Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tintin...The Best Dressed Man in Comics

At least that's what our man over at Rakish Tilt declares. Click here to take a look at his Top Ten Best Dressed Men in Comics post. And snoop around the rest of his blog. He's an infrequent positor so unlike me, when he has something to say, it's usually interesting and worthy of a gander.
As for me...I'm sitting in my Brooks Brethren seersucker robe, rehearsing my (I loathe PowerPoint...that's a rant/post for another day) 11:45 presentation...The Diabetes Care Clinical Quality Agenda and the Endocrinology Corollary. Twenty three slides of ADG nerdaciousness...and you thought the only thing I knew about was go-to-hell pants and shell cordovan. Beneath my puckish Trad veneer lies the real me. A pocket protector white-taped plastic glasses wearing wonk.
I've got three more New Orleans reports and a bunch of Randomosity thereafter. Be patient...I need to wage-slave for a bit. Sit tight. Stay cool. It's been close to a hundred ("hunnert" for you South Carolinians) here the last few days.
Oh, and night before last, I got to be daddy to LFG again. We wrote a play. I'm lying. As usual, she wrote and dictated...I typed. And let me tell you, the formatting rules for script-typing...spacing, margin and footer justification etc are onerous. And here's an excerpt..."the medicine doesn't cure Alzheimer's...". fifth grader has some knowledge of the current Alzheimer's therapies and their limitations. She's correct by the way, regarding those drugs' palliative versus curative properties. When I was a fifth grader, such things were lost on me. That's about the age when I shot R.G. in the back with my Daisy BB gun.

Onward. Speaking locally...a rare thing.



ilovelimegreen said...

I just l-o-v-e that you wear a snazzy pocketsquare with your robe. If only I could prepare so leisurely for my speaking gigs.

Anonymous said...

"The Diabetes Care Clinical Quality Agenda and the Endocrinology Corollary....Alzheimer's therapies and their limitations"

And this is my baby brother in a nutshell, got both of these damn things.

LPC said...

Onward to corollate some endocrines.

Patsy said...

Oh Flo, that is terrible. I'm sorry.

ADG said...

So sorry Flo.


LPC...Prunella...and correlate I did!

LimeGreen...I didn't speak in my robe. I actually changed into my Elvis jumpsuit.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

You think that's bad, try pitching investments to groups of hostile, sceptical American HNW investors who think they understand finance.

No wonder I drink and get up to other naughty things on occasion.

Although I agree about Blake & Mortimer and Tintin (the book character, not the grumpy blogger), I'm disappointed to see he left out Corto Maltese.

Rakish Tilt said...

Thanks for the plug ADG! And I tip my hat to your sharp morning outfit. I need to step up from my standard of ratty t-shirt and shorts.

Anonymous said...

I really think that "Blake & Mortimer" are ten times best dressed than "Tintin". Classic british wear.
Best regards from Barcelona. Yes, Barcelona, even here you've followers!! :-)

ADG said... you gotta post more often.

Laguna...Corto Maltese. A dashing figure.

T said...

Gonna need a fez if you're going to be posting in mufti, D. There's a law or something.

Scale Worm said...

Power point. Love it. Leave it. I Hate it either way.
Sorry Flo.
Diabetes sucks, Hell, medical maladies in general just plain suck!
We need those damned Totipotent/Pluripotent cells genomics flushed out, rewritten, then put back to work for us, ASAP!

ADG said...

Scale...."We need those damned Totipotent/Pluripotent cells genomics flushed out, rewritten, then put back to work for us, ASAP!" ...Our biggest issue thereafter and peri-rewriting-vetting is this....who the hell is gonna pay for it? I'm about to jump a plane write now to a meeting to further scope out pricing issues in biotech. I got no answers. But I've got some cool shadow puppet moves.

Anonymous said...

"who the hell is gonna pay for it?"

Barter, quid pro quo, tit for tat.

In my dreams, I conjure a supremely advantageous system where Fundamental Values are switched, and participating parties are satisfied with the cooperative trade system, Dollar value becomes impotent while Service to Humanity spawns and breeds. Parties give, yes Give, themselves, their findings, their labs, their materials in trade for, for what, they're already flush with dollars, why is Currency limited to Dollars, what else of Value besides money has Value that could be traded for Value, how many more dollars are needed, I refuse to think it's about Dollars anymore. It's about closed doors that can only be opened by swiping a Visa, the compounding dollars should be an embarassment to those charging admission. I'm dreaming of a value system where Humanitarian Currency replaces Dollar Currency.


ADG said...

Flo. I love you. But your ideology borders on the delusional. Honorable but impossible.

CeceliaMc said...

Unfortunately, as is greed, altruism is just as subject to human capriciousness.

Scale Worm said...

At what cost does life exist? At what price is the continuity of life allowed? Altruism for life's sake should have no cost association. Maybe I dream too much as well but we are at the very cusp of a whole new potential medically extended future for many with a current foreseeable shortened one. To research, perchance to make dreams a reality?

Anonymous said...

"your ideology borders on the delusional."

I said I was dreaming.

"..but impossible."

That's like motivation porn to me, Max.

"altruism is...."

I said supremely advantageous quid pro quo, not give outright.

ilovelimegreen said...

Too bad Flo's dream is just a dream - and it has taken about eighteen attempts to post my comment.

ADG said...

"Altruism for life's sake should have no cost association"...I've made a terrible mistake by turning my silly ass blog into a healthcare economics and ethics forum. This is my goof-off place to play and it's my fault for doing this. There is an inextricable association between "life" and its associated costs. Sorry, but altruism and humanity are fine as long as they remain aspirational, amorphic concepts. Governors of states are looking at 20-25% of their entire state budget going to healthcare. CFOs of corporations are staring at 11-22% of their operating costs going to one line And the unbridled, inexplicable double digit increases on these numbers, year after year, is unsustainable. Oh, and by the way, we DON'T have the best healthcare system in the world. We have a grotesquely out of control system and the reforms necessary to make it right are gonna be painful beyond the imagination of most Americans.

Scale Worm said...

Sir, I never Ever meant any political diatribe nor disrespect. Your blog makes my days in the trenches acceptable via humor, insight, and fun imagery. Please know my comments are from first hand life issues regarding these damned cells we must be contained of. I hate/ love them and wish none of us had the issues we do or will at the molecular/genomic to somatic level. In Respect.

Anonymous said...

Mea culpa, Max. I repent for fueling the wrong kind of flame. Let there be socks, pants and pocket squares, monkstraps and adorable daughters. And where the hell is that Mercedes.

ADG said...

Flo and Scale and NO way do you need to apologize for ANYTHING. No one has disrespected anything or anyone. Really. I'm just feisty and the healthcare thing is a mess. And I'm gonna keep my professional stuff out of this forum. Thanks.