes are we going to admire??? :-( xoxo

GP said...

Get a dog and blog about his/her's/its attire.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

You must *cause* your own stories, ol' chum.

As for the French bulldog, we hope at least he shat in the Democratic side of town, where, as we all know, the bullsh*t belongs.

(Though the Republicans--the Clueless Losers--are not far behind).

mistermidwester said...

I was just going to say that the colors of that Frenchies sweater would make some delicious socks. Sure he looks sad, but he's totally styling.

We have a couple Boston Terriers, and they're sorta like a more athletic version of a French Bulldog with the added bonus of looking like they're always sporting formalwear.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Say it ain't so....
Do not hold yourself to too high a standard...just give us some dice, some anecdotes and some randomalia and we'll keep reading and commenting.

ADG said...

MainLiner...I'm downtown Philly next week. After work drink and/or dinner next Tues or Wed pm? On me.

MistermidwestMon...Boston Terriers are great. Have a buddy who had one named Scooter and the dog was a riot.

LagunaTradMon...funny you mention. My buddy lives within one block of the US Capitol. So I assume that the dog poos on one side of the aisle and scooches his but across the grass on the other side.

GP...would love to have a dog but it would be cruel to kennel it as much as I'd have to with my travel.

Preppy101...I ain't going anywhere. Just may not be here as often.

AnonNeighborhood...thanks. Good idea.

Flo..."midnight pp walk"....funny. Yes, this is a big ass room and some of the windows and other "updates" were obviously done without the oversight and rigor that would have been mandatory back where I live.

limegreensmoker...yes. I called before I went over to assure that the dog and I were synched.

YankeeWhiskeyPere...indeed. They are my "McNairy Minimalist" shoddings.

Eleganto...I guess they all "put up with it" assuming that if they don't, they won't get fed!, oh lovely and sturdy woman are always the calming voice of reason. Thanks.


Silk Reggie....the day I can't lick myself is the day I might as well just give up the ghost. Or get a steady gal.

old said...

I have to empathize with the poor pup who unfortunately left his two best friends in some vet's surgery and has to endure wearing that funky sweater. Such trauma is so confusing even for one of our canine friends!

Gretchen said...

If things get slim in the postings world, means your brain's focusing on the important stuff for right now (LFG and work and not needing to buy more boring socks during your adventures). Suspect that, after all the traveling, you'll find you're reinvigorated to share random musings, diatribes against idiot travelers, and new fuzzy dice options. Godspeed to you and your minions will be waiting, patiently (or not).

JMW said...

I'm with you...not sure what to write about today. May go another day without a new post. That poor pup, although I bet he could have made it onto the pages of True Prep in that outfit.

Summer is a Verb said...

Just as long as those Butt Police have hit a dry spell as well. Seven days and counting til I pack my 'kinis and head south of the border hopefully, unscathed by citations...XXOO

ADG said...

YogaTeach...I'm NOT the guy they hire for the fall backwards stuff. I'm the guy who puts the knots in the necks and kinks in the giddyup(s)of the attendees.

AllieVonPastyNoeMoe...We have Secret Butt Agents in Mehico.

JMW...that's the problem...he hasn't a preppy bone in his body.

Gretchen...thanks for the godspeed thang. Send money.

Old...yep...but he had a hell of a run as the "main guy" when he was owned by a French Bulldog breeder.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Sent you an e-mail about next week...waitin' for reply and to set the venue.

CeceliaMc said...

"I'm with you...not sure what to write about today. May go another day without a new post."

You could do something on tribalism.

Once you start thinking about it, you start seeing it everywhere. (Even behind your toaster in the morning.)

ADG said...

MainLiner...I'll shoot you an email again this morning re logistics. Win the trial so you'll be in a good mood.

CeceliaMc....Amazing you mention it. A friend and I had drinks last night and the more we drank, the more we convinced ourselves that there are "tribes" all around us that are just waiting for the "go-sign" and it's all effing over.

CeceliaMc said...

I think that's called WASP Derangement Syndrome, ADG.

My husband has manifested it a few times in his old age.

The only sympathy or alarm he arouses in his household is air violin playing (and a few eye rolls) from his wife and daughter.

Annoys the hell out of him.


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