Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Del Toro...Curious Outlier

Photos borrowed without permission from the Del Toro blog. Seems that they were so proud of their shipment from Spain that they lined 'em all up before boxing and shipping them to said bespeakers. Bespeakers? Shut up.
And of course, whose shoddings stand out like a burp in church?
Story of my life. Always the curious outlier.

Onward. LFG weekend coming up. Bliss.



T said...

Just gotta say it though...those purple ones might be a bit fuzzier.

As an aside, how do you feel about deadstock Russell Moccasin Co. goods from the 50's?

yoga teacher said...

There were some bigger burps than yours!

Scot Meacham Wood said...

Excellent . . . some late evening shoe porn.

ADG said...

T-Bone...Purple may even be a bit too fuzzy for my country a_s. Russell? I've never bought any of their stuff but it seems to be top notch. Quoddy, Raincourt and Russell seem to be last of the handsewn American Mohicans. Get 'em if you can I'd say. But then, consider whose saying such things. it sticky and humid down there yet? And indeed, I agree re bigger burps. There might even be a "silent but violent" offender in that pile. Oh wait, that's me.

ScotTartanian...glad to know that shoe porn was the onliest thing yoy were gandering on a late Friday night. I was watching Pawn Stars.

CeceliaMc said...

I liked those khaki canoes in the inky sea, right away.

If you get the option of contrast piping, you should always avail yourself of it.

You've got a great knack for making grand more cozy and cozy more grand.

T said...

There's a seller on ebay that claims she has 150 pairs of deadstock Russell footwear, purchased with a store that had closed down...she alluded that they were from the 50's and 60's. Quite a treasure trove.

yoga teacher said...

Currently 72, sunny, and dry as a bone with a low of 55.
I kid you not.
Might haul the fire pit back out and make us some s'mores tonight!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Mister Geee, you got yourself some fine free ink there on the DT blog, too bad you're not a for profit brand. I think your letter to customer relations delivered some customer relations results.

Since you have pull now, can you deliver this ArtsyCousin model to my account @ Privilege? GOT to have it, think it's gonna be good for daywear uptown, downtown and anywhere in between. Pullin my VISA out right now:

ADG said...

Flo....sorry baby, but those are wrong.

Yoga....rainy, misty and intermittent sun....mid 60's. Damn, we've turned this into the Weather Channel.

T...thanks. I checked it out. And unless she's gonna post some more stuff, the current offerings are a little too Daniel Boone-ish looking for me.


Young Fogey said...

Your custom shoddings are the most tasteful amidst that pile of blepharospasm-inducing dreck.

Did I actually just compliment your taste in shoes? In anything? How did that happen?

ADG said...

Fogey...ain't too hard to rise above all that velvety multi-coloured poo. And yes, you were kind and decent to me in this comment. I don't like it and I, while I'm at it, don't like the less than consistent insults from you of late. Now snap out of it!

Young Fogey said...

I'm sorry—no, wait, you told me never to apologize again.

Well, I'm sure you're on the cusp of unveiling some hideous Preppy Pimp™ monstrosity that I'm sure to hate, so I'll start storing up the insults and invectives for its inevitable appearance.

ADG said... thatta boy.