Thursday, December 1, 2011

Divorced Man's Trip to the Grocery

It was a dark and increasingly chilly early-evening in the office. I'd be late getting home and there was nothing in the pantry.
BAM! Fifteen minutes at the Giant in Old Town and I'm in business.
Doll it up with a bit of milk, Sherry, butter and fresh ground pepper. Shut up.
Comfort Food en Can(s)
I'm living a dream. Roxanne...come get your earthangs and your bracelet.


RHW said...

Well done! I love me a Vienna Sausage (pronounced "Veye-Eeena" thank you, especially the BBQ variety.

And Roxanne sounds interesting...


Golf Tango Hotel said...

You done flung a craving on me for the Vienna sausages.....who'd a thought lobster bisque and processed pork and sawdust in gelatinous goop.

Pigtown*Design said...

WHAT??? You were at the damn Giant again, and you didn't send out a press release? Well, probably a good thing, remembering the July '10 riots there when you announced you were going.


Anonymous said...

Hope you check your blood pressure from time to time. All that processed food has a lot of salt.

Dustin B. said...

As a fellow Southerner, I should correct the pronunciation on Vienna Sausages.

They're pronounced "wayners" (that's weiners for you Northerners).

Used in a sentence (as said by one of the campers where I was a camp counselor in college, and to be read in an angry 7 year old redneck voice):

"'Em ain't sausages, 'em are wayners!"

Sir Fopling Flutter said...

What on earth is Italian Swiss Colony American Sherry? I assume it's never been anywhere near the bodegas of Jerez de la Frontera - but possibly the bodegas of Georgetown.

Anonymous said...

Clearly I need to start shopping at Giant....

NCJack said...

Quite an improvement on my "single man's trip to Circle K"

James said...

I just knew there would be vienna sausage, you're a good man.

LPC said...

So you know, me, Summersvonverb, GimletMom from the Entertaining House, Nelle from Stone Hill, and GirlTuesday, set a date to meet you in Manhattan in 2012. We were on Twitter at the time. Be there or be square. We'll make sure you get dinner.

Anonymous said...

But no one commented on the Persian coffee grinder..............much more discussion on that later. I have a picture for you
Give it up, Pilgrim......those are your earrings. Don't kid a kidder.

ADG said...

RHW…Nope…it’s Veye-Ee-knee…NOT Ee-nuh

Golf Tango Hotel…it was sublime. So was the Moon Pie thereafter. And then Roxanne…

MegTown…I had to go in the Giant secret like. Too tired to deal with the Dusterazzi.

AnonymousBloodPressurean Lipids…Blood pressure is low…lipids are good. I don’t do this every night.
Sir FlutterFlop….SCAS is a VERY unique blend of distillates that are beyond further characterization here.

Muffy…The Giant. And I. Await you.

NC Jack...There ain’t no Circle K’s down there.
LPC/Prunella…Sounds sublime. And before dinner, we can go an order you some shoes that will never come.

AnonymousGrinder…someone years ago gave me hell for using it to grind pepper. I LIKE how fine the pepper grounds are but you’d a thought that I was grinding baby bones in it. Some people. (Was it you?)

Oh and the earthangs…nope…they aren’t mine. But you got me on the accuracy of what I’ve depicted. They are props. I bought ‘em at Target. Truth…I’m a painfully lonely man who couldn’t get a woman to “visit” me on a bet.

Reggie Darling said...

Nothing like canned soup to nourish a man's soul. I can only sneak it in when I'm batching it, which is rarely, but when I do I reach for it with guilty pleasure. Salt be damnd!

Karena said... tell, are you taken or not?! I know I have been remiss, now I am back and in great form! Rehab only 4 more weeks!


Art by Karena

Patsy said...

Buy as much of the Olde Cape Cod as you want - Bob Cain was my husband's godfather. There's some trivia you'll never use

Anonymous said...


Are you sure you are southern?

They are *earbobs*

Looks like she forgot to put them in her *pocketbook*

P.S. I am outposted with my husband to Arlington, VA from my southern hometown. I was so disappointed that there is no real southern culture around here. You are right about the "Veye-Ee-knee" pronunciation. Your supper looked real nice, next time you might want to get some "Eye-talian" noodles and some "High-waian" pineapple for a nice lime jello salad.

Anonymous said...

Never thought that you would shop at the Giant in Old Town. Always assumed you lived on the Safeway side of town. I always look for you around town--it would be a bit like seeing a celebrity.