Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bahne Skateboards Circa 1974

Florence, South Carolina. Small town uncoolness personified. My first skateboard, I kid you not, was almost identical to the one above. My mom took me to Western Auto to buy it.
But then I swapped some stuff with D.A. and got his Bahne. D.A. was a _ussy anyway and wasn't gonna do much with it on his best day. No skate parks and certainly, no cool surf/skate counterculture to accompany the desire to go fast. No "look" ... no kit and surely, no freakin' safety helmets. I'm gonna try and find my old Bahne when I go home for Christmas. 
It was Florence and Florence wasn't cool.
Onward. Headachy.


PS...Even though Florence wasn't cool, I am  the THIRD coolest guy to come out of there. Ever. I'll write a story one day about the other two. 


LPC said...

Just think of the collectorial mayhem that might ensue.

Patsy said...

We weren't allowed to have skateboards - my father said we'd fall off and break an ankle....seriously, an ankle???? What about a neck/head/arm?

NCJack said...

"Third coolest guy out of Florence". I think William Price Fox did a short story by that name.

ilovelimegreen said...

I got a skateboard when I was 11; our alley was steep and I was COMPLETELY terrified after the first and only ride. I then gave it to my cousin.

ADG said...

LimeGreen...was the skateboard green?

NCJack...I'm sensing a little bit of NC v SC coming out in that statement. I'll be down there in a few weeks. Don't make me track you down and pop you. I'm thinking pimp hand--open palm though. age 13 I'd broken a leg, fractured the other, sprained ankles, road rashed every extremity countless times, cut the tip of my left index finger almost off, sliced a big chunk of my left heel (jumped in to a shallow creek and landed on a large shard of a broken Coke bottle). And I've lost count of the number of stitches. Fun.

LPC...Prunella, we are trying to purge things over here. Can't accommodate collectorial mayhem unless it's just memories. And collective mayhem is a bit of a challenge over here as well.

NCJack said...

Bubba, you'll wake up wantin' beefrolls

ilovelimegreen said...

ADG- Royal blue with translucent red wheels.

Young Fogey said...


Are you describing ADG's latest Weejuns?

JMW said...

The boy who lived across the street from me growing up had one of these skateboards. He road it from sun up to sun down.