Friday, July 8, 2011

Thursday Night-Date Night

My Thursday evening date trumped any recent soirees as well as any of the associated caned bottom chair pyrotechnics. But in order to make my Thursday evening date a reality, I had to fly down to Ponte Vedra  on Wednesday and execute an extraction…extrication in a day…same-day…there-and-back liberation. Makes sense to do so when there’s urgency associated with the objective…and there was with mine. Next-Day Blinds doesn't seem warranted but there you go. And Same-Day replacement windows for an eighty year bungalow seem to be once again, a deliverable…a capability...whose bragging rights aren’t warranted.
 There’s urgency and then there’s urgency. My Ponte Vedra extraction was urgent because I urgently wanted that Thursday night date. But let’s not jet off for a there-and-back without the proper tools. The way I figured it, a bacon egg and cheese biscuit, hash browns and orange juice…in tandem with Leffot cordovan Venetians and Colonel John Boyd; would complete my kit. If anyone understood tempo and decision cycle speed it was Boyd.
There was a little gal in Ponte Vedra whose parents hadn’t laid eyes on her in over two and a half weeks. She celebrated her birthday without us and Father’s Day manifested only a phone call from said remote locale. So I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her.
The extrication was flawless and the flights home were tolerable. My subject and I played The Game of Life on her iPod Touch.
And she offered gifts.
Last night found us reveling back home…at Cactus Cantina. I was flush with the feeling of things being right again. Butcept she seemed three years older.

Onward. Right. But still open to busting some more can bottoms. Come on. 


Scale Worm said...

My eldest has been gone a week, the longest without family, with her GF and her (as well) a very protective family.
When my kid(s) are away, well, it don't feel right to me.
Glad you get to be with your little 'un again! Happy weekend!

ilovelimegreen said...

May the lovely Miss LFG make up for her l- o-n-g absence from you and I hope you two celebrate a long overdue Father's Day and magical 11th birthday in typical ADG style.

(You are forgiven for not calling when you were at Cactus Cantina.)

James said...

And the man shall know bliss.

Young Fogey said...

She's darling--but growing up fast. I've noticed the same with mine... where does the time fly?

"I don't remember growing older/When did they?

"When did she get to be a beauty?/[...]

"Wasn't it yesterday/When they were small?"