Thursday, January 26, 2012

San Fran Quickie

I’m trying to stay on east coast time…something I seem to manage until the proverbial “day three” of any visit. So I’ve been up at 345am which is great from a “knocking out the to-do list” perspective. However, by 5pm, my cocktail hour lucidity and general charm are pretty much gone.

My free time has been limited but I’ve had a blast attempting to take advantage of all the great options offered by scores of you. Thanks and stay tuned for more protracted drivel about my San Fran Sortie.

Onward. Rehearsing my PowerPoint jig…for my client gig.


Nelle Somerville said...

Please tell me you went to the Ferry Building and had cocktails with LPC!

TB said...

ADG what brand is your pen? I love it a Mont Blanc Le Grande?

Pigtown*Design said...

have fun at lunch today! ;-)

GP said...

They still sell coffee in SF, or so I'm told.

Young Fogey said...

At least you have some general charm to start with. For me, it's an uphill battle to attain the level you (ADG) are at when you're sick as a dog, feeling like something the cat dragged in, and zonked out on meds. But somehow, I get to that level.

On my good days.

heavy tweed jacket said...

Do I spy the current Cable Car catalog? I hope it's been a productive trip and you've had a bit of adventure as well.

ADG said...

Nelle...I have had very limited free time here in San Fran. So no, I did not have cocktails in the Ferry Building with LPC. I had, alone, oysters and a grilled cheese sandwich, upon the recommendation of a zillion people; at a place called Hog Island Oysters. And it was good. So good that I laughed at myself for only ordering a half dozen oysters when after four point three-seven seconds, they was gone.

TB...the pen? It's the pen that the Palace Hotel offers bedside, amidst the phone and scratch pad and Intimacy Kit and Tucks.

MegTowntress...lunch today at Tadich Grill was sublime.

GP...Coffee? Yes, the anti-cocktail.

Fogey Young...It's all good. I only throwed the ibuprofen bottle into the picture 'cause it was sittin' right there. I don't have a real significant "message" to share. I feel ok. My teefuss don't hurt anymore. Mainliest reason is that they pulled 'em out. But I "slept funny" somehow, on the flight out here and my lower back...dead rear of my a bit tender.

Heavy-Heavy of the Tweed....GOOD EYE re Cable Car. They are the sartorial Tadich of San Fran as you would know. A remnant of Old San Francisco and it's a sad state therein. Never has, nor will there again be...such a British goods pantheon commingled with Trad American goods again. Everything in the store is 30% off as they begin the transition from their current, patinated,tweedy, pugnaciously shabby digs, to a smaller address. I've enjoyed my visit in manifold ways, but stopping by Cable Car was kinda like swinging by the ICU or Hospice to check in on a friend. Butcept this end of life facility smells like Bay Rum and rain soaked keeper's tweed.

Young Fogey said...

I was trying to be self-deprecating. I'm not very good at it.

I dint even notice the Ibuprofen. It's not on my radar, ennyhoo, 'cuz nothin' weaker than codeine does squat for me anymore.

Glad you had some good oysters, and enjoyed your time in SF.

Anonymous said...

What a shame about CCC. The best thing about the place, if one is not a hat person, is the shop itself. If you are still in town, consider Piperade for dinner, by the way. Basque cuisine, famous (here in Spain, anyway) chef. I've not been there in some five years, but it used to be very good. Also, only two coffee places worth mentioning in Bay area: Ritual and blue bottle. Both are more hipster than a pair of red clip-on braces, but the coffee is divine.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Glad you took my suggestions.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Glad you took my Tadich suggestion. :-)

ADG said...

FogeyYoungOne...I hear you re the ibuprofen. It works for me and the narcotics, as much as I love my other mood altering endeavors, scare me.

AnonCCC...yep, it is sad. And nope, I'm no longer in San Fran. Landed this morning via the red eye.

LagunaTradMon....thanks man. Tadich was spot on.