Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bow-less Belgians and Aunt Kat

Thanks everyone for your kind words and personal emails regarding my Aunt Kat. I flew in from a meeting in Atlanta last night and am driving down to S.C. this morning for the funeral tomorrow. It will be a celebration of a life well lived and a time to see cousins and others who these days, don't cross my path very often. I wasn't planning to go home for Thanksgiving--LFG and I will be there for Christmas--but I'll now have an opportunity to stay a few extra days. It's all good.
So there's nothing like a Popsicle after returning from a round of vaccination shots at the Pediatrician's office...remember your parents' strategy? Something soothing soon after something bad. I landed at DCA last night in time to stop by and grab my mail from the service that holds my mail. And my bow-less Belgians were there. I needed a Popsicle.
Here's what I said over at tumblr...“Bow-less Belgians. have them…just in from Belgium…well, NYC from Belgium. You wanna pair? Call or go see Pat. Tell him I sent you. Pick your color and your piping. Sky’s the limit for a fifty-dollar special order upcharge. These arrived, at least for Belgians, in a lightning speed time interval of two months. BAM!”

If you wanna be like me and let's face it, most of you do, then get yourself a pair.

Onward. To celebrate my other mother...Aunt Kat.


Bow-less. And hung like a Tic-Tac.


yoga teacher said...

So sorry to hear about Aunt Kat. We lost my mother, last of 5 siblings, in July, and it's hit my daughter the hardest. Thank goodness we still have Mom's 90-year old BFF. Other mothers are so important!

ADG said...

LFG was so upset last night that she wouldn't even talk to me on the phone.

ilovelimegreen said...

Some years ago, a friend snipped the bows off of his Belgians. He saved the cost of the special ordee upcharge.

Mink80 said...

My "other mother" was my mother's sister Rose. Aunt Rose was my godmother, and she was one of my absolute favorite people in the world. She died of cancer five years ago at a very young 75. We shared a love of all things English, especially being Episcopalians, though she was left when I am right on the Church.

She rests with her husband at Arlington. My mother makes the trek from Baltimore to lay a wreath on thier headstone every Christmas, and I go with her as often as I can...and hope to do so this year in a couple of weeks....

Richard M said...

Sorry about the loss. Pat at Belgians is a great guy; so very helpful and meticulous.

LPC said...

OK. I will return to my pursuit of Belgians. Sigh.


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