Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Shell Cordovan of Marmite

And now my buddy Ian in the UK makes me aware of this lovely concoction.
Marmite XO. I'm trippin'. 
Super Marmite. Cashmere Marmite. Single Malt Marmite. Shell Cordovan Marmite. 
Onward. Sittin' here alone. Keeping my lips moist and waiting on Sinsayshun.



T said...

Wait...extra old? Does that means it had crudded up a fermentation tank in a spot that couldn't be reached easily?

ADG said...

T...I damn sure hope so.

Anonymous said...

"Keeping my lips moist and waiting on Sinsayshun."

Fire up the forklift, don't know how else to git them breast installations up off her waistline for fondlin.

Barima said...

He's made me aware also. But my advantage is that I get to scour for it as soon as I awake later this morning. I may even use it to take care of a squeaky hinge later

All best,


K.S.A. said...

Hangover food.

ADG said...

Barima...are you back in London?

KSA...that's every morning for me.

Flo...NOT true. The augmented ones stand up/out in such an unnatural way that it's scary. Leastways that's what I've been told.