Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sartorial Indiana

I mean really. What WERE you expecting?

Onward. Still in a refractory moment after the Illustrated Art of Wearing Clothes.



Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right - they have better things to do.

Greg D.

Anonymous said...

"What WERE you expecting?"

Easy. Your own list of well-dressed men of the day, the one you were encouraged [goaded? taunted?] to submit, the list of 5 you said you could name -- well, the list of 4, Toad having been already selected and presented.

How silly is that, saying there aren't 40 modern day well dressed people walking around the planet. One doesn't have to be a country squire, husband of an heiress, or show biz exhibitionist to get dressed with care and style, the Frazier list being a might topheavy with same while devoid of ordinary gents.

You can't name 40? Your commenters can I betcha. I'll go first.

1. Toad
2. Maxminimus
3. Babe
4. Man of the 50s
5. My dad [where's a photo I can submit to support my nomination, wait a sec....]

ADG said...


Flo...I'll add a few to it but it's gonna be tough.

LPC said...

If you want some inspiration, go look up the blog "My Daguerretype Boyfriend" and then please explain for me why the best looking guys always turn out to be Irish criminals? Thank you very much.

ADG said...

LPC...Prunella...I'm not lacking's focus that's missing.

Anonymous said...

6. Archibald Cox
7. Tom Wolfe

ilovelimegreen said...

I was expecting a commentary on Robert Indiana's "love" line for Converse.

Young Fogey said...

8. Me.

But I won't share any pictures. I prize my privacy.

Just take my word for it.

ADG said...

YoungFogey...I aint taking your word for nothing. You were supposed to do a guest post but you bagged. And I've never offered anyone a guest post. You do have some nice shoes though.

LimeGreen...I'da highlighted Bill Blass first.

LPC said...

But I still want an answer to my question:).

ADG said...

Lisa...I love you. You know this. Of course I love you in a measured, appropriate and familial way. I WILL go to that site but for now let me say this...I don't know that I'll arrive at an answer. And...haven't you had enough of those rogue Irish men already?