Saturday, May 12, 2012

Savannah and Four Hours

Talk to me. I'll have about four hours free on Monday to snoop around Savannah. I'm doing a talk there on Tuesday. I won't have a car and I'll be in one of those large hotels down near the river. What would you try to do/see if you had four hours? I'm sure I'd be pleased to just walk around and soak up the architecture and history. But is there something more planned/specific that I should consider? I've not been there in fifteen years.

Onward. To Georgia.



CeceliaMc said...

You're coming to God's country!

Top of my head:

Factor's Walk (cotton, slave-traders, sea dogs, Victoriana-- haunted haunted haunted)

SCAD Museum

The Book Lady

Maritime Museum

Jazz d' Tappas Bar

Pink House

Angel's BBQ

Zunzi's (go!)

Bonaventure Cemetery (pack some food, contemplation of unearthly beauty makes you hungry)

Riverside-- for the scenery and... possibly Wet Willy's...

Most importantly, the squares. WALK your ass off (carry a cocktail and you won't feel it in the morning)

Anonymous said...

The house where the guy lived who inspired Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is open to the public and interesting. There's also an awesome independent bookstore on one of the squares nearby. And SCAD operates a great little restaurant in an old pharmacy nearby - the interior is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Max and Cecelia Meet For Lunch, gets my vote. Mrs. Wilkes?


ilovelimegreen said...

Yes, do go to the tearoom run by SCAD and you will love the Maritime Museum. Walk, walk, walk every squire and enjoy Riverside.

ilovelimegreen said...

Yes, do go to the tearoom run by SCAD and you will love the Maritime Museum. Walk, walk, walk every squire and enjoy Riverside.

CeceliaMc said...

As long as we establish that he's buying, Flo.

Anonymous said...

Max buying? Gosh yes! I can't see Max taking out a lady of your refinement on any other terms. But if memory serves, doesn't Savannah still have pockets of funk where they look at you cross eyed when you hand them your best plastic? Memo to Max: be carrying something leafy in your money clip.


GP said...

Get out ASAP...

C VonS said...

Lunch at Mrs. in line by 9:30.

CeceliaMc said...

Not to worry.

We can pick up something leafy down at the docks.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you might be driving, CM. Don't forget your tiara.


ADG said...

Thanks y'all and happy Mother's Day to all of you....even if you don't have kids. Surely you've had to manifest patience, stamina, nurturing/soothing and all of those other traits to someone--even if they weren't your kids--probably a damn grown man at some point. So there.

And thanks for all of the suggestions. I'd rather they be too many and too comprehensive than not. I have at most, four hours in the afternoon so I ain't gonna be standing in line for any lunches--my potential free time will be post lunch. Also, thanks but I don't go to high tea or low tea or tee tea. Unless some girl makes me go and I deem it part of a greater strategy.

CMac...I would be pleased to buy you and your lunch/dinner...even tea if I had to. If I had some more time. Raincheck please.

Thanks again sans tea.

andrew1860 said...

I love Savannah, It's also been about 15 years since I have been there. If I were you I would just walk around. If I remember right the Historic District is close by the river.

Anonymous said...

It's been awhile since I've been, too, but there used to be a bunch of great antique shops there. In terms of food, I loved the She-Crab soup at the Pink House. That's sort of a Low Country specialty so be sure to try it.

Somewhere in the historic district, there was the most wonderful antique prints shop. You would love it, but I can't recall the name. Nor do I know if it's still there. You can always look through the yellow pages or one of those city guides and take a shot. Whatever you do, have fun!

I agree with the others, walking in Savannah is a treat, and take your camera. Don't worry if you should be mistaken for a rubbernecking tourist. You are a rubbernecking tourist so who cares!

Happy Mother's Day to a father who does his job so well he could be mistaken for a mother.


Anonymous said...

Last time I was in Savannah, we stayed at the Hyatt on the river. Stepped into the elevator and there stood Sally Quinn and Ben Bradlee. I wish Ida been you at that moment, Max. I'm sure youda had something pithy to say; well, no, I'm sure youda loordem to the Concierge Floor for drinks in 20 minutes flat.


HHH said...

I was there last year for a similarly short period of time and took the wise advice of a friend from Beaufort. I took one of the many commercial trolley tours, which stop at each of the major sites and squares. One can get off and on at any one of at least 10 stops, so it's just what the doctor ordered for a quick tour of a lovely city. I had a quick bite at a lovely old soda shop across the street from the Savannah College of Art Store. I think it was called something like The Griffon. Have fun!

CeceliaMc said...

If quipping with Flo can get me a lunch raincheck, could snarking the white supremacist guy score me your tortoise sunglasses?

Anonymous said...

"a lunch raincheck"

Don't think I'm not a jealous wreck that you got a raincheck and all I've gotten for my last 3 invites to AmIsl was No.


CeceliaMc said...

awwww,,, it was a mercy raincheck, Flo.