Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gary Cooper--An Enduring Style

I just pre-ordered G. Bruce Boyer’s book over at and I did so for several reasons…
First, I have a rather robust sartorial library and I like to add meaningful additions. My hunch is that since Boyer wrote it, in collaboration with Cooper's daughter, it will be meaningful.
Second, even though I’ve never met G. Bruce Boyer, he knows how to wear clothes. And he’s a damn fine writer.
Third, I love hearing Alan Flusser tell the story of Cooper’s daughter telling him about Cooper being such a clothes fanatic. Such a fanatic that he’d take fabrics out to his house in Malibu and let them bleach in the sun before using them to bespeak a garment.
And finally, because Gary Cooper, like Fred Astaire and only a few select others, could just naturally wear-the-hell-out-of-clothes.



Preppy 101 said...

I loooooooove Gary Cooper. Yes, I'll add him to my library - oops - I mean add this book to my library. :-) xoxo

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Looking forward to this. Coop's style and charm, I suspect, were due in large part to his English origins. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Cooper second in my book only to Gregory Peck. I swoon.

Richard M said...

Looking forward. Boyer is a good man. I do wonder why Cooper often neglected collar stays.

G. Bruce Boyer said...

Dear Maxminimus, I apologize for coming late to your site, but I did want to thank you for the very gracious words, and of course for ordering the book. I won't comment on it except to say I think the photos -- never before published -- are wonderful, and hope it meets your expectations.

G. Bruce Boyer

ADG said... pleasure. And I'm gratified that you've left a comment here. Hopefully one day our paths will cross.

Anonymous said...

Why is it so hard to find suit pants and trousers nowadays that rise to the middle button as in the last photo above?!!!

Anonymous said...

I attended an Episcopal day school for K-6 and we wore uniforms unfortunately chosen by the Sisters of St. Mary (yes, Episcopal nuns---I'll put them up against Catholic nuns any day for the slap on the knuckle stereotype)who ran the school: Boys: Black Pants, Yellow short-sleeve
OCBD with school creston pocket and a
rather hideous royal blue cardigan also
with crest.
Girls: Blue/yellow/white plaid jumper
with yellow short-sleeve OC (round
collar) blouse.

In high school in the '70s I went to an all boys school in Memphis where I fell in love with our uniform (and in some ways still adhere to it):

Pants: Khakis or Sear's white painter's pants.
Shirt: White, Blue, Yellow, Pink or blue or
yellow (hard to get now) university
stripe OCBDs or Chemise Lacoste (then
produced by license by Izod...had to be
the two button placket (100% Cotton) not
the three button....still miss the extra
long tails)or rugby shirts.
Shoes: Bass weejuns, Speery topsiders or Clarks
Wallabees (had to be those

Blazers (BB) and silk regimental rep tie with OCBD and Khakis for Friday Chapel (only day we had to wear coat and tie).

My kids all go to an Episcopal day school sans nuns and in a different part of the country from either of the places I grew up and they wear uniforms, actually much classier looking than ours.

I agree with all of the pros above and haven't experienced any of the cons.....they simply look better (without any bad sartorial influences.....fortunately cotton and not polyester) and it makes life easier for my wife and me.

Now about that country, how do I get a visa???

Southern Expat