Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Artist

I saw it last night. Brilliant. Brilliant Brilliant.
Never thought I’d enjoy a silent movie. But I did.
And Bérénice Bejo is a stunner.
But the Jack Russell stole the show for me.
Happy 2012 everyone. I’ve got some things to write about and I’ll actually have the time to do so this week. Stay tuned.

Onward. Kick starting my 2012 work efforts.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year. I'll put this on my cinema-seeking list.

LPC said...

Happy New Year! And here's to non-silent you!

Suburban Princess said...

Happy New Year to you and LFG!

yoga teacher said...

I saw it with my 15-year old daughter and her godmother. I must say we decided to suffer through it because we thought we *should* see it after all the highly favorable critic talk. Now I'll even one-up YOUR review with "brilliant, Brilliant, BRILLIANT!," Even from the kiddo. With a few teachable moments for her. And me. Lots to talk about after.
Happy New Year. And may your new tooth serve you well :)

Young Fogey said...

Happy New Year and Happy New Tooth!

Most of us can't bear to watch silent movies, and it's too bad. There are some great films out there in that genre. I think the best way to approach silent films is to get accustomed to black and white ones first (another medium that we often find hard to appreciate).

I got into B&W movies because I enjoy Fred Astaire movies. His films with Ginger Rogers are classics, and are truly entertaining on a variety of levels--all without special effects, violence, or vulgarity. Once you've become acclimated to the different visual and emotional experience of B&W, it's a small leap to silent.

If you start now, you can be ready to watch Nosferatu by Halloween.

Scale Worm said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I love films!
Happy new year, may 2012 be great to and for you!

oldominion said...

Wife and I took our two boys--10 and 13--and all loved it. Well, the boys had their criticisms but agreed it was WAY better than they thought it would be.

And now I've got an unreasonable crush on Berenice.

We watched it en famille just a day or two after we saw Hugo, which we also loved. Two great films about, among other things, of course, the history of film...Have you and LFG seen Hugo? Highly recommended.

CashmereLibrarian said...

Wonder if it will ever come to the windswept prairie? I guess I'll wait for On Demand. :-(

Anonymous said...

I liked the movie too, but I am not sure I thought it was brilliant. It was too much of a remake of an old Hollywood saw--- the old star lifts up a young ingenue. She becomes a big star and his fame declines. "A Star is Born" no? Otherwise very, very good.

ADG said...

AnonNotBrilliant...I agree. If you want something with a bit more of an original edge, you might take up Young Fogey's suggestion of Nosferatu.

CashmereLibrarian...Not sure about the windswept prairie. But what I am sure of is this...I'd never been to your blog but I read the story that you wrote about your older sister. I loved it. My mother is the youngest of ten. The oldest was 19 when my mom was born. She was my other grandmother.

oldominion...I'd not thought about taking LFG to see it but I might. And no, we haven't seen Hugo. My young gal is a bit busy for her dad these days.

Scale....back at you.

YoungFogey...that pale skinny man in Nosferatu scares me.

Yoga...thanks. The new molar is gonna cost as much as a pair of George Cleverley shoes. I'm conflicted.

LPC...Prunella...thanks...and to you as well. One thing I've learned--after I realized that I wasn't going to go on to literary greatness via blogging--is that I cannot remain silent. And I cannot channel 100% of my energy into my work. No surprise in any of this. I've always said my pathos aren't complex. But they are...mine.

Suburban...did our card make it to you this year?

AnonBarbG...thanks. And to you.