Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Joe Frazier R.I.P.

I watched an old Thrilla in Manilla documentary a few months ago. I’d forgotten about the brutality of that fight and I’d failed to remember the paucity of Frazier’s words versus Ali’s bluster. Fourteen rounds in one hundred degrees of Manila humidity.
Frazier beat Ali in 1971 at Madison Square Garden but we all know how the Ali-Frazier meetings concluded thereafter.

You can rest now, Joe-Joe. Worry no more about the trash-talk.

Onward. Pugilistically…butcept only with words.


PS…I took LFG to Abercrombie Kids on Sunday. The experience made the Thrilla in Manilla seem like a walk in the park. I’d never been in an Abercrombie Kids store and I won't return. I’d never been in an Abercrombie otherwise…at least not since it became some kinda damn adolescent hoochy-coochy show. I’m still not over it. Bofe my eyes remain swolt shut and my head’s still pounding. 


Anonymous said...

In regards to A&F - I can't stomach the smell, let alone the clothes..

Greg D.

ADG said...

Greg D. ...indeed. And, if the music in a store is loud enough to dance to, I don't wanna shop there. Mainliest being because I don't dance.

Dustin B. said...

The smell, oy vey.

My local mall has Hollister and A&F across the halls from each other. Opposing stanks spill forth from both stores, doing battle in the walkway. Neither side is safe.

Tyke said...

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee; there'll never be another Frazier/Ali.

Young Fogey said...

More than anyone else, Clay/Ali led the movement away from good sportsmanship. He was by no means the only one, but his trash talking, his constant self-aggrandizement, and poor winning led to the overall degradation of sports, and to the athlete not as a positive role model but as a self-important cash cow.

It's too bad that his antics were tolerated.

As a person, he can't hold a candle to Frazier.

LPC said...

Bofe a dem:).